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  1. Vie for regional supremacy! Mix it up with players of all skill levels at the 2018 Regional Championship.Register at https://comicquest.eventsmart.com/events/armada-regional-championship-socal/. Entry is $25.Details: - Date: February 17th, 2018.- Free parking.- Registration: 10-11 AM. Special raffle for players who lend a mat to the event.- Opening announcements at 11 AM.- Round 1 begins at 11:30 AM.- 3 Swiss rounds, 135 minutes each.
  2. Hope you guys got your fill of eggnog and gingerbread cookies, because it's time to get your flight suit on! Registration for the X-Wing SoCal Regional Championship begins on January 2nd at Noon! On January 2nd at Noon, registration will go live on https://comicquest.eventsmart.com. Event fee: $25 Day 1 (Sat 3/3/2018) Qualifier Information Address: Doubletree Hotel, 90 Pacifica, Irvine, CA 92618 Free parking for event attendees Registration: 9-10 AM Opening announcements at 10 AM Round 1 begins at 10:30 AM 6 Swiss rounds, 75 minutes each. Lunch break after Round 3. The top 16 players from Day 1 will advance to Day 2. Day 2 (Sun 3/4/2018) Top 16 Information Address: Comic Quest, 23811 Bridger Rd #100, Lake Forest, CA 92630 Free parking Check-in: 10 AM Top 16 Elimination Round begins at 11 AM 75 minutes per elimination round, final round will be 120 minutes Side Event: The Loopin' Chewie SoCal Regional Championship will begin 10 minutes after the Top 8 Elimination Round begins.
  3. 14 boosters, no legendaries. I was one of two players at my launch event that didn't get any. On the other hand, I did manage to trade my way into a pair of Grievouses. Turned my opponents' "Legendary" luck against them.
  4. Relevant: https://www.wepay.com/developer/reference/throttling
  5. Relevant: https://www.wepay.com/developer/reference/throttling
  6. Or worse, the Empire leaves the shop open to serve as bait for Jedi-wannabes. Let them buy their crystals… then take them in for "questioning" before they get a chance to install them.
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna have to call him Drew "Bimp" Bishop now. Sorry, man. Meanwhile, I managed to get Eric's Chira-Fel list for San Diego Regionals. All I need to hunt down now is Kelly's squad, but he's lurking in here, so it shouldn't be too hard - right? Note to self: don't skim when data mining. Rear Admiral ChiraneauVeteran Instincts Darth Vader Gunner Rebel Captive Seismic Charges Engine Upgrade Soontir FelPush the Limit Royal Guard TIE Autothrusters Shield Upgrade
  8. More San Diego Regionals data: Attendance: 78 (74 participated through all Swiss rounds) Top 8 players, in order of Swiss ranking: Branon Cating (Brobots - PTL/AS) Eric Dietsch (RAC/Fel, assuming by process of elimination) Gordon McDonald (Brobots - VI) Alexander Nobles (RAC/Whisper) David Wong (Dash/Corran) Dee Yun (Fel/Jax/Doomshuttle) Drew Bimp Bishop (Whisper mini-swarm) Kelly Jernigan (Y-Wings)
  9. I'd like to help fill in some of the blanks for the San Diego Regionals: Winner: Rear Admiral ChiraneauVeteran Instincts Ysanne Isard Rebel Captive Moff Jerjerrod Engine Upgrade "Whisper"Veteran Instincts Fire-Control System Advanced Cloaking Device Finalist: Soontir FelPush the Limit Autothrusters "Whisper"Veteran Instincts Rebel Captive Fire-Control System Advanced Cloaking Device Omicron Group PilotDarth Vader Top 4: IG-88 BPush the Limit Advanced Sensors "Mangler" Cannon Autothrusters IG-2000 IG-88 CPush the Limit Advanced Sensors Heavy Laser Cannon Autothrusters IG-2000 Top 4: "Whisper" Howlrunner TIE Fighter (???) TIE Fighter (???) Once I get more details about the squads I faced (everything was kind of a blur), I'll post a full battle report.
  10. Aww, that's the whole reason I came to this forum today. I've begun to brave the uncharted wilderness outside of Sorastro's guides and have started painting General Weiss. I'm looking for a color scheme for his guns.
  11. These look fantastic! Did you use templates to create these cards? If I can get my hands on those, I can remake them so that the font for the special ability text matches the rest of the card text.
  12. I just won the Montclair Regionals today. There were 14 attendees and 1 drop after round 3. My list was: Luke Skywalker Gaarkhan Jyn Odan Gideon Argus Elite Rebel Saboteurs (x2) I went 4-0 in the swiss rounds and cleared the Top 4 cut.
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