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  1. Hmm ... This is a great idea! Give a second life through to the new rules. I honestly dont think about it Thank you!
  2. After Descent I cant play in HeroQuest, although Im played many many hours in HQ and I loved it, but this old mechanic...Lack of movement on the diagonal, quests where you must kill them all and nothing more - HQ is old game, we will love it as a grandma of Descent:)
  3. Sorry to Google Translate))) Many would agree with me that the game Descent: Journeys in the Dark originates from the big world of desktop role-playing games, in particular from the universe of Dungeons & Dragons. Although Descent can not be called fully TRPG as a master (Lord, Overlord) and the characters in this game is hard enough constrained campaign rules or script, as well as the general rules of the game, after all, we can call it a board game with role-playing elements. And the very idea of ​​adventure party of heroes is largely due to the similarity of these two systems. Dungeons & Dragons Any role-playing game, whether it be a desktop or live action (as the "Wikipedia"), is primarily concerned with the atmosphere. What is the atmosphere for TRPG for Dungeons & Dragons? This is primarily a fantasy wizard, multiplied by the imagination party of heroes. Together, they create in their minds a world that is only partially reflected in the table in the form of cards, miniatures heroes, monsters. There are diametrically opposing views on this subject - some believe that the party in TRPG enough dice, table and several sheets with a pencil. Another great pleasure to play it with painted miniatures, with modular dungeons, castles and towns. By the way, this is not D&D, its HeroQuest, but you get the idea. Photo from www.damienthevenin.com. Many go even further. Dress in appropriate attire, lighting candles and include special music. And yet, in fact, if the tactile and visual sensations require painted miniatures, beautiful modular dungeons, clothing fantasy, do not forget about one of the most important of our senses - hearing! Masters of D&D has long taken his arsenal of music and background sounds for games. Many use the sounds and music from the site www.syrinscape.com. So why should we, fans Descent'a not adopt this tool. Agree, light candles and change into Elf or Dwarf quite a radical solution, and not every game of his cell understand (although ...). But to put in some music playlist, and even better background noise - it is a very suitable to us. Why not music, namely ambient background? Background noise can be more accurate to plunge into the atmosphere than the music, especially if they are created specifically for a certain game or even a single storyline campaign. That's what I decided to do. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the song, which I think is perfect for all the "outdoor" Descent missions with open air. What has been done? Sound Track 1 hour sound, all the extra frequency, forming a total of something like white noise acting on the nerves are cut from this track quite scarce in frequencies, but at low volume does not attract attention, that from it required. Birds sing, periodically passing farm wagons and riders on horseback. I strongly recommend doing background barely audible, so as not to tire of it. If this idea is like to boardgamers, I start to do a sequel Have a nice game! Ambient for outdoor scenarios 30 min version This file doesn't have a preview, you must download it.
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