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  1. It's time to reveal Kimogila!!! ...and/or Wave 13 Scum ship.
  2. I do think that it is way more cool thing to actually do well in tournaments with my own squad. Not big fan of those "meta" squads that many are playing.
  3. The key is casual games!
  4. I have found alpha strike becoming bit strong after cruise missiles. Now it is able to almost destroy anything with that five hit attack in just one to two turns. This is big problem with 1-2 agility ships. There is very little what we can do about it if someone has those. Kimogila seems interesting enough to get! I like the idea of bullseye arc. I am eager to get more news!!!
  5. I still keep loosing often for Imperium with Scum..
  6. Yes! It is nice idea too. Last squad I didn't have enough points for that, but I could squeeze out that for sure.
  7. Also I measured that once Zuvio does reverse maneuver it is out of his own bomb because you drop it with range 1 ruler. I quite like the combo.
  8. Cad Bane is the key here!! Also it makes the bombs bit more powerful!
  9. I was theory crafting Constable Zuvio last week and tried it first time in my life yesterday. Quadjumper: · Constable Zuvio (19) Veteran Instincts (1) Spacetug Tractor Array (2) · Cad Bane (2) Inertial Dampeners (1) · Bomblet Generator (3) I would like to add Pattern Analyzer or Primed Thruster but I don't have those cards yet, just waiting to get them via mail. I would also drop that Spacetug Tractor Array away. And maybe even those Inertial Dampeners because they are on him just because had one point extra. I played against Imperials yesterday and was able to drop one bomblet that hit five ship formation and it just wrecked my opponents list. I was able to clean up rest of the list with Inaldra and Zuvio, because my Fenn Rau and BTL Y-Wing got smashed into pieces. At least BTL was able to drop one Interceptor before dying. I quite like Quadjumper, I never really looked forward to having it, but after I got my Scurgg H-6 and it brought Bomblets I decided to get one Jumper. It is fun ship! PS. I'm 99% casual gamer! Just wanted to share my experience with you guys!
  10. Fly casual=Fly whatever you feel like! It's where you don't worry about meta etc.
  11. Excellent!
  12. Few new ships for Scum please. Again we are getting behind on expansions!
  13. I'm wondering if the ability of Latts Razzi pilot on YV666 is working for her too? So questions is, does "friendly" ship include her ship also?
  14. It is also good option! I took Kihraxz instead of Z-95s because there is no unlimited shots from Hot Shot Blaster, max two each ship, but it gives you 360 arc when you need to maneuver away from fight.