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    narubianHorror293 reacted to stimpaksam in Lord of the Rings LCG for LackeyCCG (play it online with mates)   
    If anyone is interested I spent the last few weeks updating the card database all the way up to and including The Black Serpent, scanning a lot of my own cards in the process. I also went ahead and created all the encounter decks for normal mode. They can be found in the deck folder. I then compressed the whole LackeyCCG folder containing everything to a zip file which can be downloaded below. After downloading it just unzip it and play! I'm not taking over ownership of the plugin or anything like that, nor will I be posting updates. I just did this in my free time and thought I'd share. All thanks should go to Tragic for creating the plugin and Trevor for created Lackey.
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    narubianHorror293 got a reaction from Chron73 in What theme to come next from FFG in the LCG format?   
    Totally bummed about this. I really wanted another coop LCG (though I knew the chances are slim to none for two coop LCGs coexisting). But as a former MtG player, I'm happy for a CCG community (legend of the five rings, in this case) getting its game revitalized in this superior format. 
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    narubianHorror293 got a reaction from alexbobspoons in Arkham Horror LCG   
    Well, this image has started doing the rounds on the internet:
    I can't stress enough how happy will this make me. I need another co-op LCG so bad, mainly so I can solo it (LotR I keep for the friend with which I started collecting it), but also because a CoC co-op LCG makes so much sense! I really really hope this is not a hoax...
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    narubianHorror293 got a reaction from alexbobspoons in Arkham Horror LCG?   
    OMG, that's exactly what I wished for in the general speculation thread on the LCG forum!!!!
    Will buy ALL.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to alexbobspoons in Arkham Horror LCG?   
    My wallet would (or will..) hurt so much
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to mulletcheese in Arkham Horror LCG?   
    Awesome news.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Supertoe in Arkham Horror LCG?   
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but...
    Could be a hoax, but probably not.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Raven1015 in Shadow Effect Reference Guide   
    Yeah, I'm not sure if it really reflects a different market (although this game does attract some players who are not attracted to other LCG's) so much as the dynamic of a cooperative vs. a competitive game. Studying probabilities and getting every last leg up seems appropriate when taking on other players who are doing the same studying and adapting. But when you're taking on an encounter deck that isn't doing detailed statistical analysis of your deck (as far as I know  ) and can't change itself to adapt to you, then that's a different proposition.
    For me personally, I'm totally torn, as one half of me loves breaking down encounter decks this way and the other half wants to maintain some of the mystery. 
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to DunedainLoreKeeper in Shadow Effect Reference Guide   
    Probably because players already have one up on the encounter deck by choosing which scenario to play and which deck to use against it.  
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to divinityofnumber in Shadow Effect Reference Guide   
    While playing, I also always prefer to just take the risk. Sometimes, with particularly brutal encounter deck cards, I will remember that there are only X number in the deck, and hang on to my Test of Will, etc. But, I generally prefer to play relatively blind, other than the accrued experiential knowledge from previous play sessions. 
    But, I also teach statistics, and things like this can be used to answer interesting questions about the game! Great work!
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to ppsantos in Shadow Effect Reference Guide   
    Using probabilities would definitely be helpful in playing since it will give you a good estimate of the chance of having a particular shadow card, or in the case of encounter deck, the probability of revealing an enemy, location, or treachery.  Knowledge of these probabilities would definitely guide a player in making risky actions.  Should I defend? What's the probability, given the cards already in the discard pile, of having a shadow effect and particularly, a devastating one at that?  Should I commit to the quest?  What's the probability of an enemy getting revealed.  Decisions like that.
    What's the caveat?  Well, the player, just like Seastan mentioned, would have to examine all the encounter cards, and note how many cards are of this type and that type, how many have shadow effects, etc.  Beside the work involve, which I don't think is really that bothersome, doing the probability table would strip away any mystery, suspense, or surprise the encounter deck could give the player.  For me, that is a big trade off, and that I'm not willing to sacrifice (I know, personal taste).  The thought crossed my mind and I thought, I could 'possibly' do that after I've already beaten the quest so many times, and I'm just going after the best score possible.  But I realized, that would mean the loss of surprise of the encounter deck, and possibly will affect my enjoyment in future replays.  I decided not to calculate the probabilities.
    The only time I did calculate the probabilities was for my dwarf deck, and made a frequency table of the card cost, to guide me in using the Zigil Miner ability (since my card pool is very limited, I don't have Imladris Stargazer or any other deck peeking card).  But that's for my deck, which in all honesty, I really should know like the back of my hand (ie, the frequency table).
    I'm not saying that doing the frequency table and calculating the probabilities is to be discouraged.  It would help you play better, and thus, get a better score. All I'm saying is that doing so would lessen the surprise of the encounter deck and maybe affect your enjoyment (am I being presumptious in even trying to say that your enjoyment might be affected?).
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Seastan in Shadow Effect Reference Guide   
    There are some times where I will attempt a new quest without looking at any of the encounter cards because I want to be surprised. Other times, if I am having a tough time with a quest or if I want to get a nice score, I prefer to have as much knowledge as possible.
