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  1. Noooooo! Why ffg?! FAQ'ing out my fun... whatever, wasn't super interested, was mostly a joke list. Still, if it hadn't been FAQ'ed... Do agree, definitely a gimmick though.
  2. Sorry if anyone has done this already, I've been off the forum and disconnected from X-wing for a while, but was just recently messing around in YASB and came up with this LOL list. Crimson Squadron Pilot — B/SF-17 Bomber 25 Minefield Mapper 0 Cluster Mines 4 Ordnance Silos 2 Crossfire Formation 2 Ship Total: 33 Crimson Squadron Pilot — B/SF-17 Bomber 25 Minefield Mapper 0 Cluster Mines 4 Ordnance Silos 2 Crossfire Formation 2 Ship Total: 33 Crimson Squadron Pilot — B/SF-17 Bomber 25 Minefield Mapper 0 Cluster Mines 4 Ordnance Silos 2 Crossfire Formation 2 Ship Total: 33 Drops 36 bomb tokens before the game even starts, then stalls for time and hopes the opponent runs over a few on the way over to your side of the board, then focus fire to bring down any scragglers. Super heavy on control, probably want to bring the largest rocks as well, so you can really direct the opponents ships where you want them Really just a fun list, have no idea what the meta is like and if this would succeed in it. Potential formation if opponent deploys in corner. (Obviously wouldn't happen if your opponent was paying attention to your list at all, but I thought it would look funny)
  3. For everyone here who is saying that you can't put Jabba into the single crew slot because he's a "double crew" card, wouldn't that mean you couldn't replace him with someone else because they're not a double crew? Yet in the CROC preview they said that doing so was possible.
  4. Triple Sigs With FCS, LWF, and Hotshot? Could be fun to fly at least
  5. Probably just a party trick, but it could be cool to build a list around
  6. Dash can't shoot from obstacles. He only ignores them during activation/performing actions.
  7. Pirate modifications? I like it! Custom title or just shoehorned in? I've been wanting to try and start a campaign with some friends ad stuff like this is perfect to get them interested.
  8. So I had a question that I can't seem to find any answer to here on the forums: What is the most (red) dice one ship can throw in one round of combat? It could be just using the one ship, or with help from another pilots abilities/upgrades (are there any that grant extra dice to friendly ships?) This isn't a "most damage possible" so for instance, I'm not taking Bossk's ability into account. My initial ideas are: 11 Dice at Range 2 in 3 shots through an obstacle Any Y-wing with an EPT -Trick Shot -Twin Laser Turret -BTL-A4 Throw 3 Dice with primary attack, then 4 Dice twice with TLT 7 Dice at Range 1 in 1 shot through an obstacle Fenn Rau -Trick Shot/Opportunist -Advanced Proton Torpedoes 5 Dice +1 from Pilot ability and 1 from obstacle/opportunist Anything else anyone can think of? Also, what is the most greens you could throw? What is the most damage you could (potentially) deal?
  9. If the dial has any speed of K-turn, and you can fit 3 in a list, all you have to do is space them apart a bit, fly them up the center, then k-turn, repeat, repeat, repeat.. With the 180 degree arc maneuvering isn't required.
  10. Sweet, thanks I wonder how that will interact in the game
  11. Wow. This is so sad. Wave 7 is just spoiled, and already you are speculating about the next wave.
  12. The K-wing has a new hourglass shaped bomb that comes with the expansion, and I can't quite make out the upgrade card. Any ideas?
  13. PS 9 Khiraxz with expose = 6 dice at range one
  14. So I was playing around with the Scum Y-wing and Title, and found a weird list. Probably not at all competitive, but I feel it might be fun to fly. The list is as follows Syndicate Thug (18) -Autoblaster Turret (2) -Unhinged Astromech (1) -BTL-A4 Title (0) -Engine Upgrade (4) Total (25) x4 The idea is that you can boost into range one, unload, k-turn and reset on the next turn. Obviously would love jousting (but then again, what warthog variant doesn't) Thoughts?
  15. DarmanSkir

    Ark Angel

    I immediately thought it looked like a similar style to the Firespray, but different enough to have its own niche. I thought a Firespray and one of those donut-shaped droid flagships from the prequels had a baby
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