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  1. I've finished reading Enemies Beyond today and I have a weird question: is it me, or is a page missing from the book? I mean, look at the section about Nurgle in Chapter III. There's a brief introduction, you turn a page... and you immediately get into a description of Beasts of Nurgle. No plot hooks, like in the section about other three Chaos Gods... Huh? BTW. Question about daemons: so, each daemon is supposed to be a unique being? Meaning, those Daemonettes aren't really interchangeable. Each of them has a name, could be a subject of some vile book etc. Even though they are probably millions of them in the Warp and they all look similar, each of them should be RPed as an individual, not a faceless minion?
  2. To answer the point about DH2 being based in Askellon... well, being rather new to FFG games, I wasn't expecting this specific sector being so ingrained into the game I expected it would be treated like the cities in the various White Wolf games: each game introduces a city with NPCs, plotlines etc., but you can play anywhere. Meanwhile, it seems that DH2 is so strongly focused on Askellon that it's actually limiting to other options. I realize it's a design choice, but it's a design choice I didn't expect. So, I'm a little disappointed here...
  3. I was wondering: am I the only one who is a bit disappointed by how the three Enemies supplements turned out? I mean, they are good. Each has interesting stuff inside. Still, I'm not entirely satisfied... For example: Enemies Without. The book doesn't really cover all of the xenos from WH40K universe. There's not much on the Necrons, the Kroot are the only Tau race examined - also, there's nothing on the Tyranids. I realize the book was written with Askelon Sector in mind, but... I don't actually plan on running games in that sector. And I'd love to see some details on the Tyranids, because I'd really like to use them... Similarly, Enemies Beyond is as comprehensive as it could be. Yes, there's a lot on the Chaos Daemons... but where are the Chaos Space Marines? They are as important as the Daemons, but we got nothing on them. Thankfully, I own Black Crusade, so I can use this game to stat up CSM antagonists... still, I'd like to see some proper DH 2E material on them... I don't know. As I said, the book *are* good, but they don't provide all of the options...
  4. Thanks for all the answers so far! If you don't mind, here are four things I'd like to ask for your help with: 1. Specific scenario starters. I mean, if I was writing a Call of Cthulhu scenario, it'd probably open with a murder But, would a single murder get an attention of an Inquisitor a few star systems away? If not, then... what matters would the Inquisitors investigate? 2. Assuming that the Inquisitor has informants on some planet - how would such informants pass any info to him / her? I mean, going to an Astropath isn't really safe - wouldn't an Astropath start babbling around, if made to send a message to an Inquisitor? 3. In what ways do the Acolytes investigate stuff, exactly? Let's say they are sent to investigate a murder - how should they approach it? The trail would be at least weeks old, there would no crime scene, the witnesses would be hard to track down... So, what is there for the Acolytes to do? 4. What kind of people are recruited as Acolytes? I might be introducing the game to people new to DH and WH40K in general. So, how do I tell them what kind of characters they need to create? And, overall, what does it take for a character to get noticed by an Inquisitor - they aren't drafting random soldiers or scribes, aren't they..?
  5. So... let's say you want to create a first adventure for DH. You have new players with PCs newly drafted into the Inquisitor's service... How would you begin the investigation? I mean, the Inquisitors aren't cops who investigate every single disturbance. They and their acolytes sit in some base... and what now? In what way do they learn that on some world, something is amiss? What kind of thing must happen for them to be notified? In this kind of setting, getting the PCs involved seems a bit harder than, say, in a Call of Cthulhu scenario...
  6. Okay, thanks again! Coming back to education... so, how much does an average person in the Imperium know of the state of the universe? I understand that anything related to Chaos is censored, but do average people know about, say, the Orks? I'd risk saying that they do, because the Imperium *is* recruiting soldiers because of the xenos threat - but again, maybe I'm wrong... BTW. Is there such a thing in this setting as sector-wide or Imperium-wide news networks? I suppose that some sort of TV might exist on reasonably advanced worlds - but would such news station cover stuff from other planets or other sectors?
  7. Regarding the in-system travel: so, the ships don't make Warp jumps at a planet's orbit? Also: so, a ship travelling from, say, Terra to Jupiter, will always make it the conventional way? Couldn't it just make a short Warp jump from one planet to the other one?
  8. Okay, thanks. This was very helpful. I have two semi-related questions: 1. How big are the sectors? How many star system do the consist of, on average? 2. How long does Warp travel take? Let's say I want the PCs to travel from one system in a sector to another one in the same sector - how long would it take: hours, days, weeks..? What about the inter-sector travel?
  9. Hello! I've been trying to come up with some scenarios for Dark Heresy and there's one thing that I keep wondering about... And I could use some input from people more versed in the WH40K setting. Basically: how much diversity is there between the various Imperium worlds? The DH books (as well as other WH40K stuff I've read) state that the worlds could be very diverse, with drastically different cultural norms, technological levels, details of religion etc. Still... if I understand the setting correctly, there *have* to be some constants, right? For instance, Imperium as a whole isn't keen on education, as knowledge can lead to dangerous ideas. So... I guess that an Imperium planet with a really well-educated population seems to be out of the question, then? Even if this planet used to have such an educated population between joining / being conquered by the Imperium, then the Imperium administration would've suppressed such tendencies. Am I right? Similarly, while there are worlds with high technology etc., even such worlds would be marked by some technophobia, right? And the world's technology would be kept under the Mechanicus' watch. So, there would no place in the Imperium for a planet modelled after Star Trek's Earth: with millions of tech-savvy people using replicators or teleporters on everyday basis... Am I correct? Or am I misreading the setting somehow?
  10. Actually, I'm both the GM (sometime in the future) and the player (as I'm playing in an AOR game right now). And I'm asking, because this bit isn't entirely clear to me - personally, I'd say that one has to take one of the career specializations, but I've seen a PC created as "basic career + universal specialization", with no career specialization. So, I'm wondering...
  11. The next career book coming up for Edge of the Empire is about Technicians. When it comes to Age of Rebellion, what we got so far are career books for Aces and Diplomats, with Commanders coming up. Now... AOR has a Technician career, too. So, is there going to be an AOR career book for Technicians? Wouldn't it be redundant with the EOE Technician book already existing..?
  12. One problem I have with the droid write-ups in the books: there are rarely pictures for how these droids look! There are quite a few protocol droid models presented in Desperate Allies, but almost no illustrations for them BTW. I have a rules question: quite a few of the droid models are of the levitating variety. When creating such a PC, does one need to purchase some sort of levitation system? Or can such a way of locomotion be handwaved as flavour?
  13. Interesting... How about Xenomorphs? Has this kind of gore and body horror any place in a proper SW story?
  14. Okay, thanks. If we're speaking of characters, I have a small question regarding the PC creation. A newly-created PC has to take one of the careers specializations, right? You can't, say, create a Soldier whose only specialization is Recruit?
  15. Just read a bit on Guri. Interesting... I thought that this kind of droid would be considered not fitting with the SW setting stylistically...
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