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  1. You will need two core set in order to get full playset of cards. (FFG answer) https://twitter.com/Reaver027/status/760505437980614656
  2. Uff, i hope transalation arrives sooner because if we have to wait edge to do the translation and receive permissions, etc, we can wait it for december :(
  3. Hi guys. sorry if you found some grammar or spell mistakes, it's not my mother language. I already have near all content of descent 2th edition in spanish (my mother language) and i'm wainting right now to lieutenant reimpress for adquire it. RtL gives me the opportunity of play all this content that was taking dust in my shelf because i have a reduced group of players and they prefer coop games. But on release day i notice that companion app was only in english. There are a language configuration tab that will lets change language although is grayed out now. Would be possible to know if FFG is going to translate RtL companion app and when? Thanks.
  4. Ohhh, Only English :( , I hope they translate road to legend to other languages as soon as possible.
  5. Someone knows if the app will be in multilanguage format or only in english? Thanks.
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