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  1. I think this can work really well with the new Clan Wars. Streamlining the rules can really make this game shine (in theory anyway) with 3~4 players, though admittedly I have not tried it yet. What I am hoping they try to do sometime in the relatively near future (so it actually happens) is what Old L5R did towards the end: the Siege expansions. Instead of a 1 v many (let's face it, it may be difficult to get that many L5R players in one area consistently outside of larger towns/cities), FFG could tap into their extensive co-op LCG experience/mechanics and put together a big box expansion that includes scenarios that 1+ players could play through using their decks.
  2. I am a fan so far. It lets me introduce the game to a younger audience and those who aren't into sinking so much time into a card game (especially one with so much protocol). I also wonder if this is a final attempt to keep this game alive. I don't have any data whatsoever, but it seems like the enthusiasm - much like many FFG LCGs (and Destiny) - has dwindled down to the core (small?) fans of the game. I don't know if that's enough to keep it afloat when it seems like Asmodee is cleaning out.
  3. Consider me apprehensive as well; however, I think if they were going to transition into a new "edition" with the Clone Wars, that they would include compatible pieces with the newest releases like they did with X-wing. I know it could still be months (or years? 😉 because, Armada timetable) before a potential new faction core is released, but I would be a bit surprised if they went into a full 2.0. Besides, Armada is a much larger "premium" commitment in terms of product costs. I don't know if they could pull off a straight 2.0 switch without really risking their consumer base. That being said, the lack of inventory on larger online sites like MiniatureMarket and CoolStuffInc (though they always seem to be running low) makes me have just a smidgen of doubt about my above thoughts.
  4. With their notoriously slow "On The Boat" times and delays, that means they would have needed to be shipped ... a year ago to make ASAP happen
  5. That's fair. Eventually it will be completely dried up - or have spotty access. But, it does still allow stores to sell what they have left of 1.0 and still be viable - otherwise, it would be firesales and clearances (which I would be in full support of, as I am sticking with 1.0, but I also recognize is not good for the local stores). That also highlights the clear tension. Someone will be at a "disadvantage". If extended is not supported, then stores with leftover 1.0 and veteran pilots get burned ... but, new players are at a completely level playing field. If extended is supported as the way to go, then new players get burned by potentially not having access to the full might of their respective sides. However, the rapid release schedule of 1.0 ships as 2.0 waves will remedy much of this - the gamble being the initial catch and draw of the "newness" of 2.0. In a vacuum, I agree: 2.0 only would be the way to keep level playing field. But it won't last ... not without constantly re-releasing the same ships to stay in "standard" cycles (much like MtG does with their dozens of copies of the same card). From their past commitments, not burning the established player base and the local stores (with their tight margins) is probably the safer decision.
  6. A few years back, right after the Asmodee merger, FFG redid their contracts/distribution with online stores - emphasizing support for "local game stores". I imagine that was one of their priorities when deciding how to handle an edition switch. Had they cut 1.0 cold turkey, local stores would have been stuck with a lot of unsupported extra product - especially since there were waves still moving when they announced the switch. My guess (and this is just a guess) is that it would be a tough sell to get local stores to carry new stock when they now have stuff they can't sell for a profit. Extended lets them clear their existing inventory (in theory) while simultaneously carrying the new edition. Any other decision would undermine their "support" for the local stores (as they claimed a few years back).
  7. My very first game. Sure, you'll get your "first" 2.0 experience ... but it isn't the same as the first.
  8. This. I know, late to this discussion and probably completely unnecessary two cents, but... I'm not liking the trend towards digital (smart phones, apps, or DLC - in the form of PDFs). I play board games to get away from the glow of tech. Otherwise, I'd be "suited up" for the real X-Wing: the PC game from the early 90s. I still lurk the forums, but it does make me sad to see so much arguing. I probably shouldn't anymore ... I really have no plans to give FFG any more of my money (sorry guys, not a fan of post-Asmodee FFG). Anyway, enjoy 2.0. My group are curmudgeons.
  9. Meanwhile, the communications department gets yet another game.
  10. Something to distract from Armada is dead!11!!!" - "No, it most certainly is not!!!!!!!!1" ... so, we start talking to ourselves and people who may or may not even play this game anymore.
  11. Just my two cents, but I think FFG is just stretched too thin. I think they are still trying to run a "mom-and-pop" operation post sellout buyout by a massive corporation bent on global domination. I think they are genuine about hinting at things to come; however, if they keep getting pulled every which way to keep up with IP-palooza demanded by the Asmodee overlords, then they simply may not be able to handle everything on their design "plate" (I actually think the same of Asmodee - they make great games, too!). By the time they can get back to established games like Armada, I think only ye dedicated few will remain. *edit* I know sometimes I come off as negative (or cynical), but I do really enjoy reading the Armada threads - one of the few things that keeps me coming back to FFG's site. Truth of it is, I haven't gotten any new games by FFG since Rebellion (as a gift). I used to be a big fan of the company, but it just doesn't seem like the same care and heart is in their designs anymore (my opinion only!). Sure, there are flashes of it - but I think so much disappears with the demands of conglomeration (ie Asmodee overlords) and they are simply turning out too much "stuff". I think the same is also true of the larger market. I think there's just too much - a glut of games if you will. We aren't going to see the same massive, long term dedication to games if there are sooo many shiny new things coming out (weekly? daily?). I think analogue gaming has become much more popular and possibly even borderline "mainstream" (thank you, Big Bang Theory? and Parks and Rec?) - but I wonder if the market is over-saturated still. Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon (this is probably it!), but there just hasn't been anything exciting me like even 6 years ago. Sure, there's a neat game or two ... but nothing that really seems to wow me (like that first game of X-Wing back in 2012). TL;DR - I'm not bitter! I just think they've grown too fast too soon and can't give Armada the attention I am sure they want.
  12. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Alternatively, of course: hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper.
  13. As it should. You are the Rebels. You shouldn't be winning any major engagements. Your puny fleet is no match for the might of the Empire. But, in all honestly, it always seems like it is in a good place. Of course my meta is dictated by an N of 2.
  14. Everyone needs to be careful with this thread! All this talk about football is going to make FFG think they will need to make some sort of football-based game. Of course, it will have to use the Star Wars IP. And they'll call it something like Super Bombad XI. And of course, the base game will only include enough for each squad to field 5 players - meaning you'll have to buy 3 just to be able to do Organized Play. And of course, miniatures will look awfully similar to Legion ... but they'll be 1 mm bigger so you can't officially use the Legion minis. And of course, there will be tons of expansions. Of which the "worst" players will include the best ability cards ... for the other side! And of course, that's all we'll ever hear about for 2 years. And of course, somehow, someway, squadrons will still find a way to be overpowered. You can see where I am going with this: you can kiss any press on Armada good-bye! ? PS - nice draw, Iceland!
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