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  1. has been updated!

    The best-looking builder, also simple to use. But alas, sometimes a bit behind with all the upgrades and ships.
  2. if it aint broke dont break it.. :D

    So this guy is just "giving his opinion" and dismissess all opinions when anybody tries to give some explanations for the nerf? Like this: "first genius.... don't care." -Great argument, what can I say? "the jump master. "they should change the title card to allow it to have the torpedo options. that way it still befits dengar's personality. " -Personality, really? =D "adv. slam, the other contention that was an issue that I took for granted anyways" -Good for you, you were probably the only one. Would you care to elaborate why anyone should care about your opinion if you can´t even discuss when someone makes a point and gives an explanation to the nerfs? Looking at tournament results, the nerfed cards were broken, there´s no denying that.
  3. Do not mix evade/reinforce tokens as the same thing as regeneration. Each time a ship that cannot regenerate gets hit, it loses health permanently.
  4. Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Biggs?

    The Palpatine nerf was justified by "opening up Imperial design space". Doesn´t this do the same for Rebels? No faction should be dependent on one pilot. The Biggs nerf is just right. I´m having fun watching the reactions.
  5. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    I´m loving this, to see all the people cry who thought Palpatine and Defender nerfs were justified.
  6. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    You mean overpriced for what he does? You have to have a ride for him too. Anyway, nobody can´t complain about the nerfs as everybody has been hit. I sill think that the Imperials took the biggest hits with Defenders and Palpatine.
  7. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Yeah, but it´s very hard to win with them. I mean, somebody wins the lottery too, right?
  8. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Well at first Palpatine wasn´t a thing, so it hardly seemed too good to be true. And it was over by the time he was nerfed. And he was nerfed to death.
  9. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Palpatine nerf was a bit too much. As it was justified By "opening up Imperial squad design", this will do the same thing to Rebels. It is the right thing to do.
  10. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Probably not as bad as people who bought Raider for Palpatine...
  11. Squinting at Things So You Don't Have To!

    So what about Gunboat upgrade cards? Especially the elite skill card, has anyone been able to squint that?
  12. Simple Rebel Errata Wishlist

    Or FFG could do to Rebels what they did with Imperials, when they thought Palpatine and Defenders were "warping the meta": nerf all the best Rebel ships and that way force people to play all the other (bad) ships.
  13. Concept for a rotating Initiative

    But it´s the same for everyone. I have been forced to try new strategies with initiative dependent lists and it´s been ok.
  14. Concept for a rotating Initiative

    Why not roll the dice for initiative and play full 100p matches? Problem solved.
  15. Time to Reverse the Palpatine Nerf?

    Totally skews store-level meta? Isn´t that a bit exaggeration, as not that many Palpatine builds made it to the top? And now there are way better Rebel and Scum builds than there were in 2016 before the nerf. I get that maybe there were too much of the same builds, but the nerf was still too hard, especially when you look at the ships which have been released after it. Sorry that your local scene used only Palpatine builds, but that was not the case everywhere. And Palpatine was certainly not overpowered. Very good, but not broken. But same can be said about lots of builds. Some are even broken, but not Imperials.