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  1. Vader's dial isn't the most, uh, advanced out there. I'd be careful of action-dependent EPTs as long as we have Jumpmasters flying around -- you run a high risk of being blocked or having to make maneuvers that either stress you or take you out of the fight, strictly because you're playing to your cards. Predator is great, always. Expertise can help Vader token stack, though does generally make him want to avoid his k-turn. Adapt/VI helps you in other ways that are often beneficial regardless. I LOVE Juke, don't get me wrong, but all my testing with Juking Vader didn't feel right. I've liked Juke on Omega Leader (obvii) and Vessery (less obvious, but I took the list to an almost complete league shutout last year). Beyond that, I've struggled to find a real home for it.
  2. @MajorJuggler returned to his Brobots ways during a weeknight tourney this week -- I didn't see how he did, but he may have some feedback with Aggressors vs the current wave.
  3. For the record, this does require more careful flying on your part vs lists that are not Rebel Junkyard. I was trying out something in a similar vein (I had Ruthlessness on two Aggressors, as I wanted to try them out, while Vessery was VI and Tractor Beam to help them hit), but was testing it against the list my brother was practicing, which I believe was a 2 to 3 ship scum list. ... The only thing I hit Ruthlessness with was myself. Admittedly, I've never used the upgrade before, and the flying style is quite different than what I was used to, but it definitely required more layers of thinking than one might expect.
  4. List building doesn't follow a series of steps. At the start of the match, your list needs to be 100% legal across all cards, simultaneously. Regardless of what order someone reads them in, your ship is starting the game with an agility value of three. Therefore, it cannot also start the game with a card that requires agility 2. If something was specifically PS related on a ship that could take Adaptability, things could get weird, as dual sided-cards aren't decided until ship placement. But that's it. The Havoc title example is a good one, though there are many things that could be abused if things were different. This definitely would not work.
  5. I can see the argument on both sides, and, the more I think about it, I can't say for certain how FFG would FAQ it, considering how dodgy the relationship with the number "0" has been. I'm interested to see how they handle it.
  6. This exact question was posted last week. Agreement due to grammar is that you can do either/or. Nothing on the card says you explicitly can't choose.
  7. Rerolls are the physical manifestation of the game units attacking. The reroll amount are how inspiring the specific leaders are in certain theaters of war. And you can choose the cards you use in combat, instead of drawing random cards that may have zero relation to the units/leaders/whatever you've brought to the battle. "The randomness of battle" doesn't really make sense, when the cards are supposedly what your leader is supplying you with. Rerolling as a mechanic isn't what I'm talking about. Working in the values already present on the chits themselves, while tying into the more thematic system overall, is what I'm getting at. It's a simple shift in how the numbers are used, without having to deep-six them for something else. Feel free to disagree, though, as I'm not suggesting my posts are anything more than subjective.
  8. Plot Armor Poe also has more strategies to deal with though, such as blocking, bombing, or arc dodging (now that PS war is coming back). BB-8 Poe has the ability to manage those, for the most part. And, while he may eventually die, I'd argue that his ability to stay out of optimal focus fire range means that he may very well last as long as Regen Poe, against a player gunning strictly for Poe. I've not had enough competitive setting reps against either, but BB-8 Poe was definitely more of a challenge than R2-D2 Poe for the couple of games I've seen each in. Merits more testing, and I'm not sure the best partner has been found yet -- I'm constantly seeing Dash, but I'm not seeing the pair do particularly well locally. PS8 Poe is in a bad place, regardless of build. Black One, as mentioned by SOTL, isn't useful on PS8 Poe. He NEEDS to shed locks from OL (who is still running around), but he also needs to have a chance against Dengar, Backdraft, and PS9 Quickdraws (he's still in a bad place vs. PS 10 Quickdraw). Or anything, really, that can hit PS 9 and take Cruise Missiles. Then there's also the enhanced ability to dodge clutch arcs with the BB-8 shenanigans. Anytime Poe can move without giving the opponent a chance to respond is going to make the point investment seem trivial.
  9. The fact that you have seven cards to manage on a rotating scale means you can enter combat with something approaching a strategy, instead of the tactics card making everything feel a bit like a cluster.
