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  1. I absolutely agree, a few times I click on something by accident, e.g. Can the enemy attack? whatever you click, there is no going back... if you accidently click yes, you can just ignore the result, but if it should be yes and you clicked no, no way to know how much damage you would have gotten.
  2. You are right there. When your point of reference are Keyforge, LOTR LCG, Star Wars games, games like HoT seem like they are not selling well enough.
  3. What are your thoughts on legacy games? Will we ever see one from FFG? And - any chance you can say if fans of Heroes of Terrinoth should consider the game closed or wait for new products?
  4. You do realize game has to sell well to get an expansion? If you do not want to invest in it, why would they? They prefer Star Wars because people buy these product instead of complaining. And - Genesys was after all included in inflight report.
  5. The problem I have with this is that I heard all that before, when FFG stop repriting 2nd edition of Runebound, or 1st of Descent people where claiming that Terrinoth is dead. It's just such a silly, dramatic statement. Nothing is dead, they own the rights to the world and will use it when it seems right to them. That's not being dead and resurrected, that just a normal business practice. Journeys in Middle-Earth has nothing to do with Descent, it's a successor to Mantions of Madness. Using the same word... really doesn't matter or maybe even shows that they feel association with Descent is good for a product. Descent is still popular and will get a 3rd edition. When? I don't know. Runebound had 10 years between editions. To sum up - sure, they are release more things for other properties. But it is not due to their vile conspiracy but because these properties sell better. But that doesn't mean anything is "dead", that will happen if they do not release anything in the universe for a couple of years. And we are far from that,
  6. I agree, I love playing the Overlord too, but the app does not have to be obligatory, what I would like is to know it was thought about instead of "this ability does not work". Also - D2E really has a lot of content as it is, D3E would be a much better business decision. In the worst case scenario - if D3E requires an app at least then I will have a reason to keep both
  7. I love these type of statements... this is based on what? The fact the Descent got a new small expansion recently, that is not even yet in wider distribution? Also - I am willing to bet that something Terrinoth related will be announced this week.
  8. All FFG's POD things are subpar compared to their usual stuff. POD are printed in the US, normal ones - China. It is clearly the printer's fault, why the US printer is much worse, that's beyond me.
  9. As much as I love D2E, I think they should go with the 3rd edition. Personally I can't remember when I last used RAW, using Imperial Assault rules is so much better, the app uses slightly different rules and so many cards and abilities just don't work in it... I think that 3ed with app integration from the start would be a good way to go.
  10. I use the tokens from Descent packs (threat) they have a white and a black side and a white one, they're perfect for this.
  11. About Descent - adapting it to IA rules is very easy, there are a couple of variants made for that on bgg (including mine), this makes the game so much better. Doesn't solve some issues like the miss on the blue die - but there are characters and classes that deal with that and the issue is purely psychological anyway as the effect is the same as the white dice's dodge. Oh and - not all quests are divided into 2 parts, and those that are - well, the reason is obvious, you can play them on 2 sessions. And some IA missions are also in two parts. As to IA - I thought skirmish was included due to licensing reason (FFG at the time could not publish "board games" in Star Wars universe, so IA officially was a miniature game). Not sure if the licensing issue with Hasbro is resolved or not.
  12. Personally I don't see a big difference between FFG and Asmodee/FFG, all the terrible practices like blisters with minis started before Asmodee. And HoT was published by new FFG, so it means they believed in the product, whether it sold good enough to warrant an expansion is something neither of us knows. I do hope we will get one and not have to mix the two games together for some variety However, I am certain that if they decide not to publish it is because it doesn't make business sense and not out of spite.
  13. JiME is a great game and due to its IP will sell well, so no wonder they are betting on it. Again - it is not that they have to choose between doing one or the other, it's not that HoT expansions would make millions and they refuse to publish them. This is FFG still, if the expansion is financially a good idea it will come out. That said - JiME doesn't have an expansion announced, not really. Only a box of 3 miniatures, a tradition FFG started with Descent 2nd edition and still continues, it's really an expansion, just a blister pack, similar to cosmetic DLC, designed at the same time as the base game. The app campaign might be considered closer to an expansion, but I don't think any of the additional Descent/Imperial assault campaign were considered that.
  14. I know that the purpose of the Internet is complaining - but what opportunity?? Both games are incredibly different, and both can exist. I would love an expansion for HoT but the LOTR game existing has nothing to do with it coming out or not. HoT sales influence that.
  15. A very simple solution - treat X as a blank result. Many a time you will find that the attack fails anyway due to effectively having one die less, but it will be less disasterous.
  16. Of course I have. Most of the time they just say "no effect" Which means some characters are simply a bad choice, the same as some skills (e.g. Marshal)
  17. As it stands there are many heroes' abilities or class skills that refer the Overlord and the RtL manual just states that they do not have any effect. That is really unsatisfactory, we need a set a general abilities, heroic feats etc to substitute those - each affected hero could have the same generic ability. Sure, this can be houseruled, but for balance reasons it would be great if it came from FFG.
  18. Is there going to be one? And when? I find the fact that there is only a mobile version and no word of PC version hugely disappointing.
  19. Yes- the hard copy is in the box, or course. The way the statement was phrased I began to wonder. Yes, of course it is about the lack of pdf version, maybe it was not clearly stated, but I hope that was fairly obvious.
  20. I don't know if anyone from FFG is reading the forums, but a rulebook and a log for Mists of Bilehall would be greatly appreciated, that's the first Descent expansion without one...
  21. Well, the title says it all, Battles for Westeros has boxes but not Battlelore. I could understand it if it's just additional figure or 2, but with a new faction coming? Those terrible plastic containers are impossible for storage and do not protect the minis during transport... Any reasons behind this?
  22. Borsook

    Solo play?

    No, it is officialy 1-6 players, at least my print says so and both wikipeadia and bgg agree.
  23. Borsook

    Solo play?

    Actually, I've never seen any problems with the default doom track, it worked really well. And it did work with the expansions too, even if their rulebooks did not discuss it. Anