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  1. Erahard

    Martial Arts in Genesys

    This is a great idea and very useful! I will second the above suggestion of checking No Disintegrations.
  2. Erahard

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    Dammit, I would love a Dredd setting for Genesys. Specially without the more fantastical things, just hard cyberpunk.
  3. Erahard

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    I noticed in the every bold text on the Archetypes section. I'musing also Acrobat on Windows 10, so that's not it. Don't worry, must be just me. Thanks again.
  4. Erahard

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Thanks for this! One small thing I have noticed is that everything in bold is a bit blurry and I am not sure how will it look once printed. Can you check it?
  5. Erahard

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    I'm very interested in printing Paul's Shadowrun. Did you manage to make it more printer friendly while using Genesys symbols?
  6. Erahard

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Hey Gilbur, can you give us an update on that setting you are working with Paul?
  7. Erahard

    Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

    Great! I will pay attention to your conversion. I could provide some editing or suggestions if you want.
  8. Erahard

    Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

    Is this project still alive? I am very interested in this. BTW In Shadow of the Beanstalk CRB there is a talent called ¨Iajutsu Training¨ that would be very useful to this conversion.
  9. Erahard

    Mad Max verse - The Outland

    It looks good! I will keep an eye on this as I have always wanted to run a short campaign in a Mad Maz -like verse.
  10. Erahard

    Numenera Conversion, Draft 1.2 WIP

    After a further review, here are some comments: - Step 8 of character creation is a bit undefined. I can get up to +20xp and gain a debt similar to EOTE. Maybe you should elaborate on the types of debts and their effect. - I am not convinced by the changes on the skill list: 1 - Expedition instead of Driving, Piloting and so is strange but I will have to see it in play. 2 - I find puting Streetwise into Skulduggery not very appropiate. I think they are different enough to be separate skills. 3 - Empathy globalizing Coercion, Leadership. Negotiation and specially Cool is also strange. I would keep them separate. 4- The Power/Shaping/Nano skill need some explanation of what they can do. - The Talent Greater powers is a good idea but as you have created it the numbers do not fit. The first iteration (Tier 1) gives you 1 spell type. If I purchase it as a Tier 2 then I get another 2 spell types (for a total of 3). Later I can buy it again as a Tier 3 talent getting anbother 2 speel types (for a total of 5). Considering that at the moment there are only 4 spell types, then purchasing this talent for the 3rd time seems not worthy. In addition the comment about purchasing it as a Tier 5 talent does not have any sense as, as a ranked talent, you can buy it as a Tier 1,2,3... Well this is it for now. Besides of those comments I believe you are doing a great work and would love to see what you do!
  11. Erahard

    Gentlemen of Fortune: Fantasy on the High Seas

    Great work! Love the setting. However I have noticed that the Boarding Axe is only +1 Damage. Isn't this a bit low? +2 Seems better. On the other hand, the Rapier appears on Adversaries in the CRB and on Terrinoth and it is a +3 Damage, Defensive 1, Pierce 2...Maybe Pierce 2 is too much but +3 Damage seems appropiate. Thanks for the time and effort.
  12. Erahard


    We are still watching and very interested in your work. Love the layout of your recent upload and I like the way you have used the Magic skills in the setting.
  13. Erahard

    Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

    I have been reviewing the Duel ruels and I have a few comments: 1- I believe you should a a short text explaining the different Duel objectives: - Duel to First Strike: Wins whoever hits the other even if he/she does not cause any damage. - Duel to First Blood: Wins whoever causes the other 1 or more wounds. - Duel to the Death: Wins whoever kills the other. 2- During the Assessment Phase you can add another option: - Focus: The character makes a Discipline check with a difficulty of Daunting (or maybe Hard). If the character succeeds, they upgrade their next combat check once once, plus once per additional ss on the check. - Provoke: The character makes an opposed Deception vs Vigilance check. If the character succeeds, they upgrade their next combat check once once, plus once per additional ss on the check (or maybe the opponent dowgrades their combat check once, plus once per additional ss on the check) . I believe those add more options for other types of characters different form Cranes (Quick and with high Cool skill) and Crab (high Coercion skill). 3- I would remove the option of spending 3 Advantages during the Assessment check to Force the target to drop a weapon they are carrying as it seems odd to cause this effect even before drawing your sword. I would remove this option from the Table 4.1 and leave it as a normal spend for normal combat rounds. I would probably substitute it for Add +20 to the first critical injury the character inflicts before the end of their next turn. 4- Maybe you should add some tables like Tables 6-2 and 6-3 found at page 163 of the L5R 5TH Edition Beta rules. They allow for scoring points and valuing the duel when in doubt. I have used them and they add a lot of emotion to the duel. Well, I hope this helps you.
  14. Erahard

    Numenera Conversion, Draft 1.2 WIP

    Awesome!! I really like Numenera but as you I find the Cypher system a bit lacking so this conversion is a godsend. I will have a closer look but the only initial comment I can make is that the font size seems a bit too big. maybe you should reduce it a bit. More elaborate comments later. Thanks for the time and effort you put nto this.
  15. Erahard

    Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

    OK, fair enough. I am still wary of the 12 career skills as I believe players will go forth and back between upbringing and school to maximize the number of career skills but I may be overzealous. Thanks for your work.