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  1. Thanks, Yeah we were actually comparing it to Agasha Swordsmith.
  2. As excperienced MTG players, one would think my friend and I could figure this one out but: Seeker Initiate: "...search the top 5 cards of your conflict deck for a card and add it to your hand. Shuffle." Does the owner look at the top 5 cards and choose any one of those 5 or does he have to look for a specific card. For eg: "I play Seeker Initiate and am going to look for the Hida Kisada card" or does he just pick any one of those 5 and secretly add it to his hand?
  3. With a Light Cruiser is it possible for the Prow Macrobattery to make a joint salvo with the Port/starboard Marcobattery Broadside? If so, wouldn't that be a no-brainer rather than torpedoes on the Prow?
  4. So I am getting this talent or Unshakable Faith. What I want to know is what are the uses of the second part of the talent? may ignore the effects of accumulated Corruption Points when would one use this? can one actually use it when making a Malignancy Test to reduce penalties on the roll?
  5. Im new to the game, but I havent seen any lists themed like this? I was playing around on builder. Being able to give bombers that needed Lock seems very useful to me, but no lists...
  6. Oh thank you, my bad. I re-read the Attack topic in the rule book and see now that Brutality counts as a type of attack and isnt just a damaging attack like choke hold.
  7. Must a figure with brutality have two valid targets to use the ability? I.E. Can Vader hit a single target with his basic attack and then again with Brutality even though there are no other figures in melee range?
  8. Well I thought the Talent would cover all the exceptions. Curious though, how do you treat Two Weapon Wielder in your games as that is also in contradiction to the game rules? I might consider later on to require a reaction to do it, but at this stage I think it is too much of a burden Indeed I meant all the forms of psychic bolts, not just barrages. But by your tone it seems you wouldn't agree with this. Primordial Annihilation is a Full Action so would not qualify under this talent. Well I didnt do an extensive test, but bar Bolt of Tzeench(which is broken and better to Push anyway), I dont really see any Bolts that can surpass a Legion Plasma Gun in damage. Doom Bolt does 1d10+PR (lets say 5 to be fair) pen 8and as an unlimited semi auto. At -10 Power Test as indicated in the talent you might score 3 or so. The Plasma is limited to 2 but thats 1d10+12 Pen 10. Doom Bolt will be 30 Damage on average vs 32 of plasma. This excludes the fact that Weapons can be upgraded and Possessed even and can enjoy Best Craftsmanship. There are also many ways to resist or completely circumvent Psy Powers. You complain of how powerful the combo would be once the psyker carries a force weapon, but you are fine with a psyker being able to dual wield 2 such weapons with one less talent? I dont know why it is popular, but in the world of 40k it is. both in fluff and tabletop. Im not comparing realism with 40k, Im just trying to imitate the setting/world. The issue with this talent is it requires BOTH a Two weapon fighting talent in melee AND range.
  9. So Im a fan of Star Wars fighting styles where a Jedi or Sith would wield a saber in one hand and now and then use a force power as a secondary weapon. I want to create a talent that allows the Psyker to use a power as an off-hand weapon: Psychic Warrior Tier: 3 Prerequisite: Psy Rating 3, Two-Weapon Wielder (melee) The character is so in tune with aggressive warp powers that he can summon a bolt of energy with the point of a finger or flick of a wrist. When armed with a melee weapon in one hand, one he can use single-handedly, and a free hand, he may, after making a Half Action Attack (this can be a Single Attack, a Swift Attack, or a Lightning Attack with a melee weapon), manifest as a Half Action a known Psychic Power that requires no longer than a Half Action to manifest. This Psychic Power must be a Psychic Bolt in nature or the Mind Over Matter Power. The Power may not be manifested at a Push level. Both tests made to attack or manifest suffer a –20 penalty. (The Weapon Skill and Power Test). This Talent does enjoy the benefits of the Ambidextrous Talent. This raises 3 issues: 1)Would you allow such a Talent, if not, why? 2) What would you change? My friend suggested that this talent, when wielded, should count as a Sustained Power, visually depicted by the crackling warp energy surrounding the psyker's free hand. I like this image. 3) On a side note: Isn't the Side Arm Talent a bit expensive considering it is the most popular wielding style in the 40k universe? It requires an additional talent which I fell is uncalled for considering it limits a player to this fighting style already.
  10. How many degrees of success does a player need to rip open a chimera turret hatch? One of my players wants to do it with his Death Guard. The way I see it a strongish human can never do it unassisted, so that means Str 41 should always fail so a roll of 01 would give him 5 successes. So 6 or 7 successes to do it? That's maybe too easy for a marine, Strength 41 base, +20 Power Armour, +2 successes for Unnatural Strength (4). If desperate (which should be the case in such a situation) he can use an infamy point for +10. Means a roll of 31 or 21 right? maybe that is fair. What do you think?
  11. Two fold question: -What causes daemons to go back to the warp? Why wont they hang around and cause utter chaos when they are released from possessing a host or weapon or being summoned in a ritual? Is there some mechanic/rule for how long they can stay? -Is there a mechanic for heretics to prolong a summoned daemons stay? For example they know the unit of Inquisitor Storm Troopers are gonna drop in later today. Is there a way for the players to summon a daemon to face them?
  12. Problem is my players arent the most creative, so I need a quest that will give them direction. They seem to favour a Noise Marine, Plague Marine and Thousand Son. The Noise Marine REALLY wants the Blast Master. Thank you for the all the advise so far.
  13. First time poster, long time reader. Simply put, I have new players that want to play Space Marines only and Archetypes on top of that. I have all the books. I dont have the RL time to write my own module. Which one of the adventures would you prescribe for a party of Archetype level CSMs that enjoy combat?
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