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  1. Isnigu

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Just removing either the +1 dam or +1 block would do it I think. Removing the +1 dam would make it less OP in the hands of pro's, while removing the +1 block would make it easier to tackle for newer players I feel.
  2. Yeah Jawa map was one of the better ones. I do think Lothal will be good to have in rotation to tone down SC a bit.
  3. Isnigu

    How rampant is cheating on the crucible?

    First thing I do after starting a game is looking up opponents deck so I know what sort of shenanigans I can expect, same as looking over the deck card at a tournament. It's not that weird that he would be able to know already. What baffles me how the guy thinks that deck would be cheating. I mean, who on earth would voluntarily add a Dexter to a cheat deck? (not to mention not have a bait and switch in shadows.)
  4. The new rotation is finally live. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/97/34/97349cce-5abc-45c1-9a45-236c07b572e9/swi_tournament_regulations_v33_text_version.pdf Starting February 4th, the legal maps—and their accompanying missions— for the season are: Uscru Entertainment District, Tarkin Initiative Labs, and Lothal Wastes.
  5. We do (Germany), where are you located?
  6. Isnigu

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Also, are handheld QR scanners supported? The kind you would see in a store as barcode scanner generally. Is it possible to link those to the program?
  7. Isnigu

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Is it possible to add a test /offline trial tournament modus, so you can see how everything works/make sure you can scan the QR-codes properly before having to do everything live? Would reduce a lot of stress on the TO since they don't have to worry about any of that on the day itself, and can familiarize themselves with the program without having to be afraid of fuxing something up.
  8. Isnigu

    Looks promising!

    Hoth app campaign is now live on android.
  9. Update your Legends of the Alliance app and you will have the new Hoth Campaign as an option.
  10. Isnigu

    Best expansion to buy for skirmishers

    Since OP asked for bix box, not just box, that would be Hoth, Jabba and HotE. He already has Jabba. And the choice for skirmish between Hoth and HotE is easily made.
  11. Isnigu

    Best expansion to buy for skirmishers

    Heart of the Empire
  12. Isnigu

    Updated Competitive Play Results

    Results for the Ilsede, Germany regionals: 1 Spectre motivation 2 Spectre motivation 3 Han Sabine eRangers 4 Han rRangers eSaboteurs 5 Palp Thrawn Terro dewback eDeath rDeath Officer Rule by Fear 6 Spectre doubt 7 ig hondo eWeequai HK Jabba 8 Han Sabine eRangers
  13. Isnigu

    New tournament kits?

    We have a standing agreement at our FLGS to order any and all tournament kits for all star wars game systems. We never received/had a chance to order the GNK that included the vader upgrade/sentry droid promos, but received the kit with Chewie upgrade/jawa's just this week, together with the regionals kits.
  14. Isnigu

    Worlds Waitlist

    The way this is handled is basically "How to ruin your reputation and customer faith 101".