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  1. <3 Firefly The Game, and I have all the expansions. I'd love something a bit more modern and easier to setup/break down, so I'm all about this. Won't replace Firefly, mind, but still an insta-buy from me.
  2. From the recently updated Official Rulings post in the Rules Question thread: --- Q: What does “ignores obstacles” mean? Do Han Solo [Pilot, Customized YT-1300] and Qi’ra [Crew] work together? What about Dash Rendar [YT-2400] and Outrider [Title]? A: When an effect says a ship “ignores obstacles,” it means that ship “ignores the effects of obstacles.” A ship that is “ignoring obstacles” does not apply the effects of overlapping or moving through them. When that ship performs an attack that is obstructed by an obstacle it ignores the effects of the obstruction, so the defender does not roll 1 additional defense die being obstructed by the obstacles the attacker is ignoring. However, the obstacles are still treated as being present for effects that check for their presence or absence. Additionally, an attack is obstructed by an obstacle even while the effects of the obstacle are ignored. This applies to cards such as Outrider, Han Solo [Pilot, Customized YT-1300], and Trick Shot (Talent). Additionally, other ships do not ignore the obstacle when resolving effects that interact with a ship that is ignoring obstacles. For instance, while a ship that is ignoring obstacles defends, if the attack is obstructed, it still rolls 1 additional defense die because the attacker is not ignoring the effects of obstacles. ---
  3. The lines you've quoted are hardly my casting aspersions (that is a favorite past time of mine, so I'm not saying you won't catch me out doing it, though). There is a fairly consistent cycle that comes with every X-Wing release (and any war game, for sure), and it involves people attempting to find issues while, for the rest of the population, no issue exists. I was very specifically NOT calling out the poster I was responding to, I was simply identifying that the subjective statement of, "This needs an FAQ," holds no weight -- most of the time, it really means "I don't understand." And I was VERY specifically not suggesting that's what the poster in question was doing (but I did get a super petty response, either way -- hey look, I found some aspersions!). And, as for folks just looking for trouble... That very much describes the entire nature of your post here And most folks here have come out and agreed they both see that RAI it was meant to work, and that they fully expect the FAQ to simply clarify that it works. Meaning that the debate is, by and large, folks just looking for something to nitpick/complain about. Which, in a forum setting, is looking for trouble (note that I don't think that is how things SHOULD work, it's just the nature of online public forums). I've actually rather appreciated seeing people pulling apart different sections of the rule book. The additional interpretations outside of that I'm less fond of, and are what cause things like the FAQ to get bloated. It was shameful that FFG ignored adding ignore as a game term, however, and I've said since the beginning that that needs to be rectified. Edit: I just want to be clear, I wasn't counting myself out as being here looking for trouble in some way shape or form. I accept being a jerk, but I'm generally not a hypocrite. Generally.
  4. Dash ignores the obstacle. Outrider doesn't. EDIT: 1. Dash moves over asteroid. 2. Asteroid effect would trigger, but Dash ignores it. 3. Dash completes his maneuver. 4. Outrider checks if he moved through an obstacle. Sure did. 5. Profit. EDIT 2: As we've been saying repeatedly, just because Dash ignores something, doesn't mean it wasn't there. Maybe if the timing window was the same, we'd have an issue. Maybe. But it isn't and we don't.
  5. Pretty sure you can fit: Whisper w/ Juke & Vader Omicron w/ Sloane 3x Academy Pilots 8 pt bid Or maybe upgrade one Academy to Markmanship Seyn, to really entice your opponent to shoot them down first. Or maybe slap 0-0-0 on the Lambda to add to the stress fun. Edit: Not a swarm player, I don't think I've ever seriously considered a 5 ship list before during 1.0... Edit: Change Omicron to Scarif Base, drop Vader, you can fit an additional Academy...
  6. Because RAI is pretty clear here, and it takes additional wording to make it wrong. Dash ignores obstacles when moving (per ability), but he still moves through them (for Outrider). It's not actually unclear at all. But, because "Ignore" doesn't have a rules entry (despite FFG using it in multiple areas), folks are adding their own interpretations. I assume because they enjoyed all the drama that came with every new release during 1.0, and they can't imagine X-Wing without it. Well, that and FFG does have a spotty track record.
  7. Oi, I'm on Dash works fine and everyone else is trying to create problems. The clarification is FFG using consistent language with overlap and Range 0 not being mutually exclusive, which the poster I was responding to was arguing (or I thought they were, I can't be arsed to read back now that this thread has expanded).
  8. Useful and constructive. Your contribution to this community is both valuable and appreciated. Nothing says that if he ignores an obstacle, he doesn't move through it. You're adding definitions/rules that do not exist. Ignore needs clarification, as a game term, 100%. Additionally, the text on Collision Detector shows that FFG has already screwed up their distinction of range 0: After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 to ignore it's effects until the end of the round. Moving through is considered separate from overlapping. That is likely something that will need clarification, especially since they were trying to move to new language in second edition.