    For the latter occasions I've put together a shadow card reference guide. It lists the shadow effects and their quantity in each scenario:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yZH9Ze9t2TmYBZIjtmuPVTiBiLbP1Pms5EJekGkKJDA/edit?usp=sharing
    (I recommend using Ctrl+F to search through the scenarios) 
    I know there have been many times where I wanted to defend with a hero but decided against it because he'd be destroyed if I were to draw a +attack shadow effect. This reference now allows me to check the probability of such an effect with a quick glance. This idea may not appeal to everyone, but I thought at least a few others may find it useful, so I have decided to share it.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Gizlivadi in Creative artwork cards   
    That's some luxurious attire for a generic mercenary, worthy of Aegon Targaryen himself I'd say. The fleeting keyword is very cool though. He'd replace Feint in many decks I think.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to John Constantine in Creative artwork cards   
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Edvando in Creative artwork cards   
    Anything that makes Mount attachments better I´m all in for it.
    A side note, that card let you attach mounts that can only be attached to heroes to allies. If that was unintended, you can put "eligible characters", look at Well-Equipped for a example of that.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Mndela in Creative artwork cards   
    Finally imgur return to run ^^. Here is an inteesting ally for rohans:

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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Olorin93 in The best pairing in LOTR   
    Well, my vote goes to Faramir/Eowyn for what it's worth...
    edit: Wouldn't Elboron have been both Third Marshal of the Riddermark (under both Eomer's and Ælfwine's rule) and the Steward of Gondor? That's a lot of power to hold.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Jedhead in The best pairing in LOTR   
    Don't feed the trolls...
    Unless you really have to.  And then you should use a cheap ally.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to GrandSpleen in The best pairing in LOTR   
    As Sam Beckett once said, "Oh boy."
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Raven1015 in First Age (Custom Quest)   
    For those First Age players out there, Among the Outlaws, the second AP in the Doom Mastered cycle, is now available on OCTGN and the blog!

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    narubianHorror293 reacted to danpoage in why the delay for Land of Shadow?   
    I actually talked about this with an FFG employee at Gen Con (sorry - can't remember who specifically it was). As Teamjimby said, it has to do with schedules and throughput. Even if they use multiple manufacturers, there is only capacity to print so many things in a certain period of time. Adding new manufacturers to your list of existing ones is not trivial, and might not make a difference as those manufacturers (if they're any good) will be busy making things for other companies. Printers are a finite resource, and in-house printing is either expensive or, in the case of POD, of lesser quality. As someone who has designed logistics software, I can say that this problem is devilishly complicated. Even when the manufacturing runs smoothly, shipping can be an issue as well (as we saw with the dock workers strike in the recent past). So while it might be tempting to blame FFG for bad planning or "fix" the issue with some oversimplification, as long as their games are made elsewhere, this is always going to be a challenge. From their in-flight report, it sounds like they are looking into doing more in-house printing. If they can improve the quality of POD, or perhaps have a second higher-quality tier, that would certainly help quite a bit. We'll see, but this is one of the challenges of dealing with physical goods.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to danpoage in why the delay for Land of Shadow?   
    More or less. Just think of the post-Gen Con releases as being delivered by Gandalf. A wizard is never "late"...
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to DunedainLoreKeeper in Well Done Designers   
    Hmmm, considering how few ally-readying effects there are compared to hero readying, I'd say if Elrond (hero) was a 5 cost ally, he would be less powerful.
    To be honest I can't think of any examples of unique characters who would break the game if they could be combined with their counterpart. Faramir has such a setup it's amost a shame that his combo isn't possible for creative deck-builders. I would actually like to thank the designers for the opposite though: thank you for making remakes of existing characters so different from each other, that I'm not frustrated by their mutual exclusion. So far I've only had the urge to put both Merrys in one deck. 
    Getting back on topic, I think it's a neat touch that Leadership Faramir and Galadriel are some of the best hero's to use with core-Gandalf. Both of them deeply respected the wizard in the books. Now make me proud designers and give us a card that makes Elf-friend and Tactics Gimli have a super combo!
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to Mazarbul in Well Done Designers   
    I think that having to choose between a good Hero and a good Ally who has the same name (Legolas is another example) is really good. It makes deck building even more diverse and interesting.
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    narubianHorror293 reacted to danpoage in Well Done Designers   
    Faramir Hero would work really well with Faramir ally. Exhaust the ally to give all of your characters +1 Willpower during the quest phase. Then use an effect like Westfold Outrider, Son of Arnor or Quick Strike + Tactics Aragorn to engage an enemy. Ready ally Faramir and use him again for an insane quest boost. Some might say, "this takes too many moving parts, and isn't worth the effort to setup", to which I would respond: https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/deck-rally-the-troops
    Obviously, the deck does not use ally Faramir, but it is pretty clear to to see how well he would fit if the hero had a different title.
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