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  1. Well, we've played using those lists and... it was a blast! Thanks to you there will be an Armada scene in my city because the friends I was showing game to loved it and they have more friends interested and so on. I already bought another imp squadron box, Raider-Class Corvette, Imperial-Class Star Destroyer and rogues and villains set. My next purchase will be Home One and most likely MC30 frig so I can start playing around with the lists for people to enjoy as they build up their own collections. Already super-pumped for Boba Fett as he seems to be great both against squadrons and capital ships. But yeah, I just wanted you to know that your help is really appreciated and that thanks to you there's going to be another Armada community growing. *thumb up*
  2. I like the idea but have three concerns. R3-A2 stresses you - Ello wants to stay unstressed to keep that "where the **** did that fighter go?" Talon Roll available. Weapon Guidance always seems a bit of a let-down - I think the problem is that a T-70 has enough dice that the odds of getting a blank and not getting a focus is relatively low; especially since Blue Ace is likely to be using Boost with a will anyway, so may well not have focus a lot of the time. Integrated Astromech or Autothrusters are just so **** good that a T-70 should always have one or the other. If I was making a T-70 List, I'd do something similar. Actually - trying to make a list without Poe: Ello Asty - R5-X3, Autothrusters Red Ace - R2-D2, Autothrusters, Comms Relay Blue Ace - BB-8, Integrated Astromech Oh, I just forgot to mention Integrated Astromech because it's pretty much mandatory. What I disagree with, though, is stressing Asty. You say he doesn't want to get stressed and that's only partially true - that effect is a good way to give your squad opportunities. That astromech basically gives you a chance to turn his white turn into regular turn but with additional effect on the enemy should the situation call for such action. As for WG... Blue Ace has fairly low PS, so I wanted to emphasize on giving him the chance of dishing out reliable damage to gain some target saturation. If the opponent gets the chance to arc dodge him/get into R3, I want him to get the chance to do maximum damage either way. Otherwise he'd be giving too much of a filler vibe and now he seems to be decent on his own, despite low PS.
  3. Oh man, you have no idea how helpful you are! I love both lists as they contain all I was hoping to field after seeing the cards. I already bought a second VSD, although I still need one more fighter pack. Not too happy about how FFG decided to do those, because if I don't field named pilots I have dead weight models because I can't field them otherwise. I think it's FFG's little bad decisions like this that made Armada's impact on the market so small and give players the company's red headed stepchild vibe...
  4. Fair enough. And thanks again, you're lots of help already. As for imperial side... I was thinking about getting a Vic anyway. Non-Demolisher Gladiators don't seem that appealing to me, so there's very little choice I have. And I like the way VSD looks and plays!
  5. Oh man, that was a quick and helpful reply! Cheers a lot! I don't mind buying a second AF if it would make it better, I love the design of those adorable space whales and I am more inclined towards large ships, so it'd suit my playstyle. What about objectives for either? Is there something those lists would excel at? Sorry for asking about so many things, but I want to understand the most about it so I can better understand and teach the game to people who will most likely ask me about just as much stuff.
  6. Hello! So I've bought into the game when it came out and... basically had no time/opportunity to play it, because my local wargaming community focused on other games, mostly X-Wing... but recently some people expressed their interest in trying the game because there's literally no macro-ish scale game popular in the area. And they've asked me to do some demo games so they can find out if they like it! But there's an issue... I have only played about two intro games with just the core set and I know they wouldn't like it. When they hear "Armada" they expect more than 2-3 ships squaring it off, it just lacks the oomph and I really understand that - I also hoped for the game to be played at bigger scale, so I expanded my collection a little. Right now what I have is: Core Set Gladiator Assault Frigate Additional Nebulon B Imp squadron pack Reb squadron pack Do you think that it could be used to field two fairly balanced forces for demo games? I can purchase more ships if it would make for more fun/cooler lists although I don't want to have more than two of anything as I don't like spammy lists. Frankly, I don't know what the point brackets are in Armada, but if the game is going to take roots, I'm sure we'll be aiming at higher ones. I know I'll want to buy an ISD for sure! I'm sorry if the thread sounds too much like "make a list for me because I am lazy!" but the truth is that I have no idea how to do it - after X-Wing all those objective cards, commanders and whatnots are slightly mind-boggling when I don't even know how the ships play and what to put emphasis on!
