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  1. Extreme meh on Kylo and RAC. The obvious first target is the Decimator, so they will likely never trigger Kylo's ability in any meaningful timeframe, and there are enough things that deal with Kylo when the Deci is gone. I've been running RAC/Quickdraw and the only thing that shuts off the crit-magnet status of the Deci is being able to choose when and where to show someone the darkside. This is more of a "not as good Whisper/RAC" setup. Autothrusters. To a lesser extent, boost. Not saying you don't lose out, but Autothrusters is the draw, imo.
  2. ... I mean, if you ignore the fact that she neuters high agility aces and completely ignores almost all defense capabilities in the game... Yeah, in a meta featuring one agility, high hull ships, she's not all that exciting. And adding bombs to that meta means she's often a liability... But in any other meta (ie, the entire time between the most recent releases and her own release), you literally couldn't spend 26 points better for Imperials. Honestly, for Imperials, this is still true. She's absolutely a top contender for that price range, though she does have some competition lately.
  3. Love that folks are already getting salty over something so pointless. Launch will be explained in the booklet. Minimally, the language was changed so it didn't benefit any abilities that trigger on "drops." As far as language goes, "Launch" doesn't imply direction, and they could definitely have said "drop out the front" to achieve what most folks are describing. So feel free to wait for the booklet to fill in what "Launch" means, if anything other than a get in the nads to Deathrain. ... That being said, not sure why anyone is harping on anyone for theorizing how something might work. With so little to go on, arguments for or against these hypotheticals are simply time spent bashing opinions against opinions, which we know is a pretty useless endeavor, especially here. EDIT: For the record, and it matters not one wit to me, as I'll be flying the Silencer, my money is on it using the front guides, and I like the fluff of it happening after moving. That feels like it best matches the word "launch," and explains why we'd add a new keyword instead of rehash older cards -- it gets too wordy after a certain point (front guides/after movement/instead of... text).
  4. Current running rumor, which matches the price point, is a Destiny two-player Starter Set. There is a "leaked" Kylo card that looks legit as well, though obviously photoshop can make some impressive stuff. Makes sense, though -- "self-contained," leads well into TLJ and the upcoming Destiny expansion. ... But I wanted moar X-Wing.
  5. New "product" doesn't necessarily mean anything. Could be new X-Wing product or some such. ... Not sure what else "new" they'd do on top of Legion and all the forthcoming expansions.
  6. Like we saw with Gonk, this isn't something that can be relied on. It's a reference for now, though.
  7. Many FLGS have custom terrain for use at their stores, so it may not be a requirement to self-store, unless you want to actually make things and use them at home... Which is honestly part of the fun. It's a part of the genre -- you may not like it, that's just what it is. Same with the figures being unpainted -- it's part of wargaming in general.
  8. Yeah, it clearly says "Ezra" next to "Scum Only," which is thematic and awesome.
  9. It's from Galaxies, which is where a number of other X-Wing ships have come from (iirc, Decimator was also a Galaxies ship). The Phantom II is from Rebels. The Gunboat is from the old X-Wing PC games, which is where a lot of original inspiration for this game came from.
  10. Coordinate is already in non-Epic, via the Upsilon... They won't be changing it.
  11. They are different games, and we've seen a lot of gameplay and how list building works. There is no overlap. At best, you could use some of your IA minis in a casual setting. Otherwise, there are no similarities between the games. This is objective fact -- watch the Alex Davy demo.
  12. Honestly, this is what's going to define my purchase of the game. At its base, it looks a bit basic. The X-Wing core set, honestly, was never all that fun on its own. Same goes for Armada. Imperial Assault was a whole different model, and fantastic. This is going to be more like X-Wing/Armada -- too basic until they've added a wave or two of expansions. And I'm going to need to see what I'm signing on for before I make the jump. I'm fully assuming I will, mind, but this is not a day one purchase for me.
