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  1. Isnigu

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    The German Dewback Rider also lacked that line. But German promo cards in general have a lot of mistakes. R2-d2 has the campaign symbol, and Han gains a Dodge for every block, to name two.
  2. Isnigu

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    It's obvious, they finally wanted to see a Jabba use his "bully"ability. Very nice card!
  3. Isnigu

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    Yeah it annoyed me aswell, especially since I dont have a sleeve that fits it.
  4. Isnigu

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    First thought when reading most of these: "meh".
  5. Isnigu

    Gencon North America championship

    Any chance of a repost or recap here?
  6. Isnigu

    Gencon North America championship

    Does anyone have the top 8 lists by any chance?
  7. Isnigu

    Gencon North America championship

    You can never resolve it to everyone's liking. But as long as effort is seen to be made, and not just hoping that ignoring the problem will make it go away. It's the same with the news department: we'd rather have a "we are working on something, could be a while but it's not forgotten" than complete silence for ages, making people post the "is IA dead" topics that help no-one.
  8. Isnigu

    Gencon North America championship

    `Ranting and posting over and over? It's only being discussed in this topic, which is specifically about the tournament. Solutions to the problem are easy, TO checks the lists. No need for discussion there either. The argument that "several people stood and watched" is irrelevant. Millions watch racing, you expect those to see that an engine has illegal mods? No, you expect the people that checked it beforehand (which they apparantly did with the command decks aswell) to have done a proper job. Why keep talking about it? Since it's not the first time a high level FFG tournament had someone cheating, without any consequences. X-wing had the same happen, and the guy got off with a warning (note, this was intentional dial altering, which goes quite a bit further than the list error here.) If people keep letting stuff like that slide "to better the game" you in fact achieve the exact opposite: people perceive the tournaments done by FFG to be moderated poorly, so it pays to take a chance on cheating. And yeah, have him mail the prizes back. Why not? Send him an envelop with a stamp on it for all I care. Incase you did not notice, that stuff goes for a lot of money on ebay.
  9. Isnigu

    Gencon North America championship

    I could not disagree with this post more. Intentional or not does not come into the equation of how to handle the illegal list. Not legal list = your wins do not count = you do not walk away with second place. Regardless of when it is found out. Imagine sports letting people keep titles and winnings after being found out to be using illegal modifications... As to people should accept the outcome: why? It is not their job to make sure lists are legal. I have better fish to fry to make sure I stay focussed after a day long of gaming.
  10. I don't think you have to reinvent the wheel here. X-wing has a few out of the box overlays for streams as far as I know. Would be easier to adapt one of those than redo everything from scratch. Might not be a 100% fit, but if it means more content due to lower time requirement that would be a plus.
  11. Isnigu


    That's some kickass cards. I am very excited about "Doubt" in particular.
  12. Isnigu

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    It's actually one of my least favourite. Can't argue about taste
  13. Isnigu

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Even though the timing is odd to say the least, the map itself looks very interesting. Lots of nice corner work and cross shots possible.
  14. Bantha is still loads of fun, just not very competitive at the moment. Just need swamps to go
  15. Isnigu

    Could this group work?

    Nah, stormtroopers/hired guns will have a hard time wounding heroes with MHD around. Don't be too hung up on the OP heroes. Esp if the IP doesn't take the most OP deck either.