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  1. I called the FFG Center, and they said they aren't available yet, but they are apparently working to make them available, with enough for all IA participants to purchase one. I remember last year they had all the Bespin and Endor X-Wing mats out early, so hopefully we will see this too!

  2. In a game I recently played, the question came up about the timing of Element of Surprise and Stealth Tactics.


    I moved Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had been out of LOS, up to attack a Royal Guard. I play Element of Surprise, and my opponent plays Stealth Tactics. I can remove either of the dice, or can I only remove the black die, since the white die was not in the pool when I played Element of Surprise?


    So I conclude that Lando, in most cases is going to be worse than HKs.  Perhaps that doesn't me he's out of Tier 1 play ability but I don't think he's an auto include either.


    I agree that he isn't an auto include. Heck, I think if any figure is an auto include, the game would need work. Such as the earlier problems with RGs and Rebel Sabs...


    I think what makes Lando really good is including him with Luke and the Hide/Stun surge. Those two together give him a serious edge over the HKs, and the Hidden makes him significantly more survivable. Also, including him in the Rebels, which have the easier access to Focusing models, makes him better when running with a Rebel list. He isn't someone who we will be seeing allied into Scum that much, though ironically I think he'd be a perfect two faction model from a background standpoint.

  4. Hello anyone who is in the greater Northern California area! We would love to see you at Fundemonium in Rohnert Park this Saturday, April 23rd for the Imperial Assault Regionals! Registration starts at 10 am and games start at 11 am.


    Please call ahead if you are planning on attending: 707-540-0701


    This will ensure we have enough chairs and tables for everyone, as there are going to be a couple of other events going on in the space.


    The address is:


    579 City Center Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 94928


    Admission is $20, which includes a $5 credit for the snack bar.


    If you have any questions, please call the store or just post here and I'll respond. Thanks!

  5. I was wondering about this when I played Jundland Terror: does the order of the effects matter? I know that when you get MPs outside of an activation they must be immediately used or lost, but the second part, which is joined by an "and" instead of a "then", calls for an interrupt to attack or perform a special action. So does that mean they are both gained at the same time and can be used in either order?

  6. I asked this of the FFG Rules contact:



    What happens when a figure is Stunned while moving through another figure's space? This came up due to Parting Blow; a figure was moving through an occupied space, and when they attempted to exit a Royal Guard played Parting Blow and Stunned the figure. The figure can't voluntarily leave the square nor perform actions while in the occupied square, per my understanding of the rules. We played it that the figure had to go to the nearest unoccupied space, similar to if a Massive figure had occupied their space. In this case the figure had already used its other activation, but if they had not, could they clear the Stun and then spend the rest of their movement points?



    And the answer:


    Yes, if a figure unexpectedly loses the ability to exit a space while in an occupied space, that figure is pushed to the nearest empty space. Its movement points would not be forfeited though, in this case, so if it was able to clear stun, it could still spend any remaining movement points.


    Paul Winchester
    Game Developer
    Fantasy Flight Games


  7. I'm not so sure about the eStormtroopers being worse than eSnowtroopers. They aren't guaranteed a focus off the bat, though the odds are in their favor (just under 2/3rds if no defense). Once they are focused, they actually are just about equal in terms of damage output to eStormies against no defense, such as Banthas. Again Focused, they are better than unfocused eStormies against White dice, and much better against Black dice, WHEN THE REROLL ISN'T ACCOUNTED FOR. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to incorporate the effect of the Squad Training reroll, but I've found that to be mighty. Plus, getting Focused through Vader's Finest or through losses that can be replaced via Reinforcements makes eStormies significantly better.

  8. I didn't know you can't play two of the same command card at the same time until a week or two ago as well, which also means those trooper lists can only reinforce ONCE in a round regardless of having the two cards or recycling with Leia.


    Huh. I'm not really sure about that interpretation. The rules specify you cannot play multiple copies of the same command card at the same time, then goes on to give an example of stacking Accuracy. But what about sequentially? Sure, you can't use Explosive Weaponry to go to Blast 2, but Reinforcements played twice, particularly on two different groups, doesn't have the same stacking effect. That should be clarified.

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