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  1. Or if you wanted to do a campaign with a bunch of Commodores.
  2. As far as Legends goes they are long gone, by Revans time, they were pretty rare. Mostly just because the Sith Lords really valued their blood, so they mixed in with humans over the thousands of years. You could do something with one being in stasis for some reason, but don't expect FFG to put out any stats about them. Especially since they aren't currently canon, but who knows they might show up in Rebels or something at some point.
  3. Well even if we don't get anything about the RPG, we're still probably getting The Last Jedi Trailer. You can definitly be stocked for that.
  4. This is a pretty cool setup. I think that the Yuuzhan Vong should get a boost die when using Vong tech. Mostly just getting rid of a setback die is borderline useless and adding a boost die is more effective.
  5. So the Iktotchi are one of the new races from Keeping the Peace, and they have some interesting attributes. They all have a baseline future seeing and telepathy. So they have a starting rank in vigilance and can spend triumph during Initiative checks to make a free maneuver before the encounter begins or let a friend in short range make that maneuver. So the idea being that they usually see battles coming. But vigilance is usually associated with being unaware that a battle is going to happen, and are prepared anyway. But giving them a free rank in cool instead doesn't make much sense, because of their starting 1 presence. So what I'm thinking is to give him the Constant Vigilance skill that makes it so that he always rolls vigilance for initiative. What do you guys think?
  6. Hi,I'm starting a space campaign and one of my pc's wants to be a bomber pilot. Would Gunner be the best class for this?
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