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  1. I haven't been on this forum for the last few years. I immediately run into this topic and find joy in the weird and flagrant nerdiness... good times, good times...
  2. Lucky for Challara she had the Lifedrain Scepter as back up
  3. Any chance this thread could be moved to the RtL subforum?
  4. But it's a pic of the Ice Wyrm after Karnon has used his feat on it!! Roasted Ice Wyrms over an open fire...
  5. As a side note, you not use the act 2 Merrick in that quest ... Dont be so hardcore Yeah pretty sure the info panel for Merrick in that particular quest saying Act II is a bug. The app will say at a later time when to transition all monsters into their Act II variants.
  6. That's such excellent news, I'm currently playing Kindred Fire with my sister. She's got Silhouette (Shadow Walker) and Trenloe (Champion) while I'm playing as Challara (Geomancer) & Sahla (Prophet) The synergy is quite tasty. Giving everyone except Silhouette re-rolls with Battle Vision, getting extra damage between Valor Tokens and the Shadow Soul and setting up the Stones defensively has gotten us out of every messy situations so far. 2 main quests and 2 side quests in and have yet to lose once. Don't forget that in RtL play, Blast only fully affects the target, adjacent figures only suffer half damage... Don't I know it brother! 2 nights ago we were beset on all sides by the full Hell Hounds group and with some clever positioning I was able to pull off a Molten Fury using the Battle Tome (I can't recall if that's the right name, it's a ranged weapon, magic & book, rolls BY and has a an effect that triggers on 2 Surges: Damage equal to you're Knowledge attribute then it must be unequipped). So I sacrificed my Stone to use it's adjacency to ensure the extra surge needed. When I totalled the damage we both cheered as it was enough to wipe out the whole group. Then as I was going to remove the figures I remembered the rule about halving AoE attacks rounded up... I only managed to kill one minion because he rolled low while the rest took about 2 damage as they all rolled good defense... 3 Shields in a row on the grey defense die...
  7. Please feel free to do so on this or any future rules topic where I post any official answer from FFG. I can't stress enough how helpful the community here and at BGG has been in helping me understand the rules for this awesome game!
  8. Ah yes the Crown of Destiny, one of my faves. It's got both Lindel & Corbin for those that want to scratch that Legolas & Gimli itch. Thoe whole pack is really good imo. Oath of the Outcast is also a good choice, Elder Mok and Trenloe the Strong are very good characters and imo Beastmen are criminally underrrated thanks to the master's Command ability.
  9. That's such excellent news, I'm currently playing Kindred Fire with my sister. She's got Silhouette (Shadow Walker) and Trenloe (Champion) while I'm playing as Challara (Geomancer) & Sahla (Prophet) The synergy is quite tasty. Giving everyone except Silhouette re-rolls with Battle Vision, getting extra damage between Valor Tokens and the Shadow Soul and setting up the Stones defensively has gotten us out of every messy situations so far. 2 main quests and 2 side quests in and have yet to lose once.
  10. I can confirm this, every rules question I've sent to FFG has been politely answered by Kara in about 3 to 4 weeks later. Dr. Zalty, you may ignore my jokes but you can never get me to stop loving you!
  11. I like this Karnon. He has great strengths, but severe weaknesses too. That is, he isn't well rounded, and I think that's part of his character. Even though 6 isn't much better than 5 in terms of pass chance, remember that it protects him well against effects like Befuddle, or the master changelings Hideous Laughter. He's so strong that even when he's feeling weak, he's still strong- that is, reliably mighty. His low (fine for a warrior) stamina is buffed by his hero ability, and in a way, his speed is, too. Fatigue over, attack to recover. Fatigue over, attack, recover. He's a beast- just a little less fond of reading. Those are very good points, and I'd also point out that even when Karnon does miss and gets the dreaded busted turn the rest of the Heroes can help him regain his stamina. The trigger is adjacency to a monster that's been defeated after all. Karnon can get back stamina even if he's not the one doing the clubbing! He could potentialy go turns without being fatigued out, which is balanced out by his low starting pool.
  12. No, Heroes can't move through stones. It's the Stone that can move through Heroes. Stones use Familiar rules for movement, as per RAW, which means that because of an oversight from FFG they can move through figures and end in spaces with them. That was not the intent as stated by Kara. Therefore, until the FAQ/Errate gets a new update I think we can all agree that Summoned Stones can: 1. Move through spaces occupied by Heroes and other Familiars that are NOT another Summoned Stone. 2. Can not move through blocked spaces, be it special terrain and/or enemy figures. 3. Treat all special terrain that is not an obstacle space as a water space (cost 2 MP to enter). 4. Are not Defeated on Hazard/Lava spaces if they end their turn there. Also can freely move out of a Pit space. 5. Are obstacles spaces to all Heroes, Monsters, and Familiars unless specifically stated on that H/M/F's card. Skye being the only notable exception I can think of, off the top of my head, as it ignores the effects of terrain, Skye and a Summoned Stone should be able to share a space on the map. Thematically the Falcon can fly over everything else. I fee Skye is undervalued by some as a Familiar, it gives all Heroes a +2 Range bonus and Vyrah gets a +1 Damage bonus on his rolls if he discards him after rolling his attack dice. He would make a pretty wicked Bounty Hunter or Wildlander. Edit: I think the Shadow Soul may also be able to share spaces with the Stones
  13. Hahaha sorry mate I 'm just laughing at the name you gave me .... Voltaren in my country is a medical cream for muscular pain... Anyway, yes, I think that's how subforums should be organized, so... Aww baby, you know it's because your love soothes my pain! But seriously, screw you to all spelling auto-correct features on all cel phones... ever!!!
