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  1. I'll admit, I didn't watch too much of your match, but from what I saw there were pretty even numbers going through the control room and the central area. What you're saying does make sense, though: we play dice games, and if you can't get the dice to behave, then you're screwed. That is why I love Luke, and I need to remember to keep him near my Sabs.
  2. Huh. Actually go Sab spam, and replace Jyn with another squad of regular Sabs? Interesting. I have to admit, I really like the ability to Hair Trigger and control someone's activation (parking her near an unactivated officer is hilarious). But I've also seen firsthand (and used myself) the ability to block her LOS to unactivated figures and thus deny that ability.
  3. Here is what I'm seeing from both of those games: you both accepted even fights. Essentially you both allowed the 4x4 to fight 1on1 or 2on2, and the RGs are very likely going to win that fight. How does this idea sound for fighting against the 4x4? Pass or use support actions initially to get their officers to move RGs and start their deployment. When you have to, activate a multifigure group and split that group into two different directions, being careful to keep them more than 6 squares away from an unactivated RG. Once the RGs start committing, go the way fewer of them are, or more likely towards one half. With your much weaker flank, try to stun the RGs or otherwise tie them up while the rest of your list goes to town on the other half. Kill the officers with support characters like Jyn. Keep your large force bunched up, preferably around C-3P0: no gaps that would allow RGs to step into the middle of your group. After you've torn up one flank, you should be able to take care of the second. It's likely that for most games, you'll have to sacrifice an objective. The biggest problem I'd see for this is the Data Heist mission, since that is just sooooo many points. Likely the only solution to that is to sacrifice one figure to tie up one of the terminals for a turn while you go after half the RGs.
  4. I'm split between the list thereisnotry posted and the following: 10 Luke 7 Elite Sabs 7 Elite Sabs 5 Sabs 5 Jyn 3 Gideon 2 C3P0 1 Balance of the Force I tried both out last night, and was not happy with the performance of the Rebel Troopers vs what I could have done with Jyn and the regular Sabs. Plus, with more Sabs, you have a greater opportunity to use Spy/Heavy Weapon command cards. Using the regular Sabs, I skunked my opponent, but to be fair he changed lists as well, and his second list was... suboptimal.
  5. Hey, we are all very grateful for your work, thereisnotry! Looking forward to giving the new figures a run!
  6. Perhaps it is just the people I play, but I almost never see officers attack. When they use their actions to attack, I'm almost always able to kill the guy in the next activation or two.
  7. Interesting. I've played General Weiss and just had him torn down by 2 RGs and a RGC. The stormies were able to put a little hurt on them, but were for the most part busy with the rest of the list. I guess if half the list had to focus on Weiss, the stormtroopers could probably take down the other four RGs and the officers.
  8. Without question, luck has an element to play, like in all dice games. But it isn't going to save you if you're running a poor list and/or playing poorly. I've thrashed players running a particular kind of list, despite them getting some great rolls, just because they couldn't capitalize on those great rolls. I've also played someone else with almost the exact same list and just gotten boot-stomped because I made a few minor errors. Have I had R2D2 win me a game because I rolled something like 5 Dodges? Well, yes. But frankly, I don't think my opponent should have been putting so much effort into R2 when Saboteurs were raining Stuns and damage onto them.
  9. Having been on the other side, I HATE Lure of the Dark Side. I play Focused Rebel Blast, and it is so frustrating to get a Focus on Luke or a Sab, only to have that then unleashed against me. I will regularly end up with Vader getting moved into position by an Officer, then Lure one of my focused guys after shrugging off whatever I throw at him, followed by Brutality. Really despise that card...
  10. I've had no problem with the chat window, but be sure you are carefully reading the dice results. I would regularly miss stuff.
  11. Hey folks, I'm getting ready for Worlds, and the 4x4 is stumping me. I've only played against it once, and while I won (barely) I can see what a brutal list it is. I was playing a Focused Rebel Blast list, and it seems that those are the two basic lists that are on top right now, with the 4x4 having the edge. I've seen the 4x4 beating Rebel Blast topic, and I've experienced it: when the RGs get mixed in amongst the Rebels, they are going to slaughter them and one of the best counters (Blast) is reduced, assuming there are any Saboteurs left to do it. What kind of counters are there? Is there a way to beat the 4x4 without going 4x4 and just taking the mirror match?
  12. Also good points. I've found it harder to kill tanks with the Rebel Blast list, but I can see the Stuns and high damage output of RGs countering the tanks well.
  13. Interesting points. A 4x4 will definitely be able to challenge all of the objectives turn 1. But without the ability to pick them up during the turn, will that make them vulnerable to being picked off piecemeal? I've only played against 4x4 once, but the real problem I faced with it was the concentration of them amongst my Rebels (I play a Focused Rebel Blast list).
  14. I think that JPG is high enough resolution that you can easily print it out.
  15. Both missions are still very movement based, and I don't think either will give a serious edge to either player. With the layout, it is likely both players will score 10 points with Battlefield Engineering, but then it is just up to killing the other side. I can see that favoring Vader or RGC lists. While you can get points more frequently with Drinks and Deals, it is a low amount, and you're likely going to have to either sacrifice attacks or stay put to accomplish that. This again favors Vader or Chewbacca - park the tank in the Cantina and you're going to have to kill him to get the win.
