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  1. I'm interested in running something like this -- what would be your flying strategy, from opening to engagement time? I assume you're keeping the Defenders far apart, or far enough to keep a steady Lone Wolf going on Vessery. Why the HU on Rexler, as opposed to another Stealth Device? Or swapping Predator with another Lone Wolf (since they're going to be apart anyways), and then bumping the HU to SU? This list really appeals to me.
  2. I don't see why they need to be so far apart from each other. I like the idea of making different formations due to having them touch, or at least be closer to touching. Sure, it doesn't seem necessarily "natural," but would make more dynamic fields (and make pilot Dash MUCH more effective, I suppose).
  3. Rhymer w/ PTL and Advanced Proton Torpedoes is a pretty painful combo. Range 1-2, you can TL + Focus and send an APT for a minimum of 3 hits, easily plausible to wind up with the full five. Having Carnor Jax along can also mitigate the opponent's token defense (which means folks like Soontir are in trouble -- if, for some reason, they landed in your arc...).. I'm adding an Epsilon Leader to the mix as a Rhymer shadow, just to mitigate the PTL stress. Suspect that will change to 2x Academy Pilots for blocking purposes, but we'll see.
  4. If a FLGS isn't attempting to keep its customers over an online store, in any way, shape, or form, then they miss out on my business. I'm not saying they can slash prices like a non-rent paying online shop can, but they can at least play ball with periodic sales, loyalty discounts, or SOMETHING. I don't have any FLGS near me that at all cater to their customer, beyond having an impressive amount of on-hand stock. Seems to work for them. I personally buy from eBay/MM but am happy to pay tournament fees and the like at the local shop. Similar rule for comic books -- if you've got me coming back weekly to your shop and you can't throw the tiniest of bone, I'm not shopping with you. Period. (My LCS offers 5 or 10% off if you have a Pull List with them. Honestly, the number isn't even important, just that they're trying to somewhat stay competitive). MM's new flat rate shipping really blows any FLGS out of the water (near me). And, while I would be bummed if the stores around me closed, us nerds would find another way to hold tournaments, so it's not enough of a concern for me (and supporting local economy can be done even if the store offers a piddling discount).
  5. That being said, I'm now 100% going to spray paint some Imperial stands when I get home... Any concern for tournament shenanigans if I do so?
  6. Is it even possible for this to happen, if obstacles have to be at least one range increment apart? I imagine, assuming it IS possible with the new, smaller asteroid, that it would still only be one bonus defense die.
  7. Don't know if everyone has read it yet or not, but the new FAQ (published today, 9/16) confirms that Darth Vader is eligible for the X1 title. It doesn't mention the Inquisitor just yet.
  8. Well that was an extra 5 points for nothing. I hope he didn't try using that second gunner. As for the onsie-hoodie thing, clearly he was taking "fly casual" to a new level. His opening line was, "I know the second gunner doesn't do anything. It's a Wookie party." ... This was the second round of the tournament, so it's possible he found out a bit too late to make the change, but he played it off well enough. And the Wookie outfit almost makes me want to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Well, I don't expect anyone to have any interest for this, but, due to an incomplete eBay auction (overall good auction, just one slip up), I've wound of with the following: A TIE Defender ship model, with no dial (or cards, but I already have another Defender, so no issue there). A TIE Advanced dial, with no model (but cards, which I also already had, but oh well). ... So if anyone for some reason has a spare Defender Dial or Advanced Model, hit me up!
  10. I haven't looked at it, but what is the Inquisitor's ship called on the card? TIE Advanced Prototype or some such, right? Wouldn't that still function for the title upgrade? I had a similar thought to the OP when rifling through my Advanced pilots the other day. EDIT: Just checked and I assume the fact that "Advanced" is abbreviated on the Inquisitor's ship is probably going to be the "block" for the title.
  11. Ironically, I think they need to have more defined rules before they can count you out for being "too hardcore." If they don't give you a series or restrictions or limitations (or even pointers), then it's on them.
  12. Played my first ever tournament (and first four matches, for that matter), and either played against people who took advantage of me not knowing certain rules or, possibly, didn't know the rules themselves. Highlights were being told that you have to determine if you are decloaking or not before ANY maneuver dials are revealed (my mistake for not reading the rules better to call BS on that) and being told that criticals were cancelled before regular hits (I was 80% certain that I had read the opposite but, as a new player and new to the local community, didn't want to push my luck). I don't think either situation cost me the game, though the first was close (I won by 1 point after a time out).
  13. I believe there was wording that you can only spend a target lock when you're attacking the targeted ship. Otherwise, you're not allowed to simply "spend" the token.
  14. I did not realize you could SLAM into another ship. This. Changes. Everything.
  15. Playing someone in a tourney this weekend who ran Chewie with two gunners. When I asked why, he said, "Wookie party!." ... He was wearing a onesie Chewie hoodie-thing. So... Worst part is, I lost pretty badly, and mostly because I couldn't dodge the one useful gunner :/
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