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  1. I'm interested to see how they handle combat. And how the map is manipulated. ... Already a must buy, regardless, all they had to say was, "Fallout." Or something that sounded remotely close, that I mistook for Fallout.
  2. Also, like the format of the video, but the camera person desperately needs to use a stabilizer of some sort.
  3. I don't hate this. I've been trying Imp Alpha Strike as something decent against rest of meta, and can deal with the Junkyard (FSR), but I've had poor results. I've been eyeballing Super Dash, but know there are a ton of more experienced Dash players in my meta, and I dislike the idea of running into them during mirrors. I'm good, but experience with a list is huge. Miranda is the same, and I have no experience with bombs, so I don't think I'd be able to get the mileage I need, and Nationals is too close for me to get enough practice in, I think. Ketsu though... Maybe there's something I could work with there.
  4. If you're trying to kill Dengar, you don't need PS 11. PS 10 does fine, or you can even go for PS 9 and an aggressive bid (though PS10 makes the most sense). ... So again, putting all these eggs in one very specific basket isn't worth it. Keeping a more reasonable spread of options/points means you can answer their surviving your Alpha, which is better than putting so much faith and so many points to making triple missiles work.
  5. You're paying a hefty premium if your only goal is the high PS Alpha Strike. Some of the suggestions here are trying to create a list that survives past the Alpha Strike, or doesn't die out if they can't nail the opening engagement (which, even with the PS advantage, you won't manage every game). Sure, you can build for a high PS monster strike... but what's the point? What ship are you specifically trying to kill? Three cruise missiles is overkill vs. most anything BUT Rebel Junkyard/Fairship Rebel, which doesn't care one wit about your PS. Two cruise missiles and a third buddy should be more than enough to kill Nym, the real reason you're pushing PS11. Pure Sabacc can actually help the Alpha Strike, as he can get up in the opponents face and block, helping you nail the range band needed for Cruise, AND he chucks five dice naturally at range one, should he have a target at that point (and, of course, doesn't take two damage cards before he shoots). And even outside range one, he's still throwing four attack dice, which is a pretty decent punch for his cost.
  6. It's not worth it. You'd be better off running a regular TIE Swarm, or triple Defenders, or almost anything else. There's nothing special about these guys, bumping them up to 3 primary that ignores range still means they need to get people in arc, which means they're in the thick of combat, which means they're exploding pretty quickly. If you're buying four Aggressors, you're really looking at Quad TLTs... And Y-Wings probably do it better.
  7. And the first ship killed, especially when paired with a couple of arc dodging aces.
  8. How does Intensity Poe w/ Dash fair against Rebel Junkyard (Fair Ship Rebels, if you prefer that godawful name)? I feel like it would mostly be a frustrating and long match.
  9. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. ... If there was no way to ask directly, there would be little actual way to determine what the legitimate questions are, versus the un-asked for opinions of an extremely vocal minority.
  10. Pfffft. This would very much be the wrong way to go. What you're describing isn't a redundancy, it is a deficiency. ... I mean... Looked at what went to Worlds at all? Pretttttty sure our current champ was rocking two large base ships... And, you know, we can follow Worlds results going straight back to that particular rule change... Opinions are great... Still plenty of room for them to be objectively wrong. Or, again, any tournament at any level since the rule change. ... Riiiiiiiiight.
  11. I will say that this will effect the learning curve and be pretty much killer if playing against a new Imperial player, but, otherwise, this is correct -- an experienced Imperial player knows what to look out for, at least to some degree.
  12. No turret on Nym seems like a bad choice. I'd drop Scavenger crane to pick up Autoblaster. I'd probably keep Advanced Sensors over Accuracy Corrector, but that's def a style preference.
  13. Valuable =/= necessary. Of course his ability is baller. There are other viable builds for Dengar, though. Cad is no Sabine, so I don't think he's remotely auto-include yet.
  14. I don't think Cad Bane is a necessary component of the list, so you'll see some varieties without that stick to a more standard Dengar build.
  15. Above poster is correct on all answers, I just want to add that the Modification Upgrade Tactical Jammer can be used to create this effect on a large base ship, but it is otherwise not a component of normal game play.
