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  1. @P-47 Thunderbolt Great questions. I'll send you an invite to the game to help answer your questions. But in general I'm looking for a clean, easy to character create and fun game. Look for my DM.
  2. War has erupted throughout the galaxy. You have been chosen as elite Republic Commandos to take on the hardest of missions. At your disposal is the most lethal weapon in the galaxy - your squad. The only backup you have is each other. There is no room for error or fear. You are considered the very best. Now prove it. Time: A Monday night, 7:30 p.m to 11:00 p.m. CST Setting: Clone Wars Era Play Style: Medium combat, medium roleplaying, heavy humor and fun Play Rating: PG-13 (let's not get dark or weird, this isn't HBO) Approved Books: All Fantasy Flight books Reply if you are interested in playing a one-shot set in the Clone Wars era as a Republic Commando. Everyone will be a clone, start with an additional 300XP, and have all weapons and armor of a Republic Commando. Most players will probably have two specializations due to the amount of XP. I'm pumped about Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic and want to play!
  3. I guess the Clone Trooper and Clone Veteran make the most sense. ARC Trooper seems to specialize in Ranged (light) guns while Commandos use Ranged (heavy) rifles, sniper rifles and Gunnery for grenade launchers. A second spec could specialize them greatly in infiltration, slicing, damage or leadership. I love that they included the armor and made mentions to them as to not erase them completely from the lore but hate there isn't more.
  4. Just got my copy and saw no Clone Commando DC-17m or spec. I saw multiple references to them and a reskin of Commando armor. Any suggestions on how to add them into a game with the specs available?
  5. @Eoen and @Tramp GraphicsThat makes a lot of sense. I reread Collapse of the Republic teaser and it said we are getting Arc Trooper, Clone Commander and Clone Vetern. It is weird to me that they gave us a reprint of Phase 1 ARC Armor from KoT but no reprint of MKI Katarn Commando Armor. Here is hoping for more of that in CotR.
  6. @Harlock999 I’m with you about feeling like stats have been left out especially since the main corebooks purposely target the civil war era only. My big question I hope someone can answer is why do they leave out Clone Commando and the various clone variations? All we get is officer, pilot and trooper. Shouldn’t ARC be it’s own spec, same with Commando and possibly Coruscant guard. I love that FFG is finally focusing on the other half of the saga and this book is amazing even with the omissions.
  7. I like the idea of letting them pick. I was over thinking the sameness importance.
  8. I figured Commando clones are better than normal clones, don’t necessarily get to decide what they are, and they are all fundamentally the same. Their specific training separates them but maybe I’m overthinking that. 🤔
  9. I found @MouthyMerc suggested DC-17m stats are a combination of DH-X heavy blaster rifle (DC)/Grenade launcher (DC)/E-11s sniper rifle (EtU) and I will add a telescopic optical sight, forearm grip and weapon sling
  10. This summer I’m going to run monthly one-shot adventures to break up my groups’ long-term weekly game we did in fall and spring. Each player will be a Republic Commando and I want to use Rise of the Seperatists as a jumping off point. Here are my thoughts: Species: Clone Starting XP: 120 xp already spent by me to make everyone 3,3,3,2,3,2 in characteristics Additional XP: 300 xp to be spent as desired by each player Starting credits and gear: Mark 1 Katarn armor (KOF pg. 47), DC-17 (stats?), 5,000 credits worth of gear each We would start just after the battle of Geonosis and then jump around doing missions. They will have a Jedi General and Commander giving them orders and mission intel. I might even bring in their Kamino trainer. Any ideas of how to better character creation and avoid railroading with preset missions?
  11. Can someone explain to me why every IA product is sold out on the Fantasy Flight site? I understand Boba Fett but even core expansions are out.
  12. Not Shaak Ti but Luminara. Also, if you read the book for Revenge of the Sith, I beleive they really tried to sell Mace Windu's death. I remember because I had to put the book down it was so moving.
  13. Thanks for the tips! Here's a report of how it went: Example 1: The players were on their way to Ilum to search for their crystals. They have a Master, who fled during Order 66, but he didn't know that the Empire had a blockade around the planet. When they jumped out of hyperspace, they saw three Victory-class Star Destroyers in orbit bombarding the planet with laser fire. They immediately realized they would need to come up with a plan and quick. My Seer asked if he could use Foresee to discern how they might find a way past the blockade. I gave him a picture of a boy who was wandering with his mind on the stars, see second to left bottom card of this link (http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2012/01/dixit-review/3.jpg). He informed that group that there is a traveler they should be on the look out who can help them with their journey. They were taken aboard the lead Star Destroyer and while there met a smuggler who was also detained and could get them to the planet if they could get him out of the Empire's grasp. Example 2: On there way through the blockade, on the smuggler's ship, my Seer again asked to use Foresee. I gave him a picture of a knight standing before three doors, see top right picture of this link (http://c-raine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/IMG_4370.jpg). He told the group to know there would be many choices ahead and they needed to rely on the Force in order to succeed. Once they got to the crystal caves, there was an encounter where each player had to make a choice of which tunnel to explore. They each did really well at using the Force to determine which path led to their crystal. Overall, my Seer said he really liked getting the cards and having to interpret what they meant. The group listened to him as he tried to guide them, knowing he didn't have the full answer to their problem. He did ask how many times he could use Foresee and I didn't have a clear understanding based on the rules. What do you think? - How many times can a Force user try to Foresee the future in a 3 hour game? - And, side question, I thought I read that Force Users have to make a Discipline check every time they use the Force, is this right?
  14. 67 views and no response. I'm guessing this isn't a good idea
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