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    Thanks a billion for your insight!


    I'm glad you enjoyed it--I hope it proved useful.


    Also, welcome to the community!  Things are a bit slow here, but I am still hoping for an expansion announcement to revive things a bit.



    I´m losing faith. This year something new should see the light. If not so I will bereally disapointed.

  2. ...I also love the play of the Vampire Counts, so I'd love to see some units that...help them be more competitive.  Overall as I played them, I found that if I played a random player, I was at a serious disadvantage because they really so heavily on being able to outguess on the command cards...


    I really hope they give the Vampire Counts a little more power and a sense of a really menacing force.



    ...I love the spell system the way it's done in WHDW. Compared to the original disk wars it works extremely well. However, I'd like more to be done with it and I feel that there's an odd effect that makes this tricky. Some notes,

    -I like the idea of spells being among the most powerful and varied command cards being offered. I think that to some extent this is true however it's something that's hard to expand on for reasons I'll expand on for the next few notes.

    -The cost of having spells being so relatively powerful, is that they require 'caster' units and heroes to use them and they become dead once those disks are dead. The problem with this, is that sometimes that isn't much of a cost. This is particularly so when most factions have some hero (frequently a durable hero even) that would be used even if they weren't casters (what orc list wouldn't use Azhag if he stopped being a caster?). Also, at the moment, having any caster, gives you access to -all- spells.

    -If it isn't a heavy cost to include casters, then it's not a good idea to give that faction a powerful spell as it'll quickly become as much an auto-include as Shield of Saphery. So as long as these powerful spells can be cast without any concessions to your army you can't release spells that are that much stronger than a command card in that slot without it being a balance issue that kills the potential for variety.


    If you want to work around this and expand the spell casting, I think there are a couple things that might be done. One option would be to make more spell cards that are more specific in which caster can cast them (for instance, how powerful could you make a Chaos Spell if it required you to use sorcerers to cast it?). Another option would be to make the spell effects powerful but dependent on having an odd or less ideal army setup. For instance, maybe if there was a high elf spell that allowed you to empower all infantry units in short range of a caster, that would not be an auto-include in most current high elf armies (where you'd be far more interested in empowering your Sun Dragon or Silver Helms, or any other specific disk within medium range) but which could potentially be very powerful but requires a different army style, and might even make a high elf army focused more around small melee units more viable.


    On a very related note: I think that in general it'd be nice if the decision for command cards was made more interesting for more slots in most armies and a good idea to evaluate new cards based on how they compete with other options for that slot. Destruction armies in particular I find have an interesting question of taking Intimidate vs Eager Troops and Chaos gets another interesting option in Acquiescence. On the other hand, Strength of Gork, though not a bad or uninteresting card (I'd say comparable to an empower easily) just gets too overshadowed. Not saying that every card slot for every faction ought to be that competitive but it'd be nice if there was more of that. Also, some factions could use something that competes on even terms with the basic empower cards for some slots. Dwarves in particular I think could use another devious card that is generally more practical than Spelleater Rune (I wouldn't run this card even if it didn't require Runesmiths) as otherwise I imagine that all dwarf armies will always be running Lure unless they run entrap.


    So while I'm at it, unit types:


    -I'd really like the vampire counts to get access to a more durable defensive style of infantry, poison, and other things to help their style work better.


    -I'd like the Dwarves to get something that helps them take out larger enemies (their army is custom tailored to taking out average level enemies so incredibly efficiently but most armies in the game are focused around the big disks).


    -An actual full army for all the single regiment races would be awesome of course.


    I like the ideas that can come out from here...


    First spell cards (maybe american-mini size) would be a great adition to the game. Depending on the level of the wizard (caster) you could use as mani as your level and value of the cards lets you a level 3 could use any number of cards that will reache that level. Also there should be magic specific for certain factions and magic with a global use in the game. About the magic I believe it should work in two forms. The same way it works now, and being able to use a spell (just one) of the aveilable that shoul have a mechanic to work similar to the dice mechanic, and even adding new dices if needed. Success it works, failure... you missed, or even have a bad taste with a misfortune.


    Second you could also release mini cards for the other comanders based on their "skills" (warrior, defender, assassin, monster, etc...) and you can also use them instead of an action. And tis would give the game an even more tactical aproach.


    I think that would be fantastic. Great ideas there!!


    Also I like the comments for Vampires and Dwarfs.


    As for the rest. I really think it would be great to have more expansions. I believe the best would be 3 expansions for the next "wave", and I would love to see Skavens, Wood Elves and Dark Elves:


    Skavens; because they seemed for the little we have seen from the Vampire Counts expansion really fun to play and full of options. Also Iklit seemed like a pretty good wizard and the only one as far as I remember with long reach instead of medium. I believe this could be made into a really interesting faction.


    Wood Elves: I really liked the dancers, they seem a really good disk to have into account, also drycha and dryads seem like a good convination. This faction could have not only another good dragon, but also ENTS XD!! Also an Orion disk might be really interesting.


    Dark Elves: High Elves need to be defiled here... I´m expecting Morathi and Malekith like a bad rain!! Also this faction can not only have another dragon, but many more creatures and really dangerous elves.


    Also I would do an expansion where they could bring into game the mini cards I said before (magic and skills) and some more disks like mercenaries and more heroes for the factions since I would love to have more for this game:


    Vampire Counts: Vlad Von Carstein (which is picted in the box, but not a heroe there) & Krell.

    Caos: Epidemius, Throgg & Sigvald.

    Empire: Valten & Balthasar Gelt.

    High Elves: Prince Imrik, Korhil & Alith Anar

    Orks: Grumlok/Gazbag & Skarsnik

    Skavens: Thanquol/Boneripper & Tretch

    Wood Elves: The Sisters

    Dwarfs: Ungrim, Belegar & Grimm Burloksson

    Lizard Men: Skink & Lord Kroak

    Dark Elves: Hellbron & Shadowblade.


    About the Mercenaries: Gotrek & Felix, and maybe some characters from Mordheim (there are a few ones), and Ogres.


    And don´t forget about all the mages of the empire.


    Also factions missing: Bretonnia / Ogre Kingdoms / Tombkings... and I believe that Beastmen are going to be inside the Chaos faction.

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