  7. In my opinion BB-8 is great on lower skill pilots and... T-65's. At least it gives them the delusion of being even a little bit maneuverable with more options at hand. But yeah, I think it works really well on Blue Ace due to his lower skill, so you can use his nice dial to even pull stuff like doing bank right and then do BB-roll to make a nice sidestep your opponent might not expect. Or even do the 135 degree maneuver with BB-roll on a 1-bank and then boost using a hard turn template thanks to his ability while barely moving from the spot! I agree that it's situational, but it's one of those situational things that can win you the game when used in the right moment.
  8. I always try to consider other points even if I don't agree... and I really see how it might be a problem for some, I mean... I started playing X-Wing a year ago and I was overwhelmed at first. I believe that if I didn't have guidance of a friend already in the game I'd have a really hard time figuring out all the upgrades, out-of-faction purchases and stuff like that. And the game only grew bigger. It's like getting into Magic: The Gathering without someone to guide you, although on a much smaller scale. I also understand the point about the inevitable optimization archetypes. Yes, it is inevitable - it's obvious that some combos will be better than others and it's only natural, that's how the world works and if you want to play competitively you're most likely to take the best combo (or the one you can beat it with because it's a meta breaker). But then look at X-Wing in it's current state. There are -very- few outright bad ships and they get fixed with future releases should they fall too far behind. The rest has it's uses and, hell, look at how many lists are playable! Look how many various lists make it to the worlds, how many different lists take tops in regionals! As the game is now, it's still opportunities and you can basically run anything you want and have more or less fun, as it's still more skill-based rather than solely focusing on the ships. I will take me as an example. I am a hopeless plastic crack addict and miniature collector. I collect all 3 (5 soon?!) factions and recently wanted to experiment with various lists based on totally different principles as before that I've been running either RAC + Soontir or autoceptors. So I grabbed a Raider, dusted my Advs and ran a Vader-Juno-Stele list. It was a blast - it plays totally different than autoceptors, it puts emphasis on totally different aspects, it's just... totally different. Then I played Palpatine + autoceptors. Then Palpatine + Whisper and Juno (I believe). Then Palpatine + Vader and Juno. Same archetype, right? 2 aces + palpshuttle. And yet all play... yes, you guessed it right, totally different! Each ship thanks to it's maneuvers, strengths and weaknesses really stands out, so even in those "limited meta archetypes" you get a lot of flexibility. But I didn't stop there, I thought that maybe I was just biased towards imperial side and maybe Rebs suffered from the issue... and yeah, there's little difference between BBBB and BBBBZ, although FCS changes the way you fly your cows. And then there's Falcon. And Dash. They play quite differently. They can play together, they can play solo, supported by... yes, exactly - mini-swarm of Z's, Dagger Squads, aces (Corran? Poe?), TLT's... and there's the TLT itself - it also either spams itself or supports other lists with reliable damage. Funnily enough the only side that seems to be limited in it's choices... is Scums. And it's literally because they have fewest options available for them, so they are somewhat forced to optimize at the cost of variety, although it'll change with next wave. With all those big ships (from which each plays different) we'll have options to have so many different lists you will never get bored. You can pair the bounty hunters with each other, support them with other ships, give them Z swarm retinue, wingmen... Despite some claims and glaring examples like T-65 the game is one of most balanced and while the worlds tournament meta will always be fairly narrow because those players go for top 10 absolutely optimized lists you can still play -very- competitively a couple dozen games of X-Wing with a new list each time. So yeah, the claim of overbloated game may be true once they start releasing more stuff that doesn't change anything and/or is useless, but as it is now it only makes the game a richer experience.
  9. That's quite a heated dispute I started. And I see there are voices both for and against those ships, so I guess it confirms that they aren't outright useless! They seem to be more difficult but more rewarding with their roles as blockers and helpers, the point about top Worlds players using them is a good one, they would know what to fly and apparently are capable of utilizing them to win even against enemies that put those points into maximizing pure damage output. Reminds me of that one game when a friend of mine got his Falcon cornered into an asteroid by four bumper academy TIEs and there was Oicunn behind him, stunlocking him in that spot and ramming repeatedly for 4 turns.
