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  1. So why is it then that "Palpatine was soooo OP and powerful ever and broken" and deserved the nerf, but nothing has been done to Biggs, nor I have any of these people suggesting it? I´ll tell you why: they are mostly rebel players. Nerfing Palpatine was not about ability being broken.
  2. Ysanne Isard for those with crew slots.
  3. Speaking of warping the meta and auto-included pilots, how come Palpatine was nerfed and Biggs has been around 385 Waves? All of the people here who say Palpatine was an auto-include, how come they don´t say anything about Rebel auto-include and how Biggs twists the meta? F%&!"n hypocrites.
  4. In my local group we have agreed to roll the dice, so initiative is always random. We all get to play 100 point squads this way.
  5. So one example of national win resurrects him? Nope, and not even the top 16 at Worlds in Decimator. Of course he´s not useless. He´s just horribly overpriced for what he does. If he was auto-include, that just tells how tough Place Imperial were when they can´t compete with anything else tha Palpatine. You can see how well they did at Worlds.
  6. They need to reverse the palp nerf. He´s dead.
  7. - You keep saying that they were OP, but you have nothing to back that claim. Don´t mix "lot played" to "OP". Some ships are always better than others, are you serious that they were only flyable list after IV? If all other ships are now garbage, the more Palpatine and Defenders should be un-nerfed! -Come on, one Palpatine made it barely to top 16 and in a Decimator. One Decimator is hardly a proof of anything. - So before Defenders actually were competitive, not OP. You are again mixing a lot played and good to OP. Overpowered means broken, so powerful that anything can hardly compete against it. 3 lists in Top 8 does NOT count for OP, no matter how many times you repeat it. -TIE Swarms is a bad example for competitive build as every other lists seems to beat them anyway, not just Defenders or Palpatine. If Palpatine had been given more time, the lists would sure gone to more diverse direction at some point. You can´t blame people playing lists that have a chance at winning. And even then, Imperials did not win. Haven´t won in years. So much OP, right?
  8. I was talking about the ship ranking after the nerfing (to point out that even Defenders are not at the top) - to my knowledge we don´t have a similiar from before. The last tournament data speaks for itself. Outflying predictable moves is not that hard and Palpatine in a Lambda could also be destroyed. The game is full of tricks which give you automatic evades, Palpatine was no different in that sense. Very expensive and very good one, admitted. So what if Triple crack Defenders were statistically better than 6 crackswarm? I bet lots of thing are better than 6 crackswarm. I have never used "but the other stuff is OP too" as my argument. Palpatine just wasn´t. I can live with the x7 nerf, even if it was unjustified.
  9. Why are you always referring Palpatine and x7 as OP? They never were. Not statistically. I´m sorry if it was a drag to see similiar lists one after another, but that does not make them OP. Imperials didn´t have much else to have success with. Now they don´t have even that. Imperials were not eviscerated? Why we did not see any Imperial lists even at top 8 this year? Stop making things up and see the facts for yourself. Oh, and the ship ratings as well.
  10. You are now mixing things. Palpatine and x7 were used a lot, yes. Because they were good. But that does NOT mean they were broken. By following that logic everything that is played a lot is broken and has to nerfed. I understand your point that it´s boring to play against the same ships every time, but hey, using those got you very predictable flying and x7 & Palpatine lists were already in decline when the nerf hit. You don´t see much of B-Wings, Headhunters, A-wings, YT-2400´s on the field either. Is that a reason to nerf all much-used rebel ships? Or scum ships because people don´t use enough Headhunters? No, nerfing should ONLY hit when something is really broken.
  11. It´s not a matter if you believed Palpatine and x7 to be too powerful: they weren´t as tournament statistics clearly show. All those new upcoming magic bombs and rockets are not going to be enough to make Punisher viable. And at the same time Scum and Rebels are getting their own new bomber, which seems to be be better than Imperial ones. Yes, I like to use my Bombers quite a bit, but they are too fragile most of the time and aces too expensive. They probably will nerf the current OP stuff, but it was unnecessary for Palpatine and maybe to x7 too.
