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  1. I'll say it again. They should have made a 1:1 adaptation that allows you to import your physical cards via the proof of purchase codes. It would boost the physical game's sales too. This game would have the biggest appeal to the original fanbase anyway. What was the point to change the rules/mechanics completely. If it wasn't for the IP and the same assets no one would spend more than a minute on this game.
  2. The FFG sleeves are transparent on both sides and glossy. The Dragon Shields I mentioned have one side matte which makes the stack no slide off and adds better grip in general. They fit the LorR LCG cards just fine. Just make sure you adhere to the cards' dimensions (63x88mm). This link also provides info on sleeves for this game in particular: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/164572/item/2911115#item2911115 This guy presents the Dragon Shields pretty well here although for another game:
  3. I have used other FFG sleeves (for boardgames) and was not impressed. Check out the Dragon Shields Clear Matte. Very good quality with a clear matte back. They also come in a box of 100 sleeves.
  4. Thanks for that. I was taking the wording too literally.
  5. Is this the same thing for the purpose of triggering "engagement" related card effects? The rules state: Note that any time an engagement occurs (either by player option, by an engagement check, or by a card ability), the end result is the same: the player is considered to have engaged the enemy and the enemy is considered to have engaged the player. So a card like the Elder Nameless Thing triggers its forced effect both when you optionally engage it and when it engages you via an engagement check?
  6. It would be nice but I havent noticed anything..
  7. I try to play most of my decks with one copy of each unique card save from certain outliers like (Vilya, Treebeard or Light of Valinor). An 85 cards deck sounds quite slow though. Have you had any test runs already?
  8. These look great! They should just let Magali draw everything...
  9. Yeah it's a rushed and poorly implemented idea. The UI looks bad (reminds me of HearthStone a lot) and the gameplay doesn't interest me knowing that there is a more complex and strategic version of that game. It would be cool if they just made a 1:1 client where you can upload your physical cards via some barcode in the product to also have the online multiplayer experience but what they are currently doing is a no no from me..
  10. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10155/elrond-and-arwen-hang-out-with-a-wizard-2.0 Any feedback would be appreciated!
  11. I wish they had kept the old art for Glamdring. The new one is kinda meh...
  12. Lost twice to the first two quests from Heirs of Numenor. Starting over now.
  13. Sorry to bring this back up, but according to Merry's (tactics) ability again : Response: After Merry participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, ready another character that participated in that attack. Doesn't this make it clear that "participates" means more than one attackers and therefore Rohan Warhorse doesn't work with only one attacker?
  14. Do you think that the digital game will be good for the tabletop long term?
  15. Does "Enemy not engaged with you" cover enemies in the staging area? I assume it means only enemies that are engaged with someone other than you, but since it doesn't expressly say that I feel there is room for interpretation. I came up with this question while looking at Haldir (hero).
  16. What do you think of Flight of the Eagles guys? It looks good to me. You can combo it with the 1 resource Eagle for optimal cost. At the same time you are not always guaranteed to take your ally. Right?
  17. For Glamdring, I think you pay one and then draw an encounter card to attach it on. Then you claim it once that encounter is gone? What if it is a treachery? You claim it immediately?
  18. I predict that they will release boxes like these for LotR LCG https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-the-card-game/products/return-night-zealot/ that will include campaign cards and maybe some extras (dividers, boons, burdens etc). They will also serve well for storage for every cycle.
  19. Ahahaha! Already gone! I am thinking to use some loose hair bands made of elastic cloth.
  20. It's frustrating that the game is a second class citizen (as it seems) but at the same time Arkham is new and the cult of the new is kind of a thing in the board gaming community. I am sure FFG knows that people are buying and enjoying LOTR LCG. What worries me more however is that they only have Caleb working on the game. Don't know how development works on these things, but I would assume there should be more people on board. EDIT: Also, I feel like the Arkham LCG craze will tone down way faster than LOTR LCG did. FFG has overdone it with the Lovecraft theme. There are literally so many games from them with that theme and they are releasing the 3rd edition of the board game soon which I am sure will be the main focus for many players for this universe. LOTR LCG is unique on the other hand. There is no other LOTR themed game of that scale. I considered for a second to get into the Arkham LCG but then thought to myself that Elder Sign covers me (although a different type of game). Plus my friend has the board game so we are covered there as well. How much more Lovecraft theme can someone digest.
  21. That's nice. However, personally, I like keeping the encounters cards from boxes and cycles in their corresponding box. Then you just pick the one you want to play from your shelf.
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