  10. Thematic in that the leaders have variable levels of influence over their troops. Ranging from characters like Boba Fett, who are lone wolves and want nothing to do with large scale battles, to the Dark Lord of the Sith, who demands high performance from his troops. I disliked how leaders in combat now only provide variable numbers of tactics cards that are in no way related to the characters or factions themselves. That lacked theme, and felt like a barely stapled on component of combat. If you're only looking at physical components for theme, you're missing out on the best Rebellion (and many games) has to offer.
  11. It actually feels like its more of a call out to how the second edition (not sure about the first) Game of Thrones board game does combat, which is pretty cool. I still think I'd have liked to have seen them try to go a Forbidden Stars route, but this is gives battles a lot more consideration. Also, I always hated that both sides used the same decks. Just the switch to Rebel and Imperial decks is perfect. Using the Leader tactics values as reroll values also seems like a really simple, neat answer that is crazy functional, and I still think feels thematic. I mean, you just don't want to fail when Darth Vader is on the field, you know? Or didn't you hear what happened to the last guy...
  12. Poetensity Poe is not an easy ship to take down, if flown competently. Flown anything less, and yeah, that was probably a lousy way to throw away 43 points. However, keeping him alive is very much possible, and now he just has to help take down the weakest ship in your list. You'll see him paired with other ships that either do more damage or survive just as well, and it's a war of attrition... That they have a very good chance of winning. But yeah, one mistake or really, really lousy dice roll and blammo. As an Imperial player, though, that last line resonates with me, for some reason.
  13. I think I'd go with larger debris fields. Use them as a buffer or try to block folks on them -- if you're using Reb Cap or Sensor Jammer, an enemy hitting a Debris Field is pretty awesome, while it's not the end of the world for the Lambda. I will say that I really always use Collision Detector, so Debris is the obvious choice, but I've been bringing debris primarily since wave five, basically.
  14. Biggest thing for me is that the Aggressor means I didn't have to buy any more Strikers for LWF. And, really, it's our way of giving back to the other factions, after we put them through the horror of old Palp (Intensity for Poe and Guri, TLT so nobody had to try and find/buy a K-Wing for it, Unguided Rockets... Ok, those are a present we bought for ourselves). Ship looks cool enough. And it's now option number 2`3257568 for "How do we spend 20-30 points on a ship that is annoying to kill..." A TLT that can run away is a new spin on that option. I guess. Pretty excited to see how they handle Kylo's new TIE. Thing even looks intimidating.
  15. Vader without ATC is too expensive. Paying that much for a two dice primary ship doesn't really cut it against modern ships. ATC giving an auto-crit and be pretty huge, it's far superior to just a bonus attack die... If you're ok never spending the TL. I think Intensity Vader is a gimmick that won't last. You'll catch people out, early on, especially if you're rocking Cruise Missiles (it does have some pretty epic Alpha Strike potential), but it's not going to take people that long to learn how to fly against it. With PS10 Nym and Quickdraw becoming very popular, Vader's going to need VI again soon, and then he's back to the same build that got ousted by TLTs in the first place. PSA: I recognize what I am writing is an opinion, and one I do not have perfect data to back up. That being said... I played Vader a lot, right after the fix (and Palp) came out. I may be relying on some dated experience, but I've also seen what Intensity can do... And I'm not personally impressed. I accept he can be a pretty strong piece for a PS 9+ Alpha Strike list... But I'd rather take an SF. Or two.
  16. Specifically, it's good with the new StarViper title and Advanced Sensors. Still going to have a hard time if all your enemies are at a higher PS, but that new barrel roll can catch a lot of folks in places they don't expect.
  17. I definitely assumed it was hyperbole, but I was interested in trying to suss out other ships where that was true for. I don't disagree with any of your points here, other than on the HWK -- I think they need to be considered within their own factions; if you're flying Scum, the top HWK ace is Dace. Rebel HWKs definitely do not suffer from that issue, so I agree with that premise, if we were just looking at ships, without consideration to list building... But then, a lot of pilots are awesome... until you start list building.
  18. It is possible to perform well with things that are objectively bad. At worst, this is a dice game. At best, you don't always run into hard-counters. That probably looked really badass on the mat, though.
  19. I'm not sure this is true... but the thought interested me. Hera in the Attack Shuttle is never taken. Zeb is better for the price, and she is usually seen in crew form. Actually, Hera on the VCX, too... Though I'd argue Chopper is probably worse, he is definitely taken more. Dace Bonearm in the HWK is hot garbage. Other two pilots have abilities that some may find appealing, while the generic has its uses. An argument could be made for the Lambda, as Jendon, Yorr, and OGP all see more use than Kagi... Though I'll allow that that's not really a fair metric. Technically the Aggressor (you know, the OG one), because all options are the "top ace," so fulfill best and worst simultaneously...
