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  1. My buddies and I played the first 5 missions of the game the other day and we came across a situation. Aragorn attacks an Orc Hunter and then discards Lead the Charge to gain an inspiration and let another nearby hero attack. The question that came up is this, does the Orc Hunter get to counterattack Aragorn before the 2nd attack comes in from the nearby hero, or does the 2nd attack come in immediately after Aragorn's attack and interrupt the counterattack from the enemy? I am assuming that you resolve Aragorn's attack as normal, take the counterattack from the enemy, then the nearby hero gets to attack and would also take a counterattack if the enemy was elite.
  2. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I couldn't find Crack Shot in any of the Core set unboxing videos I saw, and I can't find any lists showing exactly what's in there.
  3. Interesting! I didn't see them listed in the video. I guess that's good for 1.0 veterans, doesn't solve the issue for new to 2.0 players unless I missed Crack Shot in the core set too? I'll have to doublecheck.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that Crack Shot is not in the core sets and only in the Tie expansions? It's also in the Scum and Rebel conversion kits but not the Imperial conversion kit. I'm new to the game and I was planning to get 2 core sets and one tie advanced to start my Imperial list. The demo games all seem to have Crack Shot on all of the Tie fighters except the advanced. I guess this means I'd have to buy 4 Tie expansions to get the Crack Shots?
  5. Today's video is game 2 of a possible 5 in the first round matchup of the Content Creator Showdown between Starkiller Base and Rebel Grey. This time we have Qui-gon/Kanan vs Jabba/Dooku. Who will win? Tune in to find out!
  6. Today's video is the first game from the Content Creator Showdown match of Starkiller Base vs Rebel Grey. For more information on the Content Creator Showdown, check out the article on The Hyperloops' website below: https://www.thehyperloops.com/content-creator-showdown/
  7. Today's video is our continuation of the EaW Card Analysis series. Come join Austin and John for a review of the Red Hero cards in the set!
  8. Today's video is game 3 of my games with Mat Cousineau from The Chance Cube. This one is Cad Phasma vs Sabine Poe, which gunslinger will reign supreme? P.S. I do apologize, Mat's audio is rather quiet in this game and I could not fix it in editing. Next time we'll record separate audio so the volumes are regulated like most videos on the channel.
  9. Today's video is game 2 vs Matt Cousineau, villain vehicles vs hero vehicles! Who will win?
  10. Today's video marks the start of a new series where we play games on Tabletop Simulator. Join myself and Mat Cousineau from The Chance Cube for the first of three games using experimental decks. I'm hoping to see some EaW tournaments locally soon so I can get some more live games for the channel, but in the meantime this is the next best thing Let me know what you think!
  11. Today's video marks the start of a new series, the EaW Card Analysis series! Come join Austin and I while we look through the red villain cards from the set
  12. Today's video is an Empire At War Unboxing video. I've opened 4 boxes in total, and in this video you can watch me unbox one and do some quick card analysis of what I get. The contents of the other 3 boxes are displayed at the end of the video. Enjoy!
  13. Today's video is the 2nd half of our card analysis for the 2-Player Game box. Come see what we think about the Hero deck!
  14. In today's video we do some card analysis for the Villain deck from the Destiny 2 Player Game!
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