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  1. It looks awesome! Will take a further look but I must say the layout is great. Thanks for doing this.
  2. With the recent release of the TV series my interest in playing the Witcher with Genesys is on the raise. Has anyone worked on this conversion? Maybe @greyknight74?
  3. Well, I can only think of an action that replicates the Magus powers from DnD. That is, summoning magical weapons or imbuing them with special qualities. It could be a part of the augment action but probably a separate action would be better. On the other hand, what about Turn Undead? Does it deserve a different action?
  4. @Terefang This is great! It covers many of the missing options. Do you have it in a nice pdf file?
  5. This looks great! Thanks for all the time you pu into it!
  6. That's a very useful compilation. Thanks for doing this! Can I ask you to include the dice symbols in the description text? I do not see them.
  7. This is a great idea and very useful! I will second the above suggestion of checking No Disintegrations.
  8. Dammit, I would love a Dredd setting for Genesys. Specially without the more fantastical things, just hard cyberpunk.
  9. I noticed in the every bold text on the Archetypes section. I'musing also Acrobat on Windows 10, so that's not it. Don't worry, must be just me. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for this! One small thing I have noticed is that everything in bold is a bit blurry and I am not sure how will it look once printed. Can you check it?
  11. I'm very interested in printing Paul's Shadowrun. Did you manage to make it more printer friendly while using Genesys symbols?
  12. Hey Gilbur, can you give us an update on that setting you are working with Paul?
  13. Great! I will pay attention to your conversion. I could provide some editing or suggestions if you want.
  14. Is this project still alive? I am very interested in this. BTW In Shadow of the Beanstalk CRB there is a talent called ¨Iajutsu Training¨ that would be very useful to this conversion.
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