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  1. find it hard to believe when FFG is still showing that it's on the boat.
  2. how about the imperials get a Tector class SD and the rebels get Dreadnoughts.
  3. so, for those of you with these beautiful SSD's. have any of your recent games with them reviled any changes to your ship cards ?
  4. so I have been toying with ideas to use my Bandai models from space battleship Yamato but I have hit a snag, any thoughts on how to stat the wave motion gun ?
  5. still figuring this one out myself. I will say this game (like X wing) is addictive. give up any hope of limiting costs at this point until you have played a few games and figure out what your level of enjoyment is. then you can figure it out from there.
  6. so that is quite the piece of work. as for the stats , first thing is ask yourself "does it feel right to you". so at 2x the Impstar II she is under gunned. she is to fast (maybe speed 2 yaw 2 instead). her shields are to week. and according to my figures she is over priced (should be 230 points instead of 260). now having said this I will add that there is "no 1 correct answer" for this. over in the Super Star Destroyer thread there are ship cards for the Inexorable. which I believe is **** close to what she should be. I would suggest you check them out. if it were me I would add 1 red die aft, 2 black dice to each amid ship location and 4 black dice to the bow. I would change the shields to either 5/4/4/3 or 6/5/5/4. if your interested I could post a set of stats that I am toying with for executor but they would be no more correct than anyone else's which brings us back to " does it feel right to you".
  7. so I have the following: 1x MC80 1x Assault Frigate MKII 4x CR90 4x Nebulon B 2x starters worth of X wings 1x rebel fighters so other than the MC30 what else do I need ?
  8. so i currently have the following : 1x ISD 3x VSD 3x GSD 2x Raider 2x starters worth of ties 1x imperial fighters so the question is what else do I need?
  9. with all due respect, while I could see having the ability to fire on the same target from 2 arc's I disagree with most of the rest of your approach partly on the grounds that I have found it is always best to practice the "kiss principle" when ever possible. while I believe your approach would be great for things like huge shipyards or maybe even that round thing that keeps blowing up. It does not feel right to me for this ship. she use's 2 large base's as seen and having sections that you have to activate separately opens the door to arguments and disgruntled casual players.
  10. thank you for your reply. i understand now why you made these choices. i believe your far closer to a balanced ship than i was. as for the price for just the ship, you are just about dead on according to the excel armada ship point calculator i use. according to it the Inexorable I is 305 points and the Inexorable II is 319 points. any thoughts about title cards for her yet ?
  11. i love the Ship Class name. i was working on a ship card for her like the one you have created ( 6 arcs instead of 4) ever since i got a look at Mel's gorgeous creation. i have a couple of questions though. 1​) why did you choose to go with only 1 contain ? ( I was leaning toward 2 brace, 2 redirect & 2 contain myself) 2) what was your reasoning behind only having 2 blue Anti Squadron dice ( I believe that she should/could have 4 Anti Squadron dices do to her shear size) I can't wait to see how she fly's. I may have to dig out my swm SSD to give her a spin. thank you for sharing these!
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