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  1. To be fair, even if they were 20pts each and you slapped Enhanced Armament on them all; you would still only get 12 with Akbar as your admiral. I say 'Only 12' but i'm fairly sure i could shoot down that quantity of garbage and whether the return. I mean what are they going to do, conga line?
  2. I noticed they put a "-" on the port and starboard to stop Ackbar flotilla spam! Edit: But we haven't seen the other ship card yet...
  3. I played a MTG tournament with 40 odd players. I played 1st place in the final round and won. Then the TO decided to have another round, I played second place and won. However due to this MoV rubbish i came second. I don't rightly understand how it's worked out but I call shenanigans! On the last round, stick the top two together then have it out. The winner should win the whole tournament.
  4. I tell you this, it's not just the guaranteed 1 damage card its the guaranteed 1 crit that i like about APTs. Not a lot of vessels limp away from double crits well even with their shields up. The obstruction to the vessels effectiveness can be extreme. I'm sure you could do some double arc damage math on it but how do you give a number to a critical ruining the effectiveness of a vessel. For instance give ruptured engine to a small vessel and you've ruined it, or give depowered armament to most rebel craft and you've nerfed its kite-ing ability. Now try any two crits! There is also the fact that getting two structural damage cards can end CR90s or Raiders regardless of their shields or the rest of your cumulative damage. 5pts to always land a crit is a steal. Edit: When i say Crit i mean face up damage card.
  5. Instigator doesn't prevent fighters from attacking outright do they? They just have to attack Instigator. So, if you pod the B-Wings and place them in such a way to stay in the front arc of Instigator, during the fighter phase all four pummel the front arc. Unless all of them whiff, they can do enough damage to leave Instigator open to any capital attack to finish them off. If Demolisher doesn't finish off a ship via activation then your response is to punch Instigator out and that's one less Raider to deal with. The B-Wings can then flutter to another target and punch that down too. Besides, if that doesn't work you space out your fighters such that Insitgator's distance bubble can't cover all of them. Point being that Raiders can't suffer many attacks against them. Thats why the Ties escort Instigator. They become the primary targets whilst Instigator locks the squadrons down.
  6. So you don't need to damage your target squadron to use the ruthless strategist? I could roll a crit, fail to damage and still use it? And same goes for if they scatter, i can still use the ability? (which of course they couldn't scatter)
  7. I was watching the World champion ship game again recently. I don't own 8 A-Wings, but i can see they are bloody effective. A-Wings are a bit of a dirty allrounder, they have max move of 5 they have a reasonable anti squadron AND counter AND a black dice vs Ships which is the best you can do for a non bomber. I like to take squadrons of my own but i can't see a better combo for the points and flexibility than A-Wing spam. The counter keyword means they are a headache for any other squadron type and if you win the squadron game they are fantastic for whittling down shields. How do you deal with a swarm of them and still have an effective anti ship force? What is the A-Wings natural enemy? Is there a circle of squadron prey or just a food chain?
  8. In the case of the Avenger take the XX9. If you can overload pulse your target then a CF can give you another blue, there you go you have 6 guaranteed damage and two guaranteed crits that ruins most ships beyond a come back. Even the MC80 with 4 shields will be limping after 2 crits.
  9. I see you put a lot of thought into your answer but i'm not a fan. I like the rules the way they are. Whether you see collisions as an abstract of them grinding into each other while the rest of the conflict carries on or not the rules work fine. If people can always guarantee slipping past to the opposite hull zone there would be less need to plan movement and speed carefully, and that's what i have a problem with. As has already been mentioned, proportionally smaller ships suffer more damage anyway, although a face up sounds Dodonna good! I've lost sight of why the anti rammers hate this mechanic, is it realism? is it getting their ship stuck? is it the damage (or lack of)? I think i'm going to stop commenting, i don't feel this idea deserves attention because i'm firmly in the pro ramming mechanic party. No offence to any anti ramming mechanic people out there.
  10. I don't know how much this has been discussed, So i'm not keen on Tie Fighters (or interceptors for that matter) because of the shockingly low hull value on them. The thing is they work in swarms and end up getting ruined by any anti squadron ship with two anti fighter dice. Ignoring getting one shotted by other squadrons, as i'm sure that's what Tie Advanced are for, its the abundance of two dice anti fighter firepower that makes them die quick. I'm not ranting, i know they're cheap and i love squadrons but does anyone use them effectively? I like the idea of taking 5+ along with my other squadrons to really bulk out the threat but I just expect them to get shredded by ships. So please let me know if you take them and what you're taking them with and how you're using them.
  11. I have nothing constructive to add. I just love Tarkin also. When he starts chucking out tokens so I can flick shields back on and adjust speed without comprising my orders he rules. I once flicked 3 shields back on my VSD because he enhanced my Engineering command with a token. (I actually used the defense liaison to convert a move command as well). My favorite though is an engineering team on the GSD, you can remove a crit when Tarkin chucks you a token! Because I don't usually engage until turn two I reach my opponent with 3 tokens on my VSD/ISD. (two Tarkin Tokens (TTs) and one bank from turn 1). I think he is incorrectly seen as a crutch just like the liaisons, when in fact he is an awesome flexible enhancement. His added flexibility although apparent to your opponent is very difficult to accommodate for. I just started using twin VSDs spamming squadron to break though my opponents shields and keeping my speed and defenses in check with TTs. Need more games but i'll see how my opponents adapt. If you consider Redundant Shields on an ISD will regen back 5(6?) shields over the course of a game, and Tarkin can give this to all your ships except the Raider per turn, his value is immense. I have friends that don't get on with him, they want to guarantee damage or thrust, fair enough. I want all round flexibility. I thought I was special until i saw this thread!
  12. I blocked a VSD with my Neb B rather than give up my flank. I didn't have the speed to jump over so got ground to death. I thought it was great, the bigger ship won and it only lasted two turns.
  13. Did someone get Rieekan'd by Triple Engine Tech'd CR90B's!?! The End of many an ISD Double Arc and double ram each ... ouch!
  14. Against the big Rebs: Power Failure - Your engineering value is reduced by half rounded down Against the big Imps: Thruster Control Malfunction - The yaw value for the last adjustable joint at your current speed is reduced by 1 Against Small Ships: Ruptured Engine - after you execute a maneuver, if your speed is greater than 1 suffer 1 damage When i'm against rebels its more of a 'hunt' so i need them to slow down and stop the ability to repair, Against the imperials if you can ruin their maneuvering they become worse at getting their much needed front arc in the combat For both sides depowered armament is ideal for either skirmishing at range or forcing them to close with you. Depowered Armament - You cannot attack at long range
  15. If the main Deck holder came without upgrades and allowed you to clip on upgrades slots of 2 at a time i would be interested. This would allow less space to be wasted and let you customize appropriately. I also agree with having the ship identifier slot. Looks great though, great idea, well done. Edit; is orange standard?
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