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  1. The mc80 with both ecm and advanced projectors just might be more tanky than and isd. You will not be able to kill the thing before all of its shields are gone and if they add raymus as well it can fix three shields a turn. Which might as well be hull considering both ecm and advanced projectors.
  2. I will bet money that the cheap version of this ship is sub 100
  3. Everyone is comparing this ship to the mc80 when in actuality it is much closer to the vsd2 same hull one more shield one more attack die in the front arch. We don't know about its speed/maneuverability yet so we can't take that into account. The squadron value is lower so it probably saves fiveish points on that. But it does look like it could be as low as 90 points depending on what those upgrades and maneuver chart looks like.
  4. I think they work in the context of the game i'm sure they tried several different versions of this rule and this was the one that worked the best. Probably with the least amount of shenanigans. I do agree that it makes the big ships more vulnerable than it feels that they maybe should especially the mc80. But it is what it is.
  5. As if the fireball needed to be any better now a 30 point ship can increase their range even further. And give them re-rolls. Holy cow. The rebels are gonna need something to kill squadrons with it they are gonna be hurting.
  6. the two ships chasing the millennium falcon after its initial take off from tatooine were vsd's so those have been cannon all along.
  7. So, the successful way that I have seen raiders run so far, is as squadron support. My friend runs them right behind his four firesprays, rhymer, dengar, and Vader. Any squadron threats that the firesprays and Vader are unable to deal with are severly hamppered by the double re-rolling black dice from those guys its pretty brutal. They pretty much never engage ships. The isd2 avenger and the firesprays do that work.
  8. Raymus Antilles on tantive four does sound like a pretty strong counter. He can hand out navigate tokens like candy two at a time to any ship.
  9. I feel like the interdictor or any varients that they feel like going with are a shoe in for wave three, how exactly that will play into the game I am not sure of. Maybe make it so you can still use your defense tokens while not moving or black dice need to be re-rolled or something like that. Since we can't really flee to hyperspace as the game currently stands.
  10. I agree, squadrons are much more powerful in wave two, firesprays and liberty title for the mc80. Those things are game changers.
  11. pick up the model if you have one and look at the underbelly of the ship not all squid species have fins at the top of the head as well, also usually they can fold in so that they aren't visible. Furthermore squid use a form of jet propulsion to move and usually don't move in the direction of their tentacles.
  12. yeah he for sure drew it on the wrong end. lol the engines replace the tentacles its near perfect squid like that.
  13. look at it its clearly modeled after a squid, its not a shrimp. who ever came up with that probably hadn't ever held the model. Lets do this people.
  14. I think the reason they didn't give it a weapons team slot is because they gave it a support slot. It seems like they aren't mixing those two slots.
  15. I'm not so certain, motti took a big jump up from what I've seen. 14 hull on an isd is so incredibly hard to get through.
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