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  1. But still, it was only one die of one defence he could modify and then could not be used on attacks. So yeah, I get yor point, it was hard to hit Soontir Fel, but not impossible. And with 2+ ships of course easier. Or you could always destroy Palpatine´s shuttle first. But on the other hand, if you pay 29 points for a support function, you expect it to be worth the points. The most played card on the Raider package is now as useful as Saboteur. Palpatine was the same as regeneration to rebels, damage mitigation. More restricted and not as useful though, but still good. Honestly, do you think he was THAT good and dominating the game that Imperial players deserved this bad change?
  2. Will we see more 4-5 ship lists beacuse of this? I doubt it. You make it sound Palpatine changed multiple dice results before. No, he had the ability to change one and even then you had to decide between offense and defence, usually not knowing the other result at that point if playing with high PS. Green dice always fail at some point and Imperials don´t have regeneration, so hits are always unforgiving. That´s even more true for ships with no shields. Sure, you can always save him for defense now, but isn´t that just overcosted c-3po, who might be useless in many rounds? And I can´t highlight too much that you need either a very expensive ship or a very bad one to even field him. If the point was to nerf him to oblivion, congratulations. It worked. But do you honestly thinks Palpatine was unbeatable or 9/10 Imperial squads were Palpatine lists these days? You can always nerf the things at the top. After all, they are overpowered if they win more than they lose, right? I can´t even begin to describe how disappointed I am about the direction of this game. Sure, I hated the TLT´s, still do. But I wasn´t yelling to errata them useless because I lost more than I won. They dominated and were not nerfed. So why Palpatine now?
  3. Yes, time will tell. But it´s not like Palpatine was unbeatable or horribly dominating all competitive scene. There will be always some cards seeing more use in top games, right? Are FFG going to change errata periodically just to shake something off the top? I mean do you honestly think after this we will see Fel´s Wrath or Punishers in the tournaments? Ór what do you mean by opening up the meta? Some ships/cards will always see more use, others nearly never. Changing Palpatine was just too harsh overreaction to some whining and lists with decent success with him.
  4. But he takes up TWO crew slots, which limits his use to few ships. That is in itself a pretty harsh limitation. I guess the few loudmouthed whiners got their will. I did not know FFG took orders from forum trolls.
  5. No. Overcosted C-3PO and requires a bad ship or a very expensive one. Let´s face it, Palpatine was the most used card in Raider box, yet it was nowhere near unbeatable. The new Emperor-FAQ was the worst thing that has happened to this game.
  6. As somebody noted before, the outspoken minority had their way. Palpatine was made pretty much useless for the price and slot cost. He needed a ship in the first place in order to get him into play, usually a BAD ship! I bet all Raider owners are having a ball. Thanks FFG, for ruining a working and properly priced card.
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