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  1. Hello! I open this topic! 3 months ago, and I've played the same list ever since. I got some good results, but in today's tournament I ended up not knowing what to do against two lists which gave me a dismay. How long should a list be insisted on? I don't know if I continue or leave for another totally different...
  2. I found few official rulers painted on the internet as a reference, so now that I have painted mine I am posting to help those who need inspiration. And Im a noobie for painting, IF someone knows how I can paint the thin white lines perfect show me please!
  3. @JBFancourt @Greebwahn ST-321 does not work on Lambda to do TL, unless you have Krennic to add the slot right?
  4. Yes, now I'm need choose a list to play with for many times...
  5. I am looking for a list with lambda plus 2 aces, I looked for some that have already been used but I did not find anything relevant. I created this as a starting point, but nothing definite, I accepted suggestions! With Jendon the idea is to help the friends to do a TL without they spend their own actions for it. With Ad V1 the range 2-3 would use the Concussion Missiles to roll 3 dice + FCS. The defender already rolls 3 dice so I would use the FCS on it as well. Lamda would be a tank to bother using Perceptive copilot for 2 focus to give an extra survival, and distributing JAMs using ISB if possible. TIE Advanced v1 - •Seventh Sister - 57 •Seventh Sister - Sadistic Interrogator (43) Fire-Control System (2) Concussion Missiles (6) Heightened Perception (3) TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 84 •Rexler Brath - Onyx Leader (81) Fire-Control System (2) Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - •Colonel Jendon - 57 •Colonel Jendon - Darth Vader’s Shuttle Pilot (46) Perceptive Copilot (8) ISB Slicer (3) Total: 198/200
  6. very good! every valuable tip of you all! Thank you for your commitment @gadwag @prauxim @ThinkingB @heychadwick, almost a tutorial for an article hehe.
  7. Mostarda2

    How to improve?

    I'm relatively new to this game, 1 year or so, I see that in my local community, they are almost always the same players who are at the top. Meanwhile me and several others, some already more veterans and other newbies, no matter how long they have played, it seems that very much playing does not improve. In fact, even some beginners who started at 2 months are already ahead of many others. Of course I play for fun first of all, but it starts to be disheartening not to see a spark of hope in one day competing for real and striking head-to-head with the top players. How can I improve? (I can already move without hitting the obstacles) I think my mistakes are in the decisions during the game, like having evaded in the place of focus, or another action that would be better. Besides, I also find it very difficult to predict the opponent and move so that I can always position the ships to give good shots and escape from the enemy range. It seems that some players are already born to play and can already move around and make the right decisions. Anyway, I wanted to know more about techniques, deploys, obstacle positioning, and how to make better moves and action decisions, is there any way to improve this?
  8. Humm, Good to know, I thought only I had problems playing with him. I see he has so many lists, I think I need to train more with him.
  9. How play with Soontir? The two times I played with this similar list he died very fast!
  10. Thank you D. Knight Sevus! Was all I needed!
  11. I bought the FFG sleeves, I use the "table rifle shuffle" http://www.pokerology.com/articles/how-to-shuffle-cards/but with sleeves I cant do it anymore =/
  12. I just bought sleeves Fantasy Flight . The packaging says standard size card game - 63.5 x 88 mm . Before buying I measured my cards , who had this exact size . However , I thought the sleeves were a little loose and has the size of 65 x 90 mm it ​​is correct? how I will shuffle like a pro ?
  13. Ahhh, I reinstall and works! looks pretty good! Its easier to play? How is the gameplay?
  14. Ok, I install, and replace the file pluginpreferences.txt. But where is the Star Wars cards? this only show 3 cards of a knight...
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