  20. Short answer... no. Long answer... you're blowing up in a public forum about limited personal experience which has formed a very personal opinion. Longer segway... the podcasts are all known for often being hyperbolic in regards to new waves, and they very, very often miss the pulse of the meta. They're pretty quick to catch on and discuss the new shiny, but have very rarely accurately predicted a meta before it arrives. This meta has not formed yet. Also, for all your pleas for us to trust you... Why don't you try trusting the experienced members of this forum? They've given you suggestions, recommendations, examples, etc... And these are people who have been playing the game for years, have experienced severe rules changes, meta upheavals, ships and combos that truly needed errata, etc... These are not uninformed opinions. I'm not suggesting they are always right. Simply that they are informed. Some have already played with or against the list you have concerns about, and do not share your concerns. At the very least, this should clearly push the issue into the realm of personal opinions. With more time, people will either come to agree or disagree, but, right now, it doesn't look like your concern is getting traction, and there are reasons for that. But your continued posting like this is really only pushing public opinion on one topic... you. Let it go. If this list is your boogeyman, so be it. Now you know what your benchmark is. I have every faith that, with more time and experience with/against it, you'll succeed.
  21. The mistake is treating the two sentences as truly independent. The second line reads: "If a game effect instructs that ship to spend a target lock, it may spend your target lock instead." Perfect! Except this sentence has no way to identify a legal target, because it doesn't identify who "that ship" is. "That ship" is the ship referenced in the first sentence. There can't be any argument there, as the second sentence is meaningless otherwise. Therefore, if the ship doesn't qualify for the first sentence (and all of it, not parts of it, that should also go without saying), the upgrade card never comes into play. The ship that treats the Attack (Target Lock) header as Attack can also spend the target lock for other game effects. Any ship that can't treat the Attack (Target Lock) header as Attack is not picked up by the first sentence, as that is its only purpose. EDIT: To be very clear, the ship does not need to have anything with an Attack (Target Lock) heading to trigger, I am not suggesting that. It simply would treat it as Attack if it did.
  22. Yeah, they added that to clarify what happens when you get moved onto an obstacle via a Tractor Beam token -- before, it did nothing because that movement isn't considered a maneuver. But this does expand to anything that causes the overlap, sans maneuver.
  23. For number four, going to need to see where it says that in the rules reference or FAQ. I've added emphasis to your line where I think you're struggling. This is a game, with a defined rule set that does not care about external logic. "The wording" is what we have to go by, and anything else is... well, not applicable. "When attacking, players may spend target locks to reroll 0 attack dice." If it wasn't considered rerolling, FFG would need to have phrased it differently. Instead, it clearly says you can reroll zero. Regardless of how you interpret that... You can reroll zero. Spend a target lock, reroll zero, you've rerolled. Zero. But the rerolling trigger has come up all the same, because rerolling zero is a legal target based on the text in the rules. They could have said players may spend target locks to not roll/reroll any dice, then they'd achieve what you're suggesting. They did not. This is a bad way to support an argument about FFG rules writing, but, unless noted otherwise, RAW is very strict about word choice. And FFG says you can reroll zero dice. Sunny needs you to reroll dice. Nowhere does he specify an amount (again, like C-3PO). The rules reference does. And it says zero is kosher. ... If you choose to debate further, please cite rules reference lines, the FAQ, or card text that support your points. I've given you rules reference text to explain, and C-3PO to show a counter example. You've given me your opinions... Which, while logically sound, don't impact how X-Wing is played. On an additional note, I have chosen to take offense at your insinuation that my language comprehension is sub-par. This is not important to the discussion at hand, but it will likely persist until the end of time. My coffee was particularly bitter this morning, and so shall I be.
  24. Physicality isn't a requirement, rolling zero dice is accepted in the rules. Either way, I don't see why this is even a question, because no matter the answer, nothing is added. EDIT: If the attempt is to some how produce a die from nothing, that doesn't work. A "blank" die result =/= a null result, it has its own inherent value.
  25. A matching one. As your result is nothing, you add another nothing. If your argument is that her non-rolled dice count as a result (I'm ok with it), then the same argument holds true for the non-result she adds... Nothing begets nothing.
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