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  1. Could you please even stop spamming the huge pictures, bolded and CAPS LOCK TEXT? Thanks.
  2. So you are implying that the Punisher is now ok and doesn´t need anything? It seems you are the joker here. Any of those upgrades will not make Punisher viable ship and you know it too. It is overcosted for what it is.
  3. That´s very funny. See the difference between "boost" and "some boost"?
  4. You mean the Imperial Veterans which was a fix that got nerfed pretty soon after the release? I´d also like to remind that x7 title had also a negative side to it (predictability, losing cannons and missile slots), unlike Vaksai. The bomber veterans did not bring any help to those overcosted ships. So these are hardly useless complaints. There are loads of ships that NEED some boost. Tie Punisher being the best example.
  5. So mini-mindlink for free? No thanks.
  6. Very funny, a comment from you regarding typos.
  7. I would use it, but occasionally I am interested even in his opinions and some posts do have some value. That is, when he has taken his medication. And I see Joe hurt his feelings now.. aww. I´m not that petty that I would block him for slandering me.
  8. They are good now, sure, but great is an overstatement. I guess I should try intensity with them. Strikers are fun, but shot down pretty quick. I do like triple Defenders every now and then and I have tried Palpatine now many times with different combinations. The best was probably RAC, others just weren´t good enough anymore.
  9. Defenders are decent, but not that good. It´s kind of sad that Imperials received a "fix" for a ship which was then partly cancelled. Palpatine isn´t even decent anymore in my experience.
  10. Probably 6 or 7. I always play different squads and ships, but when the streak is starting to get high, I bring the Defenders which usually help to end the streak. Longest winning streak is 9, happened a few times but never broke the magical ten.
  11. Might be unrealistic, but isn´t that the point of everything having a point cost? To balance things in relation to each other.
  12. Looking from international perspective... if this isn´t off topic, then what is? Are we going to celebrate every X-Wing nation´s national day?
  13. So you are suggesting massive nerfs to Rebels and Scum? Bring it on.
  14. The point being, Worlds are the best of the best, right? If we can agree about that, then you´ll see that even pre-nerf Palpatine & Defender lists were not even able to beat the best of Rebels and Scum. Never said Palpatine wasn´t a very good card, it just wasn´t OP, as many here are trying to paint him. Oh and "Royal guard title and Vaxai have nothing to do with each other. "? -So why did you bring the intercpetor bumps up in the first place? "Almost all of the Gozanti TIEs are great and many were used when it came out." -Funny, I can´t seem to recall that time or the TIE pilots. "FFG has never fixed a ship forever, and they never will, so I'm sorry, but none of your ships are ever getting fixed." -I guess that´s bad planning then, because all ships should be in a relative position to each other, or have I understood the point value of the cards wrong? Sure, some ships should be able to counter specific things (turrets, large ships, high agility), but I´ve always thought that the point value of things has some meaning. Now all you seem to be saying is that everything new should be better and better, so all old things will become obsolete.
  15. Ok, let´s seee: Very effective bumbs for interceptors? Autothrusters were not just for them, they also helped other ships against turrets. And the Royal Guard title? It is a joke compared to Kihraxz´s new title. Apart from Soontir Fel, I don´t recall seeing a lot of interceptors anywhere in tournamets.. so much for very effective bumps. Tie Advanced was originally so bad that the title was needed. And yet you don´t see even Vader anymore. Palpatine and meta dominance? See the tournament statistics for yourself. Only Scum & Rebel dominance there, even before the nerf. Two decent Tie fighter are not "ton of very effective TIE Fighters". Kallus & Whisper is ok, not that Whisper has made any major comebacks. I´m laughing now, because some of your claims were just so absurd.
  16. Yeah, Imperials got a fix for Defenders and then the fix it was nerfed (and Palpatine too). Seriously, I don´t know if I should laugh or cry.
  17. It´s hard to enjoy the game when 1/3 of the game is first nerfed for no reason, then other factions get even more boost to their ships. And don´t even mention the Punisher, mine maps or more bombs will not make it even decent for it´s price.
  18. You know, he has a point. Imperials are far behind in faction-restricted upgrades and the trend seems to be continuing.
  19. Mainly because we want to add a random aspect to the game: you can´t ever play safe with PS, even if you have top pilots. It´s a gamble, sure, but everybody has been satisfied with it.
  20. You know, Palpatine isn´t 2 crew slots fat. I always imagined the second slot is for his bodyguards. That, or he doesn´t want to cramp in with some petty officer.
  21. True, I was looking from Imperial perspective the Biggs-ordnance nerf, my bad. But it still isn´t nearly as bad as what was done to Palpatine AND Defenders. Imperials took the biggest hit, despite they were already having hard time. Let´s look at the stats of your "absurd level of jousting efficiency": The best Imperial list was at 3rd place at the Worlds, and Imperials had two other lists in the top 8. Statistics don´t lie, I´m pretty sure nobody agrees with you that those are absurd rankings. Hell, that was supposed to be THE best that Imperials ever had, OP and broken, but yet they could not reach even a second place? How OP is that!
  22. But the game IS divided into factions, right? Competitive factions. I agree that Palpatine was good, as he should be with that price and the ship restriction. But absurd level of jousting efficiency? Basically it just one extra evade when your green dice failed you. And they always do. Loads of Biggs nerf suggestions don´t mean anything as nothing has happened wave after wave. The small nerf for secondary weapons didn´t change anything and can hardly be called a nerf.
  23. That´s just not true. Palpatine Defenders did not dominate the competitive scene. See the 2016 results for yourself.
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