  14. Mother of Kellos... that is one disturbingly powerful, walking, stomping, fuzzy tank of destruction! Not as powerful as a Dwarf mind you, but still quite impressive... I'm wondering if Karnon and Steelhorns are still going to be figures that occupy one space or will they be the first large base Heroes to exist. They are the biggest and bulkiest Heroes so far in any edition, at least, that I can remember. Unlikely? sure, but they could go that route, and give them the same rules for movement as large monsters.
  15. I must say that i agreed Zaltyre point of view, more particularly that summoned stones not being figures and being obstacles weren't not able to move through friendly figures, and now i am a bit puzzled. Why in hell would an obstacle be able to move through figures ? Not logical at all. As i understand it summoned stones are in reality familiars treated as heroes figures for movement (other heroes interaction not being allowed / with the particulrity that scampered do not work on them). I hear you, when Zaltyre laid it out for me it made sense and I was playing the stones in this fashion. But by the same logic, why would the stones be able to move into lava spaces without taking damage? Thematically speaking I liken it to how you are able to shoot around obstacle spaces and figures if you're figure is placed diagonally if you have LoS (Like the LoS example from the core rulebook). Thematically speaking: The Stone's artwork, and the fact it has a movement action like other familiars, suggests to me it hovers because of the Geomancer's magic. It can be firmly set in place to block monsters LoS and movement and it can hover through spaces with Heroes and other Familiars because they can duck out of the way momentarly to let it pass over and around them without them actually leaving their respective space.
  16. Correct, all Familiars follow the rules for Familiars as RAW indicates. Familiars treated as figures have exceptions to these rules as stated in the section devoted to them in the core rulebook. Like my original argument, pedantic as it may have sounded, RAW would indicate that Summoned Stones would follow the standard Familiar rules (with exceptions written on their Familiar cards) since they themselves are not considered figures. I received a very similar response yesterday I finally got one over on Master Zalty! Naaah, all kidding aside, this was bugging the hell out of me, and I think it's awesome that everyone's contribution to this thread has helped point out an oversight in the rules which will be corrected on the next FAQ/Errata update! This really opens up some tactical decisions for Summoned Stone placement.
  17. But but but... it looks pretty... well I can't argue with laziness... *goes back to sleep* "ZZZzzzzzZzZzZzzzz..."
  18. I second that agreement, Voltaren proposes a very elegant design update to the forums. He has my vote.
  19. Oh? I was just sitting with the rulebook, trying to find something on this, poring over the rulebook, but I couldn't find anything. Using the example on pg. 12 for Line of Sight, I would've assumed that with the shot passing through two squares, Leoric would need a Range of 2 to hit. Edit: Nvm, in the example given on pg. 14, the goblin is clearly included in the count. Huh. The only reason Leoric needs 3 range, in the particular example given, instead of 2 is because you can not count spaces through blocked terrain (Map spaces with solid red outline). Line of Sight and Range are not mutually inclusive. In some instances you will be able to trace LoS through more or less (as in the example) spaces than the spaces you need to count for range. This was one of the rules our group played wrong for the longest time and I'm pretty sure I hurt my brain trying to understand it. I feel you pain buddy!
  20. Here we go with another post "made to specifically make Luijod inferior because all his wonderful minis are not painted"... The nerve of you people, with your fancy pain jobs, and your immersive and wonderfully crafted art. What have I done to deserve this torment! P.S. LOVE IT, love everything about it, hence the crabby jealousy!
  21. Oh you saucy bastards, I haven't had a good LOL all day and for whatever reason this did it, twice, cheers! in the spirit of this joke https://www.buzzfeed.com/matwhitehead/hold-the-lift?utm_term=.moBvpR18G#.klxzKabpJ
  22. Precisely, now if you can Immobilize that monster so he can't get out of that space... well it's toast. You can play it strictly by RAW or as my group likes to call it "Ultra Masochism Mode" and help out that dumb dumb A.I. It's co-op, resolve as you wish and enjoy the game!
  23. Appendix V Monsters and Terrain Some terrain requires additional instruction when a monster is on or near that terrain. Pit: Monsters always avoid moving into pit spaces. A large monster will move into and through a pit space if it does not end its movement so that all of the spaces it occupies are pit spaces, and so it not affected by the pit spaces. If the heroes manage to force a monster into a pit space, it will spend its next action to move 1 space, placing its figure on the closest empty space that is not a pit space. Elevation: Melee monsters attack heroes across elevation lines, even though they have a disadvantage. If a monster is adjacent to its target and the target is across an elevation, the monster does not move around or away from that hero in order to move into a space that is not across an elevation line—it stops its movement as normal, having moved into an adjacent space. Hazard and Lava: A monster always avoids hazard (and lava) spaces, unless that monster will not suffer ≥ for entering that space; if a monster has movement points remaining, but cannot move any further toward the target space without moving through hazard terrain, the monster does not move. Water and Sludge: Monsters only move through water and sludge spaces if doing so requires fewer movement points than any other path. A monster avoids sludge whenever possible, but will end its movement in a sludge space when necessary. Feel free to play it whichever way you prefer, our group usually makes it harder on ourselves by adjusting bad AI direction for actions, but the RAW state monsters never enter Hazard/Lava unless they take no damage from it.
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