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  1. Interesting that I apparently have now two accounts, thanks for the 'new' ffg x-wing squadron app. Anyway I am now happy owner of Separatist faction and I have been looking in to them for quite a while now and was very happy with them at the moment. I still lack Infiltrator, but I will purchase this soonish here. My overall understanding of X-Wing 2.0 is low at the moment, it has been 'steep' hill to climb after 1.0 and I have been playing so much less in recent years also that will contribute on that. I have been playing Scum forever and have been lacking inspiration to play them and try to invent new shenanigans etc, but Separatist made me inspired 2.0 again.
  2. I have been using Moralo with Fenn Rau and one z-95 docked in. Its pretty fun list too! That flanking option is pretty fun trick! Moralo -Fearless -Chewbacca -Hull Upgrade -Bossk -Perceptive Copilot -Hounds Tooth Fenn Rau -Daredevil Black Sun Soldier -Crack Shot -Deadmans Switch 200p total There is lot of points to play around with, this has build just for casual fun games so I havnt optimize it yet or anything.
  3. Zazaa


    JM5K seems to be awesome ship! Im happy I have just one of them! Every single thing I hear from 2.0 is pretty awesome and cant wait to get my hand on it already!
  4. Zazaa

    Scum Aces

    Zuckuss!!!! 4-Lom!!! Manaroo!!! Yay!!! ?
  5. I took my IG-88 ships out of my "hangar" inspired by Dellapina and had awesome casual game with almost same list. Had four Interceptors and one TIE Bomber agains me, lost my first IG at turn 4 or 5 and my opponent had his whole list mostly intact, few damage here and there and I was actually able to clean the table with only IG-B!!! It was my second time I used tractor beam, worked fine and was the game changer. Anyway, my point being I was annoyed by the large base, it gives them huge arc what is awesome, makes them faster too, but I was so stuck because my opponent was able to block me so easily, only my Advanced Sensors saved me from them most of the time if I wasnt stressed. Soooo, Im glad to have it on medium base! ?
  6. Awesome! Time to lear fly X-Wing again! ?
  7. I dont recall them saying, but I would imagine that same manner like large ones too.
  8. I'm glad i never made my collection on numbers ignorance is bliss they say! I'm going to get Starter Kit and Scum Conversion. Honestly I cant put more ships really on table with 200p game, so one should be good and I think it was their intension, but you guys go crazy and ALL-in so no wonder it will get pricey. I'm thinking that I have used close to $1500 on my X-Wing miniatures, just guesstimation! So another >$100 is not too bad. ?
  9. Well I always knew that the xwing scene was full of copycats and just few og players, im happy that we got beautiful win with more og squad!!!?
  10. Well im sure you wont need to conver all of you faction, even less all of your ships because realisticly you will end up playing with maybe 3-5 ships at time. I just dont see the point on that. I got almost all the ships and upgrades of xwing 1.0 and I have no plan to convert all of them, im buying one conversion for scum and start from there!
  11. Now you just practice by unlearning just about everything. Thats the beauty of all this?!
  12. I hope all valid squads from xw1 are going to die and we get new "wave" of cool stuff.. I would like to see more TIE Fighters, Interceptors, X-Wings(t65), A-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, Star Vipers, Scyks and Kihraxz... ?
  13. We have speculate this since Shadow Caster got published that every turret should have been mobile arc. Im pretty pleased with the upcoming updates.
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