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  1. Jumpmaster is especially good now!
  2. PTL would work almost better on Asajj and Attani Mindlink on Fenn Rau. I have been playing with 2 Attani Mindlinks "only" in my mind for long time now. I kinda anticipate that upcoming change. Fenn Rau with stress is not very nimble anymore, he needs those 1 turns and they are not green and that makes me feel that it is better off without PTL.
  3. Well that ducks!
  4. Isn't this around the time the leak?
  5. So is this true that we are discarding Bomblet Generator if we use Genius now? I'm confused, because it is exactly what the nerfed card implies, right?
  6. Scum didn't die here, but took a massive hit to the meta (read balls).. There is still new stuff coming up for us and so on. Life goes on!
  7. Maybe this is the time to go and buy them!! Excellent idea Sir!!!
  8. Okay, they could have limit Punishing One title for Dengar, or something similar. I'm sure none of you guys can argue that FFG couldn't do that kind of limitation, now I would say they can do whatever pretty much. I really don't care rest of the pilots, Dengar made me sad now. I agree this bringing balance to the game, no doubt of that, but I was hoping something smoother than this!
  9. I haven't been playing so much with JM5Ks really, but I see that this had hit very hard for Scum players this time. I wouldn't agree with Defenders though, or maybe I have just missed out something here, again. If it is about 4k bump, then I stand behind what I said, it is very good ship at the moment, my opinion though. Palp has what two viable ships to fly in, right? Lambda and Batmobile? It's alright I would argue, Batmobile being better option. So let's bring Jabba here, there is only ONE ship that would take that fat beauty in, Hounds tooth, but there is just no points in normal game to build squad around him really. Maybe with Guns For Hire expansion, but just maybe!
  10. I would also argue that if someone here bought Raider just because Palpatine, it was very crazy investment, rather just buy the card from eBay, it costs way less, still awfully expensive. I am eager to see how this JM5K "Thing" will unravel in the future, because now it seems very odd package to buy. All this hassle would have been playing out very differently if Punishing One title would have add one torp and astromech slot, I would have been 100% behind the changes, now I am not. Although, fingers crossed for FFG letting us to print cards for tournaments, the official ones!
  11. I think it was nerfed to be for skillful players. It is still strong card, now you need to predict, before just use when it is convenient.
  12. Well what's the issue here then? Even if it was stacked up with all his tokens it fell apart after Palpatine was nerfed, so obviously it didn't do that well with all those tokens or avoiding bombs. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see more Aces on table!!
  13. Actually that would be almost pretty equal loss money-wise! Although I still don't think Palpatine was not modified that badly! I was probably one of those who saw this coming before I invested my money in three JM5Ks.. Lesson to be learned here, don't buy anything extensively if it seems to be too good to be true!
  14. I'm actually going to do this, just to be renegade! I will promise to bring printed cards out in my next official tournament, even if I would get kicked out. Honestly my gaming is getting pretty distracted by all these changes that I almost feel like I need to do it to stay focused in my game. Anyone here has idea what is best type of an paper to get these cards out equal quality as possible? I kinda hate that I do have to agree with printing, if anyone would have asked me yesterday I would have been highly against it, but now I need change my opinion here..
  15. I doubt that! As long as there will be any bombs or turrets around there will be no space for Soontir Fel. Although you could bring him out and be renegade!