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  1. Bombshell

    Please do something about the game box

    Like this? There is room to spare so I think you could shift stuff around to make drawing cards easier.
  2. Bombshell

    Please do something about the game box

    Bought a couple of these just for the cards. http://www.thebrokentoken.com/mini-card-case/ Tried to get all of them to fit into one of them but they wouldn't fit. Yes they are sleeved. Needed two. First time buying from them. Nice product. Now to figure out a clean OCD way of storing the race bits. Plastic baggies aren't cutting it for me
  3. Bombshell

    Please do something about the game box

    Sleevin g is where I ran into issues as well. Doesn't fit. Just bought a few items from the broken token and we will see how it goes.
  4. Bombshell

    Reprint - Banners of War

    I would love to see a reprint however am not hopeful myself. From a business standpoint it is certainly understandable that they focus on their hot commodity i.e. X wing. I actually did did pick up a copy from Amazon. There is some concern that it is the Spanish version as the pic on their site is in Spanish however I am hoping that is an error. I let you folks know when I get it. Edit. Yes the Amazon copy is the English version.
  5. Bombshell

    NEW X-Wing Art... Wow!

    Prints. I would so buy prints of all of them.