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  1. Yes, and often, if they roll threat, I have them use it as strain to make things even worse
  2. Just wanted to address the overshadowing... that doesn't occur in the game I purposely make sure each character has a chance to shine in our sessions and plan out enough to make sure that the "ranger" uses his shooting and survival skills. The "barbarian" gets plenty of time when things get in close (the ranger is just not as adept in melee)... the rogue/priest loves to role-play and I make sure he has the time he needs wants as well as using his abilities. The prima list is very good at things alchemical and nature based and is given things to do. Having all four do something in these games is pretty easy... when I was running the 8 player Star Wars game, that was a bit more interesting
  3. I am going to have to make the checks more difficult than what they have been... often it is a YYYG vs PPP with a few set back/boosts. So yes, they will succeed more often than not. That is fine because statistically they should. I'm thinking it may be that we're just not taking our time figuring difficulty properly and the appropriate setbacks. The Divine character has mainly used magic to heal and do very minor effects as he only has a Wil of 3 and 2 ranks. Maybe if I give an example someone can tell me where I am too easy (or if it's just that way). I've run Star Wars for years, but Terrinoth's magic system is much different than the Force. The party (human scout, human scoundrel w/ templar, gnome Primalist, human fighter (think barbarian)) was on a large raft rowing across the river heading to Frostgate. The party fails horribly the Vigilance check (it was toward the end of the day and the troll is swimming barely visible - that was a PPR (opposed stealth) + SB (for light situation). I could have maybe added another SB or two but didn't. The troll started at short range as he managed to sneak up to the raft. (The Vigilance check when rolled included a despair - the troll being so close) The party rolled Vigilance for initiative and the troll Cool. It turned out the entire party went first due a horrible roll on the part of the troll vs the party (troll rolled blank dice...) The Primalist went first and wanted to cast a spell giving the raft a burst of current in the water to increase distance from the troll We started with idea of a Conjure since he was trying to create a strong current on the raft... started with PP. Since the boat was at engaged he argued that it shouldn't need a range boost for that... since he was trying to affect effectively a Sil2 item, I said increase the difficulty to PPP. For conditions, he was given a SB because he was unsteady on the raft. I probably should have given another one for something like wind blowing the wrong direction... Since he wasn't attacking the troll in this case, it wouldn't have upgraded difficulty. Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably could have upgraded difficulty anyway for the possibility he could actually conjure the current in the wrong direction. I was out of Story Points.. So his roll was YYYG vs PPPSB... he rolled 2 Triumph + 2 other success + 2 threat. So he used the 4 success to move the raft an additional range band away. He used the triumphs to make it so the troll was caught in the wake and to lose a maneuver. I had him apply the threat as extra strain, citing that as he cast the spell, he had to fight to maintain the effect on an unsteady raft. He was then going to maintain the spell to aid them in getting away from troll. The scout tried to shoot the troll on his action (he has Agi 4, Ranged 3 so is YYYG + B (aim) vs now PR (Adversary) + SB (unsteady) + SB (defense) + 2SB (cover)... so YYYGB vs PRSSSS. He rolled a cancelled triumph with 1 advantage. Since he had suffered a lot of strain earlier, he used it to recover a strain. The Triumph in this case was to drive the Troll out of position by having debris from a previous wrecked boat (forcing a second maneuver to get past it). The other continued to row the boat effectively taking the distance to long range since the troll couldn't close the gap. So in the end, the player was smart and I can't fault him for that. What I will say though, is that when this player makes it, he always comes up with some crafty ways to get out of combat. For that, I like to reward him for his creativeness... I am just feeling like I don't have a good handle on the magic.
  4. I don't know if it's maybe my group, my GM skills, or if the system is missing something... I ran Star Wars for a couple of years, and never had this issue with the Force... Games without magic have not been an issue, so I believe the system itself is great... so trying to figure out a way to make it work... I have two casters in my group. One generally uses his powers only for healing, restoration type spells, etc (Divine caster). Not had any issues with this. The Primalist however I've had a harder time keeping powers in check. It's not anything the player is doing - he is not trying to be overpowered and is more likely to be me that is the issue... but again, I'm not 100% I care for the magic system after playing it for 6+ months (every other week). I'm having issues with the difficulty dice/effects in that it seems like the powers are not difficult enough. The primalist has Cunning 4 and 3 Ranks in Primal, so is rolling 3Y + G and in order to have any real chance of failing means having 4P+. Which makes sense statistically. With an item/implement, he will always do what he can to keep the difficult at 3P if he can. To put this in perspective, the players at this point have 250XP as we play every other week for 6+ hours at a time. Has anyone else tried a different magic system they could explain that makes the magic system a little bit more restrictive/easier to control? Again, I think the system itself is great for non-magical environments
  5. For passive checks, that is if the players aren't actively looking, I have them roll Vigilance usually. The last game I had in Terrinoth (similar but different I know)... the player rolled a cancelled triumph and a wash otherwise... so he failed the knowledge check, but the player used a triumph to "figure out" a weakness and was able to help future actions, even though he didn't know what the creature was.
  6. Just wish they'd release the book they've been promising was on the boat since September? I'll end up getting this one too, but I hope it's before 2021
  7. For a lot of games, I ended up with 1 army... then no one to play with because they can't afford it, don't want to invest without playing first, etc. I could do a full sized army for myself with a basic smaller army for someone to try with.... Most of the time in my groups, the one that GMs a game (even a miniature game), ends up providing all of the toys.
  8. Thank you all for your input. Not as bad to get into as 40K it would seem so something I could swing for Christmas
  9. I've considered getting into this game, but I can't afford a huge money sink (40K anyone?)... How much would it really take to build two base armies so that you can play a reasonable sized game? I don't mean just a starter game, something closer to a full game. A rough idea is sufficient - not looking for specific army lists.
  10. I haven't played a version for a number of versions (I think 2nd?), so getting back into it now with the new Beginner's Box. The game is basically whatever you, the party, and GM make it. My group prefers a combination of political intrigue mixed with combat and with lots of role playing opportunities. This game is well geared to that.
  11. Talk to your GM and see what he/she says. Basically this is kind of game dependent.
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