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  1. Thanks for posting. We recently held a 300-point, six-player tournament that was dominated by ship-heavy, no-squadron Imperials. My vanilla Motti-led 3 Vic-Is and 1 Glad-I fleet scored 8-2, 7-3 (we only had time for two rounds). The other Imp fleets were 2 VSDs / 2 GSDs and 2 VSDs / 1 GSD. The Rebel fleets were light on fighters, which pretty much nullified them (the fighters) as they weren't numerous enough to inflict much pain, and they had no opposing TIEs when facing Imperials. It was interesting seeing that many SDs on the table, but a little disheartening for the Reb players. I'll be fielding a Rebel fleet next time, but it'll have to be something capable of taking down numerous heavy Imperial ships...in six turns...and survive...
  2. I very much like (is it love?) the objective selection aspect of Armada, and I'm curious what folks think about the choices it presents. Do you go in low on fleet points hoping for your chance to select First Player (and thus, Initiative), or would you rather cede initiative to force the other player to select one of your objectives (assuming your fleet is constructed n a way that it can give those objecticpves a good run)? Is it a given that the lowest fleet point "bidder" will select him/herself as First Player and thus pick from the opposing player's objectives? Can you glean enough information from the opponent's fleet composition to make the choice easy? From my very inexperienced viewpoint, if our fleets are similar in composition, I'll opt for Initiative (if I get the choice). If I'm Imperial looking at a nimble Reb, it feels like I need to be Player 2 and let him pick an objective from my pool. I suspect I'll feel the same if it's my nimble Rebs looking across the table at Imperials. The real question...is Initiative as valuable at 300/400 points? Or, is it best to rely on a favorable mission objective? Thoughts?
  3. Sounds right since Screed would modify a die in step 3.
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