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  1. FFG should stick with PVC if they can’t do hard plastic well. GW models are increasingly very dynamic but also easy to build. If I never build clone wars droids out of the starter Again, I will be happy.
  2. I think we'll see an FO/Resistance. Based on what I've seen in the movies, I think FO could be a complete faction with new models and different playstyle then Republic or Imperials. For the resistance, I feel like it would be new hero's, operatives and maybe some vehicles with existing troops (new cards for them but not models).
  3. How do you things from the universe like Tusken raiders, etc fit into legion since they aren't big enough to be their own faction?
  4. Makes sense. Thanks for the response.
  5. Got Veers and Snowtroopers today! Veers includes a card and upgrade slot for Environmental Gear. Snowtroopers have the same upgrade slot. Card is only three points. Any thoughts on why veers and not snowtroopers come with this?
  6. Don’t disagree with you assessment, just hope it’s not true.
  7. FFG will need to balance the meta. I see the concern about power creep and scum factions being more of competitive player issue. I think the mechanics are scalable and the game has plenty of room for growth but at some point the game may need an overhaul (think PP or GW).
  8. Are not interested from a casual or competitive gaming standpoint?
  9. Expansion packs that help recreate legendary battles
  10. I think they want released every month this year. This won’t matter in six months once their are enough releases for variety already available.
  11. I think the game at 800 points could easily have a scum faction that either can align with multiple factions, has lots of names characters who more expensive and flavorful or Troops they can be kited out to make up for lack of diversity or limited vehicle choices.
  12. If they are serious about the miniature space then I hope they will avoid the route of the games you mentioned. Core mechanics seem solid and scalable. I think a lot of the meta in the game will be involved in selecting and using your command hand. Frankly, the rest of the game is not too different from other mini games once you take out special dice.
  13. I think the opportunity for many factions is much larger then x-wing armada. Given the current design it feels like vehicles will be integral but secondary to troops. I can see a lot of cool armies of sub-factions like a droid army, mandalorians, a Saw Guerra rebel sub faction.
  14. Given how character driven the game is I am very curious to how Chewie, R2D2, etc will fit in into the game or will see modifications to the force org (for example Han can take Chewie but doesn't eat up a force org slot).
  15. So far my experience is playing in the Adepticon Starter Box Tournament (500 pts). I found him to be excellent. Vadar is slow, so initial placement matters. He is a tank so barring terrible rolls, he should do fine just moving him to up the board towards a target. Picking force powers and remembering to use master of the force is key. Vadar's commands cards are a key part of his strategy is using them correctly is critical to making Vadar work. I have no doubt as other cheaper imperial commanders come out different playstyles will emerge for either taking him or not. With the current meta, I think he is very good.
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