  16. The main thing I've seen about him that makes him better in Skirmish is his command card - an extra Seize Initiative, except he has to activate first. That can be pretty mighty if it is set up right. I'm also interested to see if the "Smuggler Ball" someone recently mentioned may be a good way to use him, but so far I have not put him into my lists. Luke is so much better a choice.
  17. OK, so with Mos Eisley Cantina replacing Moisture Farm, my question is this: the tournament rules state that this change will take place on March 1st. So does that mean Worlds will still use Moisture Farm? And why March 1st? I know the store tournament season is Jan 1-March 31, so different tournaments will use different maps. Kinda weird, IMO. OK, I just noticed that there was no change on the March 1st date: so was that simply overlooked? Is this change effective immediately?
  18. I've just played my first game of IA on Vassal, and I loved it! I'm definitely looking forward to getting some more practice in before Nationals. Anyone else up for it? I'm in California and have some flexibility of play times.
  19. I'm all the Star Wars miniature events: X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault. I'm doing best with Armada, but I'm getting better at Imperial Assault (just haven't had a chance to play in a tournament yet!) and I'm planning a goofy list for X-Wing.
  20. Not bad at all. The amount of pain dealt by the Assault Missiles with Screed is nearly obscene. They don't synergize well with the XI7s, though: if you're using the crit effect to heap extra damage on, you aren't getting the face-ups through the shields that makes the XI7 so good. Personally, I'm just fine with the extra, non-braceable damage. I'd rather cut the XI7s for Yularen, giving you either an offensive reroll with a Concentrate Fire token or an extra activation with a Squadron token from the second list. For the first, I'm not sure how your meta is regarding squadrons (you said light, but there is a lot of wiggle in that) but I'd rather put in more regular TIEs than fewer elite craft for a screen. You aren't counting on them to do anything but keep the squadrons busy while you destroy their cap ships, then you leave the squadrons in the dust. Also, if the meta is light on squadrons, the Flight Controllers in list two are overkill. I'd rather put Gunnery Teams in there: that way when those two bad boys get into close range they can be tearing down two cap ships effectively. I usually run a two cap build: Screed with Victory II kitted out as a carrier and an Insidious titled Gladiator I with Assault Missiles. Then I have 100 points of squadrons around Rhymer, Vader, and Howlrunner. The Gladiator covers the rear of the Victory, which spams Squadron actions to first rip up the opposition's squadrons and then pound on his cap ships. That's worked pretty well, but I'm playing with other builds. I think of the two I like your two Gladiator build, just because piling three ships and usually four to five zones of Assault Missile, Screed-backed black dice is really good at tearing up cap ships. With the short range, you'd need to make sure the targets couldn't get away easily, or take them down in one turn.
  21. Thanks. Let's hope they get here, but with the status currently 'At the Printer', I can't say I'm optimistic.
  22. I'm fortunate in that I am employed in a way that allowed me to navigate the challenging process of registering for Worlds exactly on time, and managed to get into all of the events I wanted. But having a friend who was denied this opportunity because of work and an unfortunate time zone, I can completely understand the frustration. I am a bit of a solutions kind of guy, so here would be my suggestion: - Set a pre-registration window of a couple of weeks or a month, or some other significantly long period of time, where anyone who wants to go can put in a credit card number and a request for the games they want to play, ranked in order of preference. - Set a day to run a lottery for spots at Worlds. Guarantee Regional and National Champions spots, but require them to be pre-registered with everyone else. - Run the lottery, running each lottery according to preference: ie the first round of X-Wing would only be of players for whom X-Wing is their #1 choice. After the first round, run another round for #2 choices, etc. Establish waiting lists for each event based upon these rounds. - Everyone who gets into an event receives an email that gives them a limited amount of time (say 48 hours) to confirm their purchase. If they confirm, then their ticket is purchased and they are in. If there is some kind of problem with their card, this will give them enough time to fix it. If they decide they don't want to come after all (perhaps didn't get into enough games, etc), they can decline the purchase and the tickets go to the first person on the waiting list. - If Regional or National Championships are conducted after the lottery, then if the player already has a ticket the reserved one goes to the first on the waiting list. If they are held before the lottery, then these tickets would already be set aside and the champions would not have to enter the lottery for their game. - If cancelations or other issues come up, the freed tickets again go to the wait list, all the way to the actual event. This accomplishes a number of things: First it gives the widest range of people a chance to play and an equal chance at getting an admission. Second it guarantees that those who are most passionate about a particular system are in each event. Personally, I have a ticket to X-Wing, but do not consider myself to be a World class player of that game, so I am likely taking up a spot of someone who is more interested in (and better qualified for) attending that event. Third, it allows people to know exactly what they will get, and how likely they are to get into sold out events through their place on the wait list, before buying. They can make travel and vacation plans accordingly. I don't think this would be terribly complicated technically: it's the kind of thing computers are excellent at doing. But if someone who knows more about programming has a different idea, please chime in. Thank you for reading, and I'm definitely looking forward to attending Worlds this year and in years to come.
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