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  1. "Unless you're trying to argue that those are canon, which they never were. Not a one of them. " Wrong all of those products had been developed in conjunction and with the approval of Lucas Arts. At the time they were considered cannon. There are numerous articles, interviews and statements made over years affirming this. Lucas had a department within Lucas Arts helping assure and approve the cannon of these products and projects. They only lost their status as cannon when the Mouse wanted to a fresh canvas to paint on.
  2. Not hardly. The West End Games RPG mentioned the Nebulon B as being Imperial at least as far back as the publication of the Sourcebook (1987). WEG RPG, Tie Fighter Wars and the Thrawn Trilogy are all you need.
  3. The Star Viper doesn't need an ace pack, they already have Prince Vizor. How many Pilots Dan get access to a extremely limited custom built star fighter?
  4. Field Managment for a construction company that specializes in structural restoration and repairs as well as specialized water proofing applications.
  5. Lord Markgraf

    Old Republic

    I love Star Wars, well everything but the Vong, so I would be easily convinced to buy into the Old Republic setting.
  6. Lord Markgraf

    wave 7,8,?

    Dis got be one worst threads ever I read.
  7. In order: Cloakshape, Skipray, X-G1 Gunboat, Slave II. Epic scale, DP-20 Gunship.
  8. The Gunboat fills the same role as the B-Wing in the Imperial Fleet.
  9. My friends and I regularly play in the 400-500 point range so another epic sized ship is eagerly awaited.
  10. I am curios as to just how noticeable the print lines are on that Nebulon B and the Marauder corvette. Also how durable are the fidly bits that stick out/off of the superstructure?
  11. Waiting for the Raider with much anticipation. My buddies and I play x-wing once a month, on a 4x12 table with around 500 points to a side. We are already using repainted Corvettes, the Raider can't get here fast enough. We are working on a space station and I am saving up for a Marauder from shape ways. Love high point games as much as a standard game, but I have never been a fan of tournament play.
  12. Originally the Nashta Pup was just a small utilitarian trans-atmospheric shuttle. Later, it was said to be a Z95. There was a time when the Nashta Pup could fit in the Hound's Tooth.
  13. I would like to see the cloakshape, Zuckuss & 4-LOM, Dengar, the skipray blastboat, the assault gunboat, and several epic ships for each faction before calling it quits.
  14. I respect and understand their policy on the miniatures in tournament play, but this whole mat issue has just ensured I will never buy one of theirs.
  15. I only buy from my FLGS, it is tough decision but one I am happy to live with. I don't look down on those who buy online. Not everyone is in the same financial situation as Me. After all this is only hobby so spend what you can afford. My FLGS gives me a volume discount when applicable. This is possible because I am a bit of an odd ball and buy my ships in squadron or flight sized grouped. Typically, three, six or twelve ships depending on rarity of the design and battle field role.I also earn points for future product on instore purchases. They are really going out of their way to give me a competitive discount, while still paying their bills- that is tough for a brick and mortar store to do.
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