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  1. Typath

    Best prequel fan edit?

    It's a fan edit. The editor wanted a different feel for the movies, that's all. There is nothing wrong with the original music. I still love watching all the iconic scenes with the original songs. I can enjoy both without a problem.
  2. Typath

    Best prequel fan edit?

    I love this fan edit. Minimal dialog, great music and it covers all three movies in 140 mins. Star Wars: Neon Noir (Fan Edit)
  3. Nice I'm playing a Chiss too. He's a Pilot then a gunslinger and last a force exile. With a force rating of two and going down the left side of the sense power equals win.
  4. Typath

    Raining Cats and Jedi

    First, in a situation where those things (slow, concentration, open, etc.) aren't a factor, just "normal" out of combat mobility, Power replaced. Power degraded.Second, those things simply aren't true if the PC is inclined to upgrade Move anyway, with Range(s), the Hurl Control (which is a speed upgrade) and/or Fine Manipulation Control. Steps on the toes, heels and face of other Talents and Powers. I'd never allow it. In the last episode of Rebels Kanan used his move power to help Ezra with his enhanced jump. After Kanan manged the leap with no help, all by himself. I saw this as Ezra not strong enough to leap across such a distance yet. For me I wouldn't mind if our group uses any of these combinations to help each other out. I do agree with you in not using the move power on oneself for combat mobility. Jumping across form a ship to a platform, running through battle grounds like a cheetah. 100% that's what the enhance power is for. I can not talk about the falling Talent since I don't have that book yet. But I would let a player use the move power on himself to land safely form a great distance. In a combat situation the power will cost you an action, you're in a loss for that round. The enhance power at full exp, you can do the same landing and still take an action that round. For me a least it's not a bad trade off.
  5. Typath

    Raining Cats and Jedi

    I remember in the Star Wars Rebel show Ezra and Kanan leaping from the Ghost onto a gas mining plant. As they were getting close to the facility they would push their arms forward like a Jedi using the move power. They did this to slow their decent and land safely. Well Kanan did, Ezra missed the bridge and almost died if it wasn't for his master saving him. That was the one with the space whales, you got to love space whales. I've seen the same action done in the Clone Wars show too. It was the one when Anikan and Ahsoka jumped from a fortified dam with Rex. They pushed their arms forward right before landing, and saved Rex with the move power before he hit the ground. I think that episode was in a battle on geonosis. To me it looks like a use of the move power. Like if they were push down onto the ground before going splat.
  6. Yeah a second edition could work if they fix the space combat rules. I would like them to rework the cover/armor rules too. Some era books would be awesome too. The Old Republic, Legacy to name a few.
  7. I'm making a brawling Force Adapt/Gunslinger character too. He can deal with most range enemies well enough. I don't want him to use a lightsaber so my GM let him buy the Cortosis Gauntlets.
  8. **** phone making me double post.
  9. Oooooh I like that idea. Seeing that encounter play out would be great. Thanks for all the advise SEApocalypse. I'm going to reread the space combat rules and use your strategies for my character. I'm sure it will increase his survivability and much cooler encounters. One last thing, we just got a x-wing. What mod would you put on it?
  10. SEApocalypse I would love to read or hear (if you do a game podcast) of a space battle from your games. Especially a squadron of star fighters. The thing is Benjan Meruna makes a lot of sense with this game needing some help for space combat. But I like where you're going with those examples in your posts. I know this game is geared more to the offensive side. Heck I have a force user PC who can build up a defense of RRPP+4BL. And still get hit half the time by a meager lonely stormtrooper. I guess what I'm asking for is some tips for my pilot to go head on against multiple opponents. My character has the Starfighter Ace spec with most of the good Talents selected. But I want him to branch out to other non-pilot spec and still feel like a boss in a snub-fighter.
  11. Nice, great game aids I'm definitely going to use these for our game. In the player action sheet I notice that if a target is prone, the attacker gets a boost die to hit him. What if the character on the ground wants to melee attack a standing target engaged with him? Does the prone character suffer a penalty or is it a normal roll? Thanks again.
  12. Cool thanks Nytwyng, that worked perfectly.
  13. Oggy this is the best game app I've used, thank you. I only have two questions. In the game I play in we let Force users start with two Force dice. Is there a way to raise that stat beside buying it from a specialization. Also my GM uses the house rule to get into a specialization all you need to do is buy two ranks from two different class skills in that same Spec. I was wondering if there is a way to pick a Spec. without buying it with Xp. Thanks again.
  14. Typath

    Ships, Maps, Weapons

    Awesome, I can't wait to use them in the game I play in. You have three of my favorite ships here. HWK 1000, Citadel class, and the B-Wing. Please keep them coming, love your work.
  15. Typath

    Ships and players.

    If you want to start a new thread for your art. Please post a link here so I can find it. I don't want to miss out on your stuff. Especially if you do finish the citadel class ship. Thanks for all this, it's great work.