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  1. Why you should be able to counter every token, is that a rule or something? Everybody seems to forget that x7 makes you drop your missiles and cannon slots and it makes your flying very predictable. You can't blame people for playing the strongest ships, can you? Or do you mean to release new errata for each overplayed ship every year? Why is it "way too good"? As I said before, Defenders were not top builds even at the time. Imperial, sure, but we're running out of decent builds. Palpatine still good? Come on. One Decimator build made it barely, everybody else has stopped using him as he is now too overcosted for what he does.
  2. So nerfing them was right, just because they were competitive and played a lot? Doesn't that tell more of all the Imperial ships, that they were too bad to handle the competition?
  3. So all we can learn here is that they were used a lot because they were the only thing that could have even some success. That's hardly the players' fault, playing the rare, competitive builds for the Imperials. And certainly not a reason to nerf them. But nerfing Palpatine was far more stupid than the x7's.
  4. So if they were that good, how come they weren't at the top in tournaments? Your math doesn't add up. And for auto include I might add that all factions have some ships that see more play. Should they be nerfed because of that too?
  5. Defenders were TOO good? Based on what? Certainly not tournament success. Nor was Palpatine.
  6. If you go to a place which has a clear blinking sign "Toilet", you shouldn´t be surprised if somebody is taking a dump there. Unless you´re illiterate.
  7. "Holier Than Thou" -Baa In case you haven´t noticed, some fine arguments have been made. If you don´t like reading something, don´t open the thread. The headline should have given you a clue.
  8. 1. Surely he´s not the only one who can hit hard compared to his price. And even then you are using him on offense, and let go of the chance to defend with him. And he needs a ride, Lambda is terrible, Decimator very expensive. 2. Ok, let´s assume x7 pushed away some ships, so what? Some ships will always see more play than others, it´s the same thing with the other factions. That´s no reason to nerf something. 3. Palpatine was not OP, not from any perspective. Otherwise Imperials would have dominated the competitive scene before the nerf, right? They didn´t. The game is full of abilities which change and add results, so in that sense Palpatine was not any different. I think that´s overthinking the nerf reason "restricting design space or restricting the new abilities of imperials, or that future crew carriers could not be made too strong ". He still changes that one die, so the actual ability is not changed, just made worse. Unnecessarily.
  9. Bottom-buffing would be my choice. Emperor nerf was needless as the card wasn´t dominating at the top. And at least they are trying to buff weaker ships with the new shield revocery and unguided rockets. I think shield regeneration should have some kind of maximum limit how many times you can do it. But of course it would create a problem for counting it.
  10. No, I don´t. But in order to see more different ships at the table, is nerfing all winning lists really the way to go? You know it´s an endless road.
  11. As I stated before, some ships will always see more play than others. That´s not a reason to nerf something, now is it? You will always find something that are "in a disproportionate amount", so do you really want nerfing every 6 months or so to the ships that you happen to see more at the top?
  12. Oh, but if YOU say Imperial were broken (without any reference, I might add), it must be true! Congratulations, Sir!
  13. But there´s no vacuum. The game is what it is. Imperials were never broken to begin with.
  14. No forethought? Well that´s not just true. You had to choose if you use Palpatine on offence or defense without knowing the dice rolls for both. And even then you payed a gigh price for him and his ride. 3+ speed for Defenders? Predictable as hell, it can easily ruin your game if your opponent knows all the time your maneuvres. Every list did not have them. So what if they were good and saw a lot of playing? They weren´t winning tournaments. Rebel and Scum lists hold pretty much the same ships too, does that mean FFG has to nerf cards every time some card sees more play than the others?
  15. Don´t get me wrong, I´d love to see more ships to see play from each faction. But as it is, some ships are better than others and will see more play. I don´t think that will ever change. Sure, I agree with the reasons behind some ships that don´t get played. How Palpatine and x7´s were "mindless use", care to elaborate? They weren´t dominating any tournamets, or too good at anything, so do you have anything to back that claim? See the meta-ship rankings for my reference.
  16. Or competetion collects all the best ships, because others are not good enough. You can speculate if that means that some ships are too good or others bad. Just look at the ship rankings and then tell me that every ship is nearly good as the other. Check also the Defender and Palpatine rankinkgs before and after the nerf. Empire used to have competitive, good builds, not "mindless overefficient jousters". All factions have less-played ships and there´s a reason for it.
  17. Also, the Emperor nerf was too much.
  18. The competition scene shows what are the best ships, so labeling that as a tiny bit is an understatement. Overall balance comes from all factions being competitive at the top level. After the nerf Imperials were dropped from there.
  19. Well some builds are always more used than the others, same goes for Rebels and Scum too. Is it better to be pushed out of the meta than to have something at the competitive level?
  20. No, we should go back to pre-nerf times because the nerf was not needed as results have clearly shown. Why "fix" something that wasn´t broken? They are not the only thing that has worked, but had moderate succeess, compared now to nearly none. And replacing something with tlt spamming is the worst idea ever. TLT´s are one of the most boring aspects of this game and they will not get Empire to the top.
  21. Yeah, one RAC. Out of 16, that´s pretty dead. And it basically killed Lambda too.
  22. I doesn´t matter how you personally feel, just look at the stats. Emperor was nerfed to death, even though he wasn´t dominating the games before the errata.
  23. I remember reading many posts about "The Emperor and Defenders are still good at the competitive level, just wait and see". Well now we see. That nerf was a huge mistake from FFG, listening too much to the whiners.
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