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  1. @nickv2002 Here is a picture of the maul map + lothal map side by side text. Printed at the same time, so all other parameters are equal. https://i.imgur.com/oT92TI2.jpg The difference is noticable, and an improvement. The maul one is actually less clear than the picture would suggest, due to the camera picking up the contrast better than it looks irl. Perfectly readable, but you have to put some effort in iso just being able to read it at a glance. I think going a font size larger still wouldn't be a bad thing, but as is it's better than it was already.
  2. I just had all2playermaps 4, 6 and 8 printed, and they turned out great! Thank you everyone involved for all your effort. One point of feedback: on the mission text the black tends to bleed a bit into the white lettering, making them rather faint. Would emboldening the letters so they stand out a bit more be an option?
  3. Please PM me this guy's name so I know never to attend any of his events. Also, FFG, get your marketing department in order. Having to hear through the grapevine about events instead of say, your official website and organised play subforums, is beyond incapable. It's borderline malicious at this point.
  4. Sometimes FFG really is it's own worst enemy.....
  5. Somehow reading this made me feel a bit like rI was eading the ramblings of a mad scientist at work, while muttering to himself. And I mean that affectionately
  6. Isnigu

    Give Me Regional Information!

    https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=23064 The Ilsede (Hannover, Germany) regionals on 19th Januari. Sign up and info is on the page I linked.
  7. You should see it exactly the other way around, you are bringing more life to the forum Cheers for all your hard work!
  8. Isnigu

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Reporting great trade with @Rogue Dakotan
  9. Isnigu

    How does Return to Hoth hold up now?

    Depends, will you play enough campaign to finish all the other stuff? If so, more content is definatly worth it. It's not AS good as the new stuff, but its still good.
  10. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/90/04/90043209-2713-4c03-b327-81dad09f60ae/swi_faq_v30.pdf Page 2 of the FAQ. Edit: ah nvm, that was the original cards.
  11. Isnigu

    Next expansion?

    This is true...
  12. All of the fixes were attendance prizes iirc, no chance involved. But why are you still beating a dead horse?
  13. Isnigu

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    If it helps, command deck selection becomes easier with a bit of practise. Lots of cards are auto includes in most lists if you have them, such as element of surprise, take initiative etc. Then in the beginning before you get a lot of cards, using the character specific cards (like the son of skywalker you mentioned) can make it easier on you aswell. Note that these generally dont result in the most competitive of decks, but then again that isn't what you are shooting for (yet) anyway. Then if you have a certain theme going in your squads, like troopers or hunters, you can include the cards that require those traits. Once again, won't be the most competitive if you just add those, but it is quick and easy, and generally results in a fairly equal deck if you have to build for two. Then to finish it off there are some decent cards that you get two off that work in any deck, like planning, or the +1 movement card and urgency. Once you identify those cards, you can use them as baseline for all the decks, so you dont have to make too many decisions when you build a new one. Once you have a bit of practice with the deckbuilding and/or you expand your collection a bit, you can start messign with the command deck for real, but untill then these simple guidelines should suit you just fine, especially if you use them for both players.
  14. They are also absolutely murdered by blue square movement.
  15. I think what you are trying to say and what you are actually saying are two different things. But to go back to it: no, I do not agree at all that the solution they went for (releasing fixed promo, releasing new stock with fixed cards, and making cards available to print for yourself) was in any way faulty. I would even say that they went above and beyond what would be expected of a gaming company in fixing it. Even better, I bet that if you contact their support and said your cards are faulty they would even send you the new fixed ones for free, since that's what they tend to do whenever there is an issue with anything. In short: don't make a big splatter over nothing.