  13. 1. You don't have to paint the miniatures for either game. It's not a requirement for tournament play, and it's obviously not a requirement for casual play. 2. Maybe people will buy this game specifically because they want to paint more minis, and that's just another part of the hobby to them. 3. There is no compatibility, nor will there ever be. This is its own game, which will attract its own players and FFG will want to make sure they can lock in sales of Legion product. 4. You don't need to purchase it, enjoy IA, it's a pretty great game. Can't wait for the gorram app!
  14. Different strokes for different local metas. As a player who has done pretty well with RAClo & Quickdraw this season, I'm very confident the list you posted would get eaten alive around here. But I was especially thinking about the Rebel Junkyard when I made my comment, and it's the reason I'm no longer running RAClo & Quickdraw.
  15. The obscure phrasing leads me to believe it is paid. Otherwise, "free" is one of the best words to use in advertising. It's generally only omitted for a reason.
  16. Well, this isn't true. It doesn't include the extra minis for two more players -- this game still only plays six, as opposed to the expanded eight. That's a pretty significant omission, and one they'll obviously add on later so they have a definitive reason to sell expansion.
  17. The RAC list won't stand up in the current meta (and I'm struggling to think of one where it would >.>). Note: not saying it can't win games. Dash/Poe is going to require a lot of mental focus and outguessing your mostly higher PS opponents, OR trying to plink damage through FSR without getting too much in return. Nymgar is competitive and significantly easier to run over an extended day of gaming. Out of the three you've listed, unless you have a large amount of experience behind the Dash/Poe build, Nymgar is your best bet.
  18. We just half-tuck the stand into the ring. It's more of a "base" than an attachment sometimes. The stands are absolutely a terrible design, though.
  19. I wouldn't invest more in a Palp-Shuttle. One of the biggest benefits are how cheap it can be run, and how long it can occupy your opponent's ships while they try to kill it (if they go that route). I'm also not sold on neo-Palp, though. I liked him when running two ships with Lightweight Frame, but that's about it. Honestly, I don't think Howard's new aces list will cut it. It has no real answer to Fair Ship Rebels/Rebel Junkyard or Denym OR Imperial Alpha strikes. It's not auto-loss, but, against good players running either of those lists, it shouldn't really stand a chance. Do I think Duncan will do well with the list? Yes, of course, though I can't really fathom how he does so well all the time. But I do not think, objectively, this list cuts it in the meta. Too many chances for really crap match-ups. Looks like they removed the comments about Duncan's sketchy dice handling, interesting. In this video, FSR is not really played that well. Not sure what the thought was going into engagement, but it was a cluster almost immediately. Supposedly Duncan has beaten Ron playing that list a couple times, though, so maybe there was some attempt at a new strategy that didn't pay off. Or I'm mis-remembering the FB post.
  20. Those are issues with their miniature games and card games, this would be more in-line with their standard board game series, which DO get expansions, but not remotely at a rate that is concerning, and they don't generally have an issue with "power creep" because of the self-contained context. This doesn't really appear to be anything similar to MageKnight, honestly. I wouldn't go into this game with that idea. It's definitely not pure co-op. It will be more of a "race" game, similar to how Firefly the Game works. I suspect, knowing FFG's pedigree, that the player interaction will be handled better. And there will be some cooperation due to the "Factions" having the ability to win the game despite the players.
  21. IMO, going all in on Ruthlessness is going to hurt you in your non-FSR matchups. Vessery rocking it I can kinda see, his EPT slot can be pretty adaptable, but the Aggressors need to use their slot more effectively across a wider spectrum. THAT and two copies of Ruthlessness can be actually harmful to yourself if you're not constantly careful with positioning. One copy is fairly easy to mitigate, but two just causes that much more of a headache, especially if you're up against something like Dengar.
  22. It's not like Carcassone at all. You pre-build the maps, where some elements are in fixed places (like Diamond City) and the rest are placed randomly, to diversify the map. It'd be closer to how the Settlers of Catan map is build, though not similar in gameplay.
  23. You can play Scythe solo, and it's certainly not co-op. There is a "vs Environment" aspect to the game, regardless of if you play solo or with people. If you play WITH people, it's a race to gain influence before the other players, so it is definitely not coop... Except you want to work together somewhat to make sure the factions don't get too powerful and win.
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