  10. But Vader has something much, much better than 3 reds! With ATC it's like 3 reds with at least one crit guaranteed! You should see the hilarity of running ATC on Vader, Juno and Stele or Colzet, that's a crippling critfest!
  11. Recently I've seen one friend of mine run Calrissian and in his hands (Chewie + Dash) he seemed to be much more useful than C-3PO. It might be because my meta doesn't contain that many attrition lists like B spam (yet), but overall a chance for 2 results, no matter what combination is really useful.
  12. So! I have read a nice article on one of X-Wing related blogs about Z-95's and their usefulness and then I thought about what recently has become a staple - all top tier pilots (including ships they fly) have at least 3 modified red dice or their equivalent. Not JUST 3 red dice, they also modify them. We have Soontir that gets free focus, we have all the gunners, HLCs, ATC Advanced x1, now it's the inquisitor with wave 8 that is going to always have 3 dice and enemy won't get range 3 bonus. How do the 2 red ships fare now? Seeing how half the meta is focused on countering the threat of 3 red (autothrusters, C-3PO, Calrissian, stealth device) with either superior defense or enough hp to shrug them off the smaller caliber guns seem to be in a really bad position right now. What do you guys think?
  13. After seeing the movie I'm all up for T-70-centric lists, but I feel that the Dagger sticks out like a sore thumb in this list with it's dial and overall clumsiness. I really believe that B-wings should be kept either in B-spam lists or as some unusual retinue for PWT ships for ridiculous punch. Also with the low PS you might have big problems with arc dodgers... Here's what I came up going for similar theme: "Blue Ace" (27) BB-8 (2) Weapons Guidance (2) Poe Dameron (31) Veteran Instincts (1) R5-P9 (3) Ello Asty (30) Veteran Instincts (1) R3-A2 (2) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Three T-70's, between their dials, abilities and astromechs they all have a fine set of maneuvers and actions to play, they all manage to pack a punch and with 1 point bid you're likely to roll it off for PS9 and have the advantage of PS10. Only Blue Ace seems to be a bit low on skill, but he makes it up with superior blocking and dodging abilities if you decide that you don't want him to be present in this exchange of fire. And he'd be good at chasing the target stressed by Asty's astromech. I know that's not the most competitive list as even the ships aren't really top tier, let alone those builds, but in skilled hands it could make for a nice, annoying list that will drive your opponent crazy!
  14. I'd say give them 2 die to simulate the fact that it should be extremely hard to hit something with their almost-turbolaser grade heavy cannons mounted on the head, but then add a rule that all hits count as crits and crits as two crits. Or something like that. I can't imagine a TIE fighter getting hit by it and not getting utterly devastated, so up to 4 crits per shot would make sense to me - either pop a light vehicle or seriously damage heavier ones (with a chance of 4 direct hits!). Maybe add a secondary shot at the same target the way Ghost works from the lighter armaments.
  15. Do you mean...Captain Weekend? (seriously, watch the video with Closed Caption enabled. It is HILARIOUS! "Captain Weekend" makes his debut at 1 minute 3 seconds) Blue sweater beatings killed me. As for the topic... I disagree. There might be a confusion between non-meta lists and meta-breakers, but usually the meta shifts over to the most efficient ships. You say that good flying trumps meta... that's cute - I'd love to see someone beat an equally skilled opponent with four X-Wings when he fields, say, Dash and Chewie without relying on dice miracles. It's funny, because people are ready to admit that there are ships weaker than others, but they refuse to believe that a weaker list is... weaker than others? Yes, flying does a lot, but there is a difference between using the best thing to it's full potential and flying against your ship's terrible maneuvers as if in spite. Not sure if I managed to express my point clearly, as english is not my main language, but in my opinion a player will get better performance with, well... better ships than he would with weaker ones. Of course if he is skilled enough to figure them out. It might take a moment to get used to new list, but if it's better, you'll notice it after a couple games as you get the grasp of how it works.
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