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  1. Isnigu

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Even though the timing is odd to say the least, the map itself looks very interesting. Lots of nice corner work and cross shots possible.
  2. Bantha is still loads of fun, just not very competitive at the moment. Just need swamps to go
  3. Isnigu

    Could this group work?

    Nah, stormtroopers/hired guns will have a hard time wounding heroes with MHD around. Don't be too hung up on the OP heroes. Esp if the IP doesn't take the most OP deck either.
  4. Isnigu

    Could this group work?

    The group seems pretty strong. Murne and MHD dont really need a lot of items, meaning Mak and Shyla can scoop up all the nice weapons. They are also better at groups vs single targets respectively, meaning you have all bases covered. Even though you don't feature the classic powerhouses of Fen/Gideon, I would rate it a top notch team, with the right mix of support vs offense. Leia and Murne are BFF's. If you manage to snag her the IP will have a challenge on his/her hands, especially since you have Mak in the group. Killing an at-st in one activation is very doable with them. Other decent allies will work fine aswell, due to the discount. Basically anything you can get your hands on, some even if you already use the discount, like r2/c3p0.
  5. Hello everyone, incase anyone is interested, we will organise a store championship in Ilsede on the 16th of June. Registrations will be on the following website: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=21843 Everyone is welcome. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  6. Looks like the correct ruling to me.
  7. Isnigu

    New FAQ Download

    Ahsoka's map replacing Jabba's palace for skirmish tournaments.
  8. Isnigu

    New FAQ Download

    `The new map rotation.
  9. Maybe keep an old version online for a while so people can reference, while the main page goes to the fixed version?
  10. When selecting command cards, "shared experience" is in the list twice.
  11. Isnigu

    Tyrants of Lothal

    "Thanks to the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, they acheived great success. " Good to see they still don't proofread
  12. Isnigu

    System Open Hanover Livestream

    Can't wait!
  13. They fit in the normal trooper slots, no issue.
  14. I have the core set, two extra big box/core figurines inlays, and two small box set foam inlays. Fits everything aside from the big stuff like rancor and at-st/dp. Friend has the jabba's palace one aswell, and it fits the rancor and other stuff just fine. Im very happy with it, would buy again without a second thought.