  16. I suspect he's gotten mixed up due to the posts directly above going off on a tangent about Brobots.
  17. Life (and X-Wing) keep getting in the way, but I think I'm finally making my first ever IA tournament this weekend. Anything recently come up for people during their events? Are we still seeing a focus on Scum Hunters? Anyone want to throw out modern list recommendation or two? Assume I've got one of everything, won't buy more than one of a box set, and don't have anyone to borrow from, haha. No interest in Rebels, and I love Empire but am not really sure where they're at -- I'm willing to run Scum and not opposed to 100% net-decking as this is my first go around, haha.
  18. So, it totes feels like old school Palp. But it doesn't offer much in the way of an answer for Rebel Junkyard. I've not had time to do extensive testing vs. the list, but I did put it on the table against a friend who was flying the Junkyard list for the first time, and I didn't manage to take a single ship of the board at the 75 minute mark, and he managed to take out the shuttle (he was using a Stress Jess version, which made my usually tricksy shuttle rather predictable). I was trying a non-direct approach, so I'll have to try to switch it up in future testing, but I think you need a third ship that can work around the board a bit better and try to survive the four rebel ships better. Anything that bleeds MoV is going to have a hard time vs the Junkyard in 75 minute matches.
  19. More than has already been explained, this is basically broadcasting how you're planning on completing an Objective to the Empire. Which means they can work towards directly countering it, which isn't something they can do as easily in the base game, due to the variety of objectives. Love the card, and love that it feels like it's giving the Empire a more tangible goal, outside of, "Find the Rebel Base."
  20. That doesn't mean anything in terms of how a rule functions, however. Omega Leader is a perfect example of this. Plenty of people just don't get how OL works. Doesn't mean her ability isn't fully functioning within the rules. May be a candidate for an FAQ, due to how often a question is asked, but not to provide guidance on how it actually functions. ... Which is what most people demand when talking about "FAQ" answers. They fail to/refuse to understand how something works, and don't want it to work at all until they have a specific FAQ entry. That's not really the purpose of an FAQ in any other game, FFG has just made the mistake of treating their errata document and FAQ document as one and the same.
  21. How? There is no rule for any of your dice being treated separately once rolled -- it's all the same pool. Palp also doesn't say you have to change the result on the die that you rolled, only that you choose to use him before rolling. I'm not saying FFG won't change their answer later, as this does feel like it goes against RAI, but there is nothing in RAW that prevents it from working.
  22. 1. Omega Leader - 21 pts Doesn't matter, really, how she's built. It's gonna cause concern for your opponent. 1a. Omega Leader with A Score to Settle and Comm Relay - 24 pts Not only are you able to mod OL's shots against a preferred enemy... They don't get the benefit back if you've got them locked. 2. Omicron Group Pilot (w/ Collision Detector) - 21 pts This is intimidating because your opponent expects to see Palp, and it's a gorram alabaster space cow. Warning: fear wears off when they realize you're Palp-less. 2a. Omicron Group Pilot w/ Darth Vader crew and Collision Detector - 24 pts. The Doom Shuttle (lite). To this day, a ship that still strikes fear into aces. They now devote their entire strategy to staying out of those Vader-backed front guns, and have to spend time taking it down.
  23. Yeah, same concept as Rage and Baffle on QD. There are times you can make it work, but I don't think it's worth actively pursuing as a plan (which is why I don't like Rage/Baffle, as they take up slots that can be used better). Intensity isn't going to be a good upgrade for most ships. It's definitely nice getting an Evade on ships w/o the action in their bar, but, really, the ships that can support it need to have some way of hanging onto a token reliably. The SF does not, unless you're running a support ship with Hux or some such. Poe an Guri are, imo, the best candidates, though there are a couple here and there that can make it work. I'd, at best, give it gimmick status on an SF. Not because it doesn't function, but mostly because it takes up a slot that has plenty of upgrade choices you can get almost 100% usage out of.
  24. To be 100% transparent, there is a local FAQ document that the New England stores are using, and it does clarify how that interaction works, but it is simply citing the wording and the fact that it came up at Worlds, it's not one of the cards where they are making a RAW vs RAI ruling on.
  25. I don't think Intensity works that well on SFs -- they will absolutely want to spend their Focus tokens, and spending 5 points for one Evade token during most matches isn't really worth it. Expertise and Sensor Cluster would be a more survivable combo. Also, QD shouldn't be getting shot at too often in the Junkyard matchup, because you want to be hanging back to avoid getting hit by Ruthlessness* or taking multiple shots from the rebs. *Yes, Ruthlessness can trigger QD's ability, but no, it's not really a good idea.
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