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  1. My group has been trying to play with 5 heroes for a while and the only successfuly playtest we ran was not exactly successful. We started the trial game with Dark Armor (+1 armor to all monsters) in play and calculated threat as 5 threat per OL turn. Monsters were initially hard and then later, too easy to deal with. Threat was overabundant and the OL's power cards were out pretty early and a big stash of threat just sat there, looming. So... awkwardly balanced? Yeah. I have another group coming by this weekend and thought I’d throw out some of our alternatives (from this forum and from BGG) for suggestions. I’m definitely open to mixing and matching rule adjustments! - Additional starting conquest tokens - Additional HP per monster - Additional Armor per monster (like the Dark Armor card) - Additional black power die per monster (like the Doom card) - Additional Masters to already present mobs (like the Brilliant Commander card) - Add treachery points (as selected by Heroes, not OL, to prevent card bias) - Add a second OL turn between the 2nd and 3rd hero movements; this would be restricted to activating one group of present monsters only. Any suggestions would be helpful!
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