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  1. Between Attributes and Skills, which one should I spend the most on during character creation. I ask because in some games, after character generation, attributes are a bummer to raise while skills are easy. In others, it's the opposite.How's this one?
  2. We'll be playing the EotE Starter Set progressing into the "main" game. At least, that's my understanding. Any other player-side tips from anyone?
  3. I'm finally going to be playing in a game instead of running one. This Saturday at Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, they're running a "demo" game in hopes of starting up a group.This game has been out a while and I played it about... oh... 5 years ago or so (?). As such, I know the dice system and like it. However, I was wondering how those who play it like it. Anything I should look out for? Be aware of? Etc. What warts have reared their ugly heads?Have to admit I'm super stoked to be able to PLAY a game instead of RUN it.
  4. Oh, well. Thanks for answering!
  5. Quick question: If you purchase the Hard Copy through FFG, does it come with the PDF? Thanks for your patience if this a frequent question.
  6. I've seen mentioned a couple of times something called the Rules Upgrade that came with the GM Kit or something? Is it the 4 page thingy? What does it do to the game? Does anyone know where I can download a pdf copy of it to get a gander at it?
  7. Ack! Just slightly too far away! Hope you get a great group together.
  8. ArtWend

    I have a LASER

    Don't worry, Zilvar. I'm one of the few people I know who really digs Comic Sans. Heh.
  9. I know this is looking a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, but would you be willing to format a Portrait Version for a GM Notebook? Because this a darn cool!
  10. My google-fu is weak. Has anyone heard anything else on this one?
  11. I tended to use both the times that I played Star Wars: "Purple Difficulty," etc. Which made it both easy to find and easy to remember why it was there.
  12. Ok. 1) I like the magic system and think it's pretty nifty. 2) I believe that FFG didn't include a more fleshed out magic system, because this book is a toolkit. And a more "fleshed out" magic system instead of an instruction manual on how to make magic systems would have made it less generic and, possibly, have left me with a magic system that I'd have to completely redo. So... your con is my pro.
  13. It isn't. But, while they are both generic roleplaying games, that is really were the similarity ends. Both have completely different dice mechanics, character options and builds, etc., etc. One is NOT a substitute for the other as they both lead to very different gaming experiences. The dice mechanics for GURPS is more on a continuum of No, and... No,... Yes,... Yes, and. While the GENESYS dice mechanic is along the lines of No, and... No, but..., No..., Yes..., Yes, but..., Yes, and. However the sheer plethora of detail that can be ground out with GURPS is staggeringly awesome, which I think would be painful to do in GENESYS until there are more source/world books out in the wild. I like GURPS and would never think of replacing it with GENESYS; I like GENESYS, but would never contemplate replacing it with GURPS. So, it's not a case so much of which system is better and more adaptable, so much as what flavor of experience am I looking for.
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  15. Sheesh. Lighten up, Francis. But you've gone and given us a prime example on how it is just less painful to say nothing than to say anything. Guess since I'm gonna get bitten for being a positive, upbeat kinda guy, I'll just take my leave from the board for a few weeks.
  16. Money wise, absolutely. Time wise, not so much. That writing takes time away from other projects. Question is if the ROI on Blogs is worth it.
  17. I'm keeping my expectations minimal: an answer here and there like when I emailed them and Sam gave me an answer. Maybe a blog post here and there. I don't expect any product announcement, because, as Lordannoyed so rightly pointed out: if a date is stated and they don't make it, there is almost more uproar over that than just not announcing things. Plus I'm up to my elbows in making my Six-Guns and Sorcery world. (And, yes, I know that R. Talsorian Games already has a game called Six-Guns and Sorcery, but I didn't know that before I thought it was cool sounding! So THERE! )
  18. Hopefully, that'll pick up once the holidays are over and they're back from vacation.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/471363083223703/
  20. Here's my more refined thoughts. I'm absolutely positive that there will be others who won't agree. But I thought that since I now have an idea where others are coming from, it was only polite to do the same myself. Genesys Core is a hamburger. It's got the meat and buns, but it's lacking all the special sauces, lettuce, tomato, etc. Some people will say that it's not a hamburger because it's lacking those ingredients. But it still a hamburger. A bland hamburger, perhaps. Luckily, it tells you how to make the special sauces and grow the lettuce, tomato, etc.I did a small, completely unscientific experiment and ran a very simple Fantasy Adventure for two players (granted it was using Discord, but hey. It is what it is.) just using what is in the book and not house-ruling or adding things in. We were able to run the adventure in which a Wizard and Fighter braved an Orc encampment to defeat the evil wizard and rescue the farmer's son. Seems like a complete game to me, but my definition, as has been pointed out to me, is fairly loosey goosey. It is, however, very shallow in the pre-made options department and does not come with any real in-depth scenarios or worlds. It would and does benefit from more work from the GM. But everything needed to play is in there. It just won't be very deep. And that's why I think some people view it as a complete system and not a complete game. That's where the settings/expansion books will come into play, I figure.
  21. Absolutely not! I didn't take them that way at all. I was just making a comment more or less in a vacuum, but not completely.
  22. Myself, I hope they're hanging with family and friends for the Holidays. Work will be there when they get back.
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