  9. Most instances of "clearly needs an FAQ" are actually just errors in reading comprehension and certain parties wanting to be correct, so you'll forgive me if I ignore your absolute here. Now, RE your bolded point above, what causes you to read "ignore them" as not moving through them? He clearly moves through them physically. And, per game rules, he clearly overlaps, physically. You ignore them (which avoids the negative effects), but you physically moved through them. Do what the card says, not what it doesn't say. Nowhere does it say that you are considered to have not moved through them/overlapped. You just ignore them [when you do]. Outrider isn't saying you had to have suffered any effects from obstacles, just completed a maneuver over/on them. More to the point, linguistically, you can't ignore something that isn't there. That's not really how FFG operates, however, as their relationship with language is honestly a bit awkward at best. And the intent has been covered above by others (Outrider as Dash's ship, etc...), but it isn't influencing my reading of the rules, I'm just reading the rules as written and not looking for more than what the cards say. When moving, ignore obstacles. If you completed a maneuver through/on an obstacle, trigger Outrider. Those aren't mutually exclusive ideas events.
  10. ... Yeah, I think folks here are just looking for trouble. Dash might ignore them, but it doesn't mean he still didn't move through/overlap. Ignore needs some clarification in the rules for a number of reasons, but this doesn't seem to be one. Also, for this particular one, the intent is extremely clear, and it's a stretch to read it otherwise. While moving, he ignores them. If he moved through or overlapped them, Outrider triggers. Ignoring them doesn't stop them from existing on the mat.
  11. Honestly, based on the changes to the overall Decimator AND what we are looking at for a current meta, I don't think double Decimators are going to be remotely worth it.
  12. I'll definitely play around with it -- I like the idea of C initially, because Boba being able to boost, get an evade for it, then use Han seems great. But... I'm not really sure how often Boba will need/be able to boost, based on how swarm-heavy the meta looks like it's going to lean. So something like A's ability still probably makes the most sense, even if you don't try to have it triggerable each round.
  13. Bid can still be important for activation -- if you move first, they'll have a much easier time getting out of your arcs, at which point it no longer matters what you engage at.
  14. Han provides more flexibility. You don't want to have to marry the Aggressor to following Boba around every round, and if Boba is going to go smashing into things, Han is a great card to have in your back pocket. I'm honestly not sold on the IG-88A pairing in general, but I know for sure flying predictable enough to always be in range means you'll lose that Aggressor relatively quickly. I think I'd rather slap Perceptive Co-Pilot in the crew slot and pair with a different ship entirely, but I've never been terribly fond of any of the IGs.
  15. ... So you're saying you looked it up and still managed to post a blatantly incorrect statement as if it were fact in a rules question thread? I think you're better served by Icelom's assumption, then. If it helps, showing your work as others have done in this thread (and other rules threads) prevents people from assuming you're making things up (instead of just being egregiously wrong).
  16. I also think Palp Aces still has room to work, so Soontir can get similar support that he got in the past -- even if you can't token stack quite as much, having a reserve Force pool means that whatever tokens he does grab can go a bit further. And the Lambda has a rear arc to cover one of its 1.0 weaknesses. And, in addition to being the prime reposition ace, he's also less predictable, due to being stressed far less often AND having options for the Talent slot that can overall modify how he's flown.
  17. Oh, good call -- I stick with Vader or bust, but I liked the option for a panic action... But that's TOO much panic.
  18. While not as broken as OG Palp, there's still a lot of value here. And having the Lambda to support the aces can be surprisingly effective. If your opponent focuses on the Lambda first, it's not the end of the world if it goes, and you've likely had time to chew the enemy down. Rear arcs on the Lambda really help keep it dishing out hurt, too. If your opponent doesn't focus on the Lambda, now you've got access to the Force to influence dice, which is a great thing -- it frees squishy aces to focus on positioning, or letting them use tokens on offense/save them for defense, depending on how much paint you get. The aces can die to really terrible rolls still, but it does take away a lot of the decision making that even OG Palp sometimes required. Without having too much 2.0 practice under my belt, I'd still say Palp Aces feels like a viable archetype still.
  19. ... Yep, that tracks. I think I was confusing Beckett and Boba crew abilities, because I was toying around with that silly combo earlier.
  20. Vader has obvious synergy with Juke, and is best if it fits your budget. Grand Inquisitor is more expensive and probably not as good as Vader in most lists, but he does have the potential to save a Phantom's bacon by giving it a panic Cloak action if needed, or maybe even just the ability to grab another token/reposition if needed after an opponent reveals their dial. Can even help a Phantom react to higher PS enemies. Other than that, I'd probably go crew-less. Now, what's everyone putting in the Sensor slot? I'm having a hard time between Collision Detector or Advance Sensors.
  21. Does Beckett's effect even take place on the Escape Craft, as it usually starts in Reserve? Generally, docked ships upgrades aren't factored into anything (although a shield upgrade on the Escape Craft allows for potential double shield upgrades on the Falcon).
  22. I'd recommend reconsidering the Striker, but bring in Countdown -- as with any Striker, they aren't overly easy to catch, and, as long as you don't get focused down, Countdown will stay for a WHILE (especially with a Hull Upgrade). He turns into a bit of a tank/distraction. If ignored, however, he still gets to chuck some dice and make folks regret it.
  23. Depends on bombs, but taking the bomber out of the fight this way generally means your opponent messed up. More likely, they'll use the tight spaces to catch in you a fire/bombing lane.
  24. I think there's room the the Chiss Clawcraft in standard X-Wing... I suspect it's just a matter of time.
  25. He's also running Palp Aces still... He's an example of a **** good pilot. You need to judge by average performance to really have useful data. Still think OL is one of the best ships in the Imperial Navy, I just agree that she's not special in the current meta. I do like the idea of the ASTS OL, though I've never been able to bring myself to give up Juke. With so many 1 agility ships running around, though, it's probs worth testing. I see 21 OL w/ Kylo (Silencer) and a kitted Quickdraw being worth a test.
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