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  1. Regarding all the fixes people suggest here, why it seems that everybody wants to see boost and/or barrel roll on every ship? Those maneuvres were originally only available to specific ship types, now it seems that every other ship already have them or should have them as a fix.
  2. Palpatine required active thought before, wheter to use on offense or defence, depending on PS. I don´t understand how weakening him to useless is a better mechanic. For the price you pay, he was supposed to be good. And I would argue that play mechanics > thematics. Many things in this game are not thematic or make any sense, so that´s not a reason to nerf something. Some cards are overpriced, even if you win with them. I won with proton bombs recently and still think I paid too much for them. Usually these things are highlighted in the major tournaments, which cards really are worthy.
  3. And Biggs: "1 single pilot, who is memorable only for dying, with an ability that FFG clearly struggle to design around, and is used as a crutch in most Rebel lists. " RAC is one pilot, Inquisitor is one pilot, Vader is one pilot to mention few other ships.
  4. Palpatine has been fixed? Are you serious? It needed no fix, Palpatine lists were not dominating or OP, now the card is just too overpriced for what it does. That was a huge mistake by FFG. Unguided rockets are nice addition to Bombers and Punishers. But honestly, they just give them regular 3 attack dice to ships which have not-so-good dials and are quite easy to shoot down. Lambda is not supposed to be good? That´s.... interesting. Granted, it was a transport for Palpatine mostly, but what good is it now when Palpatine is dead?
  5. No, it´s less an issue with T-65 than with the other ships I mentioned. T-65 is doing ok on top lists, right? Imperial Firespray is nowhere to be seen on the top level.
  6. The ship list which had all the ships sorted by their effectiveness in the recent tournaments showed that T-65 was doing just fine. And before anyone cries out "but it´s just because of Biggs!", let me remind you that most ships have only 1-2 pilots that see action. Now how about Punisher, Palpatine, Imperial Firespray and Lambda fixes?
  7. Surely you have an opinion on FFG´s decisions, as you just stated that Palpatine was too good before. Even if there are no facts to back it up. I´m not too young, but if something I enjoy is taking a turn to a wrong direction without proper reasoning, my knickers will get twisted.
  8. Funny that you mentiont that TLT´s were not in the top builds but ignore that same fact for Palpatine builds and only state that he was "too good". No, he was not. You´re just trying to agree now with FFG and of course it´s easy thing to do after the nerf. I agree with you on the part that not liking something is not a reason to nerf them. That is exactly what happened with Palpatine. I hate TLT´s, but have learned to beat them. Some build will always be stronger than others. That´s no reason to nerf everything which is played more at the top.
  9. You got anything to back that claim? Didn´t think so. They were nowhere near too good. Now especially Palpatine is reduced next to useless for the price you pay.
  10. Well these are of course subjective matters, as I have seen regen wins very much, but haven´t lost to bombs.
  11. I´m no fortune teller, nor are you. I just expressed that I really don´t believe that Sabine will get that treatment. But you´re right, now that I think it more: after Palpatine nerf I guess anything is possible. In my opinion this is not worth nerfing. Rebel regeneration is.
  12. You know they are not going to make a rule like that.
  13. I don´t think the Emperor & Defenders actually needed nerfing either. Yet it happened.
  14. I hate TLT´s. But it´s only fair that they don´t get nerfed now that the Imperials get them. But I guess nref would be fine if regen gets nerfed too. Or Emperor gets his power back.
  15. No, Evade tokens are nothing like shields. And usually it comes with a downside, you can´t have a focus or you get stress if you evade. And yes, PTL is overused. Poe and Corran die to spike damage, but if you can´t pull it off early in the game, you probably will lose.
  16. So why these suggestions pop up again the same moment we hear that Imperials are getting TLT´s too? Don´t you think it´s a bit much after the Great Nerf? Keeping track of regens would be hard, but I´ve seen many games where regen has been used at least 6 times by Corran. Same goes with Poe. If something, that should be nerfed. Not sure how to do it properly. It´s a different thing with those ships with only 1 shield. They will always get hull hits, no matter how much they regenerate.
  17. I would have agreed to nerf the TLT´s a while back, now I´m aggressively opposing the idea. The Emperor and Defenders have just been nerfed, and just now before the Empire finally is receiving the same weapons Scum and Rebels already have, NOW you want to nerf them? No way. Unless we get our Emperor back. How about nerf to regeneration: how about regen was possible only up to how much the ships has shield value, e. g. 3 times for X-wing? Now that the ships are listed in order, Rebel players can´t even start to argue that any Imperial ship or card is OP. So in this light, nerfing the Emperor was totally unnecessary, maybe even the Defenders.
  18. And I still don´t see those who have claimed Imperials are OP in the recent threads to back their words up now!
  19. My lists are fine and diverse. I´m just pointing out Palpatine´s nerf wasn´t needed. He wasn´t in 99% of the tournament lists. I didn´t even play that much with him. I´m just pissed off he got nerfed when there wasn´t a need for that.
  20. So what? The data´s there. As I predicted, the Emperor is pretty much useless after the nerf. Soooo... now that we have the data, even if it´s not that much, I see that many still say that it´s too early to say if Palpatine´s nerf was too much. See for yourself. Can we NOW stop the threads asking to fix some rebel ships? And stop saying that Palpatine´s nerf was a good thing?
  21. I´d like to hear those players´ comments who said that nerfing Palpatine doesn´t have that much of an impact, that he´s still good compared to the points you pay. And how many threads we have had claiming that Rebels are underdogs and Imperials OP? Please do share your thoughts again.
  22. So now that the Imperials are finally getting TLT´s the demands for nerfing them begin again? I have never liked TLT builds, but as Palpatine and Defenders were just nerfed, it would be a kick in the groin to do this now for Imperial players. Wouldn´t this have been done a long time ago if it was going to happen? I´m ok with nerfing the TLT´s if we get our Emperor back as he was.
  23. I doubt that Palpatine will return. I´ve tried him after the nerf in over a dozen times, and I was not able to use his ability 2-3 per game on an average. Of course the ability is still good, but not as nearly good as it should be for 8 points, 2 crew slots and the ride. He was not OP or dominating any tournaments, so the change was totally unnecessary.
  24. 3 defense dice, focus & evade? Sounds like Corran, who has regeneration too which is a lot cheaper than Palpatine. Imperials are not the only ones stacking tokens. But that´s the reason you should shoot with many ships or block. "So the less enemy ships, the mightier was Palp". Is it my fault that he does better against some builds? That is true for everything, some combinations work better against others. "Then go play some other cards" Really? I´m trying to make the point that the errata was unnecessary, Palpatine was fine before. Not broken. Definitely not undercosted when you consider the price and restriction for his ride. I could have told you to play some other game if you thought Palpatine was undercosted before. As for the ice cream guy, sure I like Sundae, even without the sprinkles. But when I´m paying the same price for plain vanilla Sundae that used to get me sprinkles, it´s not right. And it happened just because some %¤&# were jealous of my sprinkles.
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