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  1. I would really love it if you can actually attach and deploy the Phantom to the Ghost
  2. Cool, thanks for the short review! ?
  3. Cool! How would you compare the fun/suspense factor in regard to the other scenarios? Is it a step-up? Or are we getting more of the same?
  4. Received my copy today! :) Has anyone had the chance to play any of the scenario's? I'm curious how you would rank them and which one was the most fun :)
  5. Nice that Min Thi Pan is in there. My wife always loves playing as her (in Eldritch Horror), so maybe she will play along this run
  6. Perhaps they can change the game's name to 'Millenium Falcon miniatures game' Who needs the x-wing?
  7. Exactly what other ship could they include in the Heroes of the Resistance pack? There were effectively 4 fighters movies. The Tie/FO, Tie/SF, the Falcon and the T-70 X-Wing. They don't mix factions in expansion packs. That means they had exactly two options to put in a big box expansion, the YT and the T-70. So no they really couldn't choose to put another ship in there. Another T-70 with the awesome paint-sceme, just like the two interceptors in Imp Aces
  8. This. Altough, if the sole purpose was to introduce the new pilots/characters from TFA they could have made an expansion like most wanted and include just the cards, like Firespray pilots and HWK pilots. They could choose another ship model than the Falcon, a more generic ship. It's all been done before. I would also be surprised if they included a Firespray in the Most Wanted box. I'm glad they didn't
  9. That's something they have done, but that's not the only thing. The Most Wanted pack wasn't about fixing existing ships. There is likely to be upgrades in this pack that will help both the T-65 and the E-Wing. 2 more Integrated Astromechs for example is a big help for all X-Wings, and then there's a lot of upgrades we don't even know what they are, and those could all be useful on E-Wings and T-65's. I hope your right about the upgrades I really dont need another Falcon tough...even if its a slightly different model. Still a really strange choice to include in an expansion like this. The T-70 looks awesome tough!
  10. I'm a bit surprised to see these ships in an expansion like this. I thought they were using these expansions mostly to revisit (or fix) a ship thats been an underachiever and bring it back to the table more often. Other ships need the attention and expansion more that these two ships. I guess it's part of the deal to promote The Force Awakens and upcoming films. Sadly it comes with the cost that other, older ships have to wait to be more viable again.
  11. It's fun to pretend you're a midget while you place this
  12. First buy for the flavor, then go for the upgrades
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