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  1. So you need two copies of each to compete?
  2. Here's the article. Has anyone played them to share their experience?
  3. Gandalf_

    Can you make response/actions chains?

    Thank you very much GrandSpleen. That was very helpful!
  4. For example. A hero (with a weapon attached) attacks and destroys an enemy. Scenario 1: Can I play two Foe-Hammers from my hand for the same single enemy that was destroyed? Scenario 2: I play Foe-Hammer and draw 3 cards. Say the third card is another copy of Foe-Hammer. Can I play that one as well in light of the same enemy that was destroyed earlier? Scenario 3: I play Foe-Hammer and draw 3 cards. Say the third card is a Daeron's Runes. I play DR and draw 2 more cards the second of which is another copy of Foe-Hammer. Can I play that copy of Foe-Hammer in light of the same enemy that was destroyed earlier?
  5. Gandalf_

    Cycle Sagas?

    If what he said there was just "air" he better...
  6. My bad. Copied the wrong link. Replaced it above. Take a look
  7. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10291/shield-brakers-2.0 Refined my deck that aims to nullify enemy defenses! Edit: replaced link
  8. So basically an adaptation would require a talented developer and not a cash grab outsourced studio. It can't be impossible to do this.
  9. I asked their PR person on one of the twitch streams whether that is an option and he basically said there is no chance. They will focus on that version. I don't get it though. They have this community, a very well built game and the possibility to make the fanbase double dip on a digital 1:1 adaptation while bringing in new players. FFI seems to be constantly in damage control mode with this game.
  10. I was just wondering. Is it just an art piece or is it something from the LotR lore? it doesn't remind me of something in particular. Maybe it's an orb? A Palantir? But what is the ring around it?
  11. Welcome to the game and community! You are in for a treat. The game is awesome! Cheers!
  12. Gandalf_


    Sorry for the rising this thread again. As the fellow member above, I am also interested in those files. None of the links work anymore. Anyone can help?
  13. Hey. Don't usually pay attention on releases, but how fast do the nightmare decks come after a saga box is released. If I am not mistaken, the last two have not even been announced. Right?
  14. Gandalf_

    Are there any fellowship events in France?

    Oh thank you very much! I will try to make it from Paris! edit: just checked the info. I won't be making it this time, but I'll keep an eye out for the future, thanks again!
  15. That's what worries me too. More people seem to dislike the game than like it. And this might discourage some from trying out the tabletop. This FFI project looks so poorly put together, it's embarassing. I am surprised they revealed that they outsource development. Such a bad image for an "indie" studio...