  12. So your choice would be to nerf everything, rather than buff the older ships? Sure, it would be fun to have a 500-page nerf dictionary including every card which has had success. One thing which I never understood about the "fixes" for any ship is why all are fixed By giving them boost or barrel roll? Be it modification or title. I used to think each ship had a different character, but now every other t-70, Kihrax and whatever can do those tricks too. Interceptors were never "balanced", Soontir Fel carried the whole weight. I would like the TIE bomber to be more useful, but they get shot down before they even shoot. And the Bomber aces are waayyy overpriced. Ok, let´s look at the other Imperial ships: TIE Fighter: As I mentioned, rebels have a better version of this. Cheap, but can´t compete. Wampa WAS ok with pre-nerf Palpatine. Not competitive. TIE/ fo: Apart from Omega Leader, see above. TIE sf: I admit, quite useful but expensive and can´t survive for very long. TIE Striker: Fun, but will be shot down very easily. Has same problems as Interceptors. Not competitive. Lambda: Useful with pre-nerf Palpatine, now totally useless. Upsilon: Fun, but not competitive due to lack of k-turn. Expensive. TIE Advanced: killed by stress, Vader only used. Not competitive anymore. TIE adv. Prototype: Apart from one good pilot, useless. TIE aggressor: Mediocre ship. I bet TLT will get nerfed. TIE Phantom: I guess it´s ok, but in the current meta it has lost the special edge it had. Bombed and stressed to death. Decimator: Fine ship, but can´t stand those 5-dice attacks which are now everywhere.
  13. x7 was never at the same level than JumpMaster, don´t even try that. Do you really think that Imperial Firespray, generic Interceptors, TIE Punisher or Bombers are truly balanced ships? Wow, you must not have played against them in a while. "Perhaps what you mean is that imperials should be allowed 500 point squads. " No, you´re not even remotely funny. Nothing that I suggested would make Imperials OP or the game unbalanced. On the contrary.
  14. Let´s look what has happened recently: Imperials got nerfed. I´ve been trying to ask the reasons behind this and the best I´ve got is "Palpatine and x7´s were OP" and "They did it to broaden Imperial lists". First of all, Palpatine and x7´s were never OP, otherwise they would have been almost unbeatable and had nearly all the top places in tournaments. Secondly, if you want variance to lists, how about making obsolete ships playable? You can´t balme people for playing something that had success. TIE Punisher sucks hard. TIE Bomber got some upgrades, it´s still worse bomber than the rebel version and soon "rebel and scum bomber". The shuttle title is not that good. Lambda was used before nerf, now it´s useless. Firespray, useless. Rebels even got the most iconic ship of the Empire which is even better that the Imperial version! Sure, Imperials are getting TIE aggressor, which seems like a mediocre ship. I´m confident that once Imperials get TLT´s, they too will be nerfed. Way to treat 1/3 of the game. Now let´s look at the new "fixes": Imperial fix titles have drawbacks: can´t use target lock with ATC. X7 loses cannon and missile slots and has to do 3+ moves (and still got nerfed). What do the scum get? Huge cost reduction without any drawbacks. So, I too, I have come to the same conclusion: FFG hates Imperials. -Nerfing Imperial cards that are already underperforming. -No new upcoming good ships. -Buffing other factions´cards way more than Imperials. My solution? -More Imperial only upgrades. -Un-nerf Palpatine and x7. - Nerf top scum and rebel regeneration. Thank you.
  15. What's interesting about 22-point interceptor compared to vaksai? The sarcasm of it all.
  16. Meanwhile a PS 4 Interceptor can take Crackshot at 22 points.
  17. Royal Guard title feels like a joke now.
  18. Are you trying to justify unfairness with that? Sorry, doesn't work. And judging from your posts, you're very often attacking anything Imperial related. How's that for small-mindedness?
  19. So in your opinion it's fair that all the other factions have had the normal version but Imperials should not? We have dramatically different views on what's fair.
  20. Advanced sensors and the ability to barrel roll before your move isn't very predictable.
  21. As much as I think TLT is one of the most boring and overused things ever, it wouldn't be right to nerf it now when the Imperials are finally getting it.
  22. Maybe you missed the point. You can regenerate that 3 shields over and over again, I was suggesting you could do it as many times as you have your original shield value. That would bring some balance to it without breaking the effect.
  23. Black Market Slicer Tools has a few problems: -Illicit (Scum only) -You lose your action and are vulnerable to counter attack. -If Corran has advanced sensors and sticks to green moves, he will not be stressed. It's frustrating that only a handful of ships are good against regeneration.
  24. I've had most trouble killing Corran who has ptl, advanced sensors and hull upgrade. He can easily reposition when starting with a barrel roll and then go charging shields. And even if he doesn't, I have to chew 3 agility, evade and focus token. I've basically given up using 2 attack ships because of regeneration. Even if I manage to push some damage, he can also double shoot me at the same time. Sure, I can ionize him if I hit or use Kylo or Wampa but it would be great to be able to do it with different ships. In my opinion, regeneration should have some maximum cap.
  25. Why you should be able to counter every token, is that a rule or something? Everybody seems to forget that x7 makes you drop your missiles and cannon slots and it makes your flying very predictable. You can't blame people for playing the strongest ships, can you? Or do you mean to release new errata for each overplayed ship every year? Why is it "way too good"? As I said before, Defenders were not top builds even at the time. Imperial, sure, but we're running out of decent builds. Palpatine still good? Come on. One Decimator build made it barely, everybody else has stopped using him as he is now too overcosted for what he does.
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