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  1. "An oppurtunity has presented itself to your team of Rebels. " Good to see they are still completely unable to properly edit a 10 line news item.
  2. Our FLGS (in Germany) claims that there will be (atleast?) one more "large" expansion in English, with a German pdf to download. No idea where they get their info from and if that would be an official source or not, or wishful thinking. They generally aren't prone to giving out bull just to appease though, especially since we organise all the(ir) tournaments. They are also getting rid of all their normal IA stock, so might actually be in the loop of something, or just selling off stock that has a higher run time. So yeah I guess this post doesn't really give anything concrete, but wanted to share the tidbit anyway.
  3. Sidenote, Asmodee Germany's OP manager just posted the nationals list, and there is no Imperial Assault on it either. https://forum.asmodee.de/viewtopic.php?f=962&t=28806
  4. If you are europe based feldherr no question.
  5. https://asmodee.de/news/imperial-assault-in-deutschland-aktuelle-news-zum-spiel How's that for official then?
  6. Also, why 6 doorsets, and 6 crates? Why not 4 and 8?
  7. Every complete set so far has had 2 of each. The picture is two of each. I'm still going with "oopsie"
  8. the Top 16 players will earn a bounty of dice to use in future games—two sets of ten dice each. Ten dice? Not 12? Seems like they snuck in the obligatory mistake in a newspost again. Even the picture shows 12
  9. Yeah the metal keys look amazing. Got those and the streamer mat from my winnings so far. If i win some more the untamed mat is coming home for the wife aswell. The only thing i didnt really like were the wooden keys and tokens, but to each his own.
  10. Metal keys were 70, wooden keys 80. Deckboxes werent delivered so they removed the option from the prize wall. Only have my phone here so cant really upload/host stuff. Table was 4000 shards incase anyone cares.
  11. Im at the prize wall of the eindhoven vault tour, and the guy there said they should fit sleeved decks.
  12. Just removing either the +1 dam or +1 block would do it I think. Removing the +1 dam would make it less OP in the hands of pro's, while removing the +1 block would make it easier to tackle for newer players I feel.
  13. Yeah Jawa map was one of the better ones. I do think Lothal will be good to have in rotation to tone down SC a bit.
  14. First thing I do after starting a game is looking up opponents deck so I know what sort of shenanigans I can expect, same as looking over the deck card at a tournament. It's not that weird that he would be able to know already. What baffles me how the guy thinks that deck would be cheating. I mean, who on earth would voluntarily add a Dexter to a cheat deck? (not to mention not have a bait and switch in shadows.)
  15. The new rotation is finally live. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/97/34/97349cce-5abc-45c1-9a45-236c07b572e9/swi_tournament_regulations_v33_text_version.pdf Starting February 4th, the legal maps—and their accompanying missions— for the season are: Uscru Entertainment District, Tarkin Initiative Labs, and Lothal Wastes.
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