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  1. I´´ m quite sure your inside joke of a space gorilla called Craig was understood by... no one here 😃 I think the TIE Brute will suffer from same problems as Punishers: they will melt very quickly, especially with crits.
  2. Has there been any news about the new app, as the old one does not have updated point values? I am fine using YASB 2.0, but it is not really the best when using mobile phone. Also, I cannot save my premade squadrons, so it would be nice to have the official app some time.
  3. Pretty Green


    You REALLY need to read the rules at least once. This is like the tenth time you have had some misconception of the basic rules.
  4. YASB lets you build squads on all sides and hop between them. You just have to calculate each faction´s total points, which are also shown.
  5. Dude, you literally wrote about mod stacking. So yeah, you said that.
  6. Very well, thanks for clarifying the subject!
  7. Yeah, I get that but I was mostly thinking of 1.0 where certain pilot skill interactions were not allowed with huge ships (Biggs) in errata. Apparently all goes now and everyone plays it like that?
  8. I have not seen the issue addressed anywhere, so I would like to know if it is just a matter of "house rules" or if there is some official ruling? Do small ship abilities (coordinating, free target locks, Jonus, etc.) work with huge ships? In my mind this seems a bit unbalanced (and un-thematic), so I have thought that no small ship can coordinate huge ships nor do their pilot abilities work with huges. Any experiences on the matter?
  9. So VERY limited combat use, but I guess that counts. Very well, Arc it is.
  10. Did it see much operational use? I would count only those which were used in combat, more than few times. I mean Gloster Meteor is Allied jet fighter, but it really did not see much action due to late entry and few planes.
  11. What is that horrible thing!? I was thinking the Arc-170 would be Il-2.
  12. Nah, I wasn´t thinking of manufacturers, just how the fighters feel, To me, N1 resembles P51D Mustang the most.
  13. I´d say Separatist ships are Japanese fighters, the Vulture would be A6M "Zero". Fast, Agile and all for one cause. For the Republic… maybe U.S. Air Force during WW2? Clearly Rebels are all the Allies.
  14. Slow day at work, here´s my take on this subject: TIE Fighters are clearly Bf 109 E, fast and agile, but lacking a bit in firepower. TIE Advanced = Bf 109 K-4, more powerful armament. TIE Interceptor would be FW 190 A-8. Fast and made for hit and run attacks. TIE Defender = Me 262, the most advanced fighter Empire has. Rebels: Headhunters are Hurricanes, the workhorses. Arc = Il-2 Sturmovik, tanks with gunners. X-Wing = P40 E-1 Kittyhawk, good all-rounder. A-Wing = Spitfire V B, fast and agile. B-Wing = P47 Thunderbolt. Large, hits hard.
  15. I play mostly with a group of friends. All matches to the death, no time limit. Takes usually 30 min to 1,5 hours, maybe 2. Much more fun than time limits and chasing most valuable points and then running away.
  16. Yeah, despite I play only Imperial, in a twisted way I´m glad to see the Rebels do well after reading all the forum whining that they are no good and these and these Empire ships are undercosted.
  17. I´m a bit confused now. Isn´t the (primary) torpedo arc an arc too?
  18. So torpedoes will not give me forward arc, but I can shoot them only from my forward arc from Decimator? If my turret arc is sideways, wouldn´t the ship cover 270 degrees then?
  19. We had a heated discussion with my friend can all abilities which trigger when in "arc" or "firing arc" can be used with mobile AND primary arc so, that you could cover two of the four arcs? For example Jan Ors´ pilot ability, does "firing arc" include the turret arc in addition with the primary arc? Thanks for your help in advance.
  20. Pretty Green

    Anyone else...

    Anyone else... think that the headline should give some information about the thread?
  21. Am I the only one who can´t read missiles and torpedoes properly, or all ranges restricted to just one range, e.g. no more 2-3 or 1-2 but 2 or 1? They all seem to have just one number and "Weapon range no bonus"
  22. Well lucky you, it´s 14.30 here.
  23. Look on the bright side: add Director Krennic and Jendon can lock. Force Tarkin on the same ship and there you go.
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