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  1. How wonderful that it has worked out for you. I hope you continue to fly true and enjoy your time with the build. ... Better?
  2. ... Based on the text of your post, you've already done the research and reached your conclusion. Any answers beyond that are RAI and "FAQ incoming," I suppose. Edit: Our local TO group is putting together their own mini-FAQ for folks going to events. They're siding on them needing to be clustered. I don't believe they have any specific text they're referencing, but have taken a, "RAI" as best as possible stance, when answering questions FFG hasn't cleared up yet.
  3. Tournament practice is valid. So is not wanting to use to the new shiny while you're still using/planned on using only the legal stuff. Even playing casually, I'd still want to win.
  4. You must have missed the meta where PS 11 Vaders had to have 3 to 4 point initiative bids or almost auto-lose the mirror.
  5. How are casual nights scheduled? Is there a running FB group? I'd be clear there that you're looking for practice based on the current Store Championship meta -- practicing against unreleased cards is a disservice to you, at that point. Otherwise, just assume folks are always trying to the new shiny and prepare for that. At worst, you'll get a jump on the upcoming meta, which isn't such a bad thing.
  6. Bonus for Primed Thrusters -- you're not crippled by other stress giving options that are currently in the meta. Assaj is likely still going to be on tables, and Rebel Junkyards have some stressful variants. Comm Relay w/ BB-8 variants do NOT like stress. The Artoo variants have the same relationship with stress every standard ship has. One is manageable, two is a bad time.
  7. Best be bringing the initiative bid.
  8. (And Virago, in there somewhere, so you can grab Advanced Sensors - apologies for splitting hairs.)
  9. Footnotes added to quote text above. 1. Where in the rules does it say you can't choose zero? 2. How, exactly? Please feel free to share reference images or copied text, if that saves time. 3. What? 4. Yes, you rerolled zero dice. If they required you to roll a number higher than zero, they would have used the wording on C-3PO. Otherwise, zero is a legal target, and the game logic does not care about the physical logic you're suggesting. EDIT: From the FAQ, under Spending Tokens - "When attacking, players may spend target locks and choose to reroll 0 attack dice." Keyword there is that you are allowed to reroll zero dice. Therefore, X-Wing considers you to have rerolled dice, so game effects looking for rerolling trigger.
  10. As I fly Imperial as my primary, I suspect it makes a lot of sense that the regen version is repellent to me.
  11. You'd need Advanced SLAM or Experimental Interface to make that work.
  12. Good call, I got stuck looking for a regular use of an Evade, didn't realize you were talking about an initial one hanging out via Comm Relay.. At worst it's a slightly cheaper Shield Upgrade, with the possibility of being more, especially if you pull out and reset as you suggested. Makes total sense, my bad. Wouldn't take it over BB-8 for a number of reasons though, even so. But you're right, I can see the use more now.
  13. That's not, strictly speaking, accurate. If Poe gets focused down by a clever opponent, or higher PS opponents, at this point, he can get you a whopping zero extra health (or [sort of] get you one, if you're using Comm Relay). There may be some math done to draw up an average amount of bonus health provided, considering optimal or realistic game states, but they don't, by virtue of their inclusion, amount to a darn thing. Edit: Forgot about Comm Relay in parenthetical, adjusted to reflect it.
  14. Correct, it's looking for tokens that come from cards with the bomb upgrade symbol (which is why he works just fine on Cluster Mines). Currently, nothing else drops a "bomb token."
  15. If you're taking the Evade, how are you getting the Focus for Poe's ability? His only action combo here is post maneuver, meaning he's only getting the one token after a boost, and Focus > Evade on Poe. And the title is crazy good with BB-8, because you can shed two target locks, as opposed to the one.
  16. Artoo build sounds kinda like junk, compared to BB-8. You're still restricted to greens, if you're going to regen, but now you're final location is far more predictable, as your only adjustment is a boost after you've moved. And BB-8 Poe still feels like he's got regen to a minor degree, just by picking up Evades alongside his Focus. More so if you have Comm Relay, though Primed Thrusters let's Poe really fly. Artoo and Intensity seems like it misses the point of Intensity. It's less susceptible to stress mechanics, which is pretty solid. But you lose out on ever getting TLs, which means Poe's offense is strangled... And you're not getting Evades, so his defense is also strangled. I'll have to listen to the 'cast and see what where their thoughts were going. Especially since they paired it with a Dash that's more or less leaving Poe on his own by design...
  17. I don't deny that, and apologies if I seem to have taken a THIS WAY OR NO WAY stance! Nym is awesome! I'm going to disagree with you every time if you suggest Genius works better on Reb Nym, though, if it means Sabine isn't present in the list. If Sabine IS present, that's a whole different story. Possibly damage for yourself for guaranteed damage on an enemy? Why, there are whole cards already devoted to that. And this is better, because Sabine would be added to normal damage. Scum Nym can still roll blanks, even if Cad is floating around somewhere. If anyone has seen my posts about OL, I'll happily take damage to my own ships, if I feel there is enough value to it. I've used Vader to great effect on RAC this store championship season... Etc.. Damaging yourself isn't the real problem. Not having Sabine and possibly damaging yourself... Use the slots for something better, gorram it. Even the new droid plays nicer with Nym's Tallon Rolls, if you were going rogue and leaving Sabine behind. My opinions on area control being more valuable than the damage output Scum Nym offers requires consideration for the list build around it. And it's way easier to build around Scum Nym's ability for maximum benefit.
  18. Exactly as I've described, though it's not even one they publish in their mini-FAQs pre-events, as it works with the text on the card. One event had even more things than I realized were an issue (apparently how you place Lt. Dormintz has some debate?), and TS wasn't on there. It requires intentional misreading to function any other way. Apologies if that seems rude to anyone, but it happens a lot on the forum.
  19. Did I say it couldn't work? I even included, "almost always," as opposed to suggesting there is ever one completely correct answer. If you or OP is Nand, go nuts. But I also wouldn't generally recommend the lists Paul Heaver won worlds with, unless you are Paul Heaver or willing to put the same time and effort he does. Many... but not all.
  20. This list above doesn't have Sabine. I am not talking about the ship in a vacuum. If the options are "sometimes effective droid and pretty awesome system slot" or "amaze-balls Sabine," the correct answer almost always Sabine. A Rebel list using bombs and not Sabine is just insulting to the other factions >.<
  21. The FAQ defines a game effect, nothing more. It does not provide any context for Targeting Synchronizer.
  22. They'd have to have worded it more specifically to be preventative, as you're still qualifying for the standard effect, regardless if you qualify for the parenthetical text or not. Also, simply removing "or" in the parenthetical text would have been sufficient if they wanted it to not be optional.
  23. You might actually have better luck with Leebo if you were going with this build. Dash is all about being nimble and being able to use the battlefield in ways no ally could really hope to keep up with. Leebo pairs better in that he's all about taking the hits. I'm not sold on HLC, though, if you're sticking them close to the Wookie, and I don't honestly think this list has remotely enough damage output to win games. EDIT: Just realized you're running the higher PS wookie. I, uh, don't think he's good. At all. And he doesn't pair well with either Outrider, because he's the obvious & easy-ish first target. The other wookie at least benefits his buddy by bolstering defense.
  24. That is the modern take on Dash. Still personally breaking out in hives, but it does well in our meta, when played by experienced players. And our local meta is very competitive and closely follows the pulse of the meta at large.
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