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  1. I called the FFG Center, and they said they aren't available yet, but they are apparently working to make them available, with enough for all IA participants to purchase one. I remember last year they had all the Bespin and Endor X-Wing mats out early, so hopefully we will see this too!
  2. Greater San Francisco Bay Area: Friday evening: Eudemonia - Berkeley Saturday: Gator Games - San Mateo Outflank Games - Fairfield - https://www.facebook.com/events/1786395308311672/ I'll be attending the Outflank event.
  3. In a game I recently played, the question came up about the timing of Element of Surprise and Stealth Tactics. I moved Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had been out of LOS, up to attack a Royal Guard. I play Element of Surprise, and my opponent plays Stealth Tactics. I can remove either of the dice, or can I only remove the black die, since the white die was not in the pool when I played Element of Surprise?
  4. I agree that he isn't an auto include. Heck, I think if any figure is an auto include, the game would need work. Such as the earlier problems with RGs and Rebel Sabs... I think what makes Lando really good is including him with Luke and the Hide/Stun surge. Those two together give him a serious edge over the HKs, and the Hidden makes him significantly more survivable. Also, including him in the Rebels, which have the easier access to Focusing models, makes him better when running with a Rebel list. He isn't someone who we will be seeing allied into Scum that much, though ironically I think he'd be a perfect two faction model from a background standpoint.
  5. I'm thinking add either Jyn and Mak for 8 points, or Davith and Rebel High Command. I do love Jyn!
  6. I love the Black Market Prices if you're taking high-costed command cards that become useless once a particular model has died. Using it with a Hired Gun or Alliance Smuggler is awesome.
  7. Good info. I'm also just terrible with white dice on Nexues for whatever reason. Always seem to roll blank or 1 block.
  8. Unsullied, how did the Nexu handle Trooper lists? That is one concern I have about them: a low number of attacks vs the swarms.
  9. Has she forgiven you for turning down the ID yet? *8P
  10. Data entry error - I've asked the sysadmin of Mini Ranker to fix it.
  11. Full tournament coverage of the Northern California Regionals, including all lists and results: https://www.facebook.com/events/811133792325073/?active_tab=posts
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