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  1. I wanted to know if this would (in today's meta) be decent at the very least in comparison with other builds: Eaden Vrill (32) + HLC (7) + Outrider (5) + Rec Spec (3) = 47 Horton Salm (25) + R3-A2 (2) + Twin Laser Turret (6) = 33 With either: 1. Airen Cracken (19) 2. Green Squadron Pilot (19) + Chaardan Refit (-2) + PTL (3) = 20 Horton dishes out stress (I don't know if TLT allows you to fire at two separate targets or twice at one target, I'm assuming the latter) which will usually mean a double-stressed opponent. Eaden gets his five dice attack, and can spare a focus for defense and offense. But it's the final 20 points that I don't know what to do with: again I could either have Cracken, who sticks close to either Horton or Eaden (probably the latter) for extra defense and/ or offense, or the A-Wing who is just another gun that benefits off of the double-stressed ship (it would be easier to chase it down). Thoughts or suggestions? I'm really excited for Wave 7!
  2. Haha, LOL. I completely missed that dynamic, sorry 'bout that!
  3. I have to agree on using Lone Wolf instead of predator. Not only will it keep him alive longer, but I wouldn't assume you get two rerolls per attack with predator (since cluster missiles works best against low agility ships like the Deci, or Falcon, and those are both usually high PS). Remember that that only triggers when attacking a pilot of PS 2 or lower. Aside from that though I like the basics of the build. I'm not completely sold on the Starviper either despite a few successes with it in the past. But Torkil looks fantastic in that, and I personally want to see more HWKs on the table.
  4. Could work. I love Etahn builds, and I agree Cracken with Swarm Tactics will do more for you than an X-Wing Rookie. But otherwise I like it, and I hope you do well with it!
  5. A variation of that list that I've used to some success, replacing the Scyk with the classic Kavil+Autoblaster Turret+Unhingined Astro+EU+VI. It is really fun, and the opponent has to make the choice between Palob (the thief), Kath, and Kavil, who is deadly at range one.
  6. Wow! I really like that A-Wing! But the Punishing One... I could do with one of those. I'm hesitant to buy it off of shapeways, with hopes that FFG releases it in Wave 8 (or 9, I'm patient), but yours might have convinced me to cave in. Keep it up!
  7. Wow, normally I don't like that vibrant shade of green, but I'll be honest, it looks great on that Defender man! Keep up the good work!
  8. Woops, sorry wrong forum.
  9. This is a list I threw together last night at my groups latest "game night." This is not at all intended for tournament play, but rather a fun attempt to make the Defender awesome! Rexler Brath (37) + HLC (7) + Predator (3) = 47 Sabre Squadron TIE Interceptor (21) + Push the Limit (3) + Autothrusters (2) = 26 x2 =99 I beat a TIE Swarm with Doom Shuttle fairly handily (lost one of my own TIEs, but my other ships took zero damage overall), and faced off against a B,E, and Y rebel build, winning that 100-0. Thoughts? Any additions I could provide to make it better? Thanks for your time!
  10. Thematically speaking, yes old models of ships should be scrapped and abandoned. Realistically speaking, with the addition of the TIE Punisher, there should be no more TIe Bombers, as it fits its role better in the overall scheme of all things Star Wars. But I'm a game like this you cannot, under any circumstances, elevate one ship above the rest, otherwise whats the reason to use (or buy, for the makers of the game) any other ship in the game? All ships should have their own unique roles and niches, so that they could be used to fulfil different styles of play and flying. People already complain about the current meta, removing balance multiples that problem by 100.
  11. It makes sense to me that the last bolded word would be all. There is a precedent for it obviously. The ion cannon and turret both have the bolded "all" in their text as well. I cant wait to get my hands on this turret though!
  12. My vote with those specific modifications is engine upgrade. Sure it's expensive, but it provides that extra movement that the ship is seriously lacking in. Stealth device gets knocked off too easily for it to be useful in my experience, and the other two health boosts don't really address the main flaws of the ship: namely it's cost and dial. The only fix for some of those problems is the engine upgrade. Just my two cents.
  13. I never delved too deeply into the EU, so I don't know much either about the ships past wave four, but honestly I think this wave is going to be fun! Sure the TIE (Punisher) is an unoriginal idea, but I like the look of the K-Wing and I think it's going to be fun to fly! (That could just be me though) I've learned about the Hounds Tooth recently as well, and I'm glad it's now in the game with a unique firing arc of its own, and I don't mind the look of the Kihraxz Fighter either. Scum definitely (in my humble opinion) needs a starfighter that fits along the lines of the X-Wing. I'm looking forward to it being released!
  14. Wow! These are really good! I especially like the HWK-290 though, as it's my favorite ship and all. Once I get started (inevitably... Hopefully... One of these days) I may have to try a similar base coat for the HWK. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Wow! That turned out looking stellar, definitely my favorite defender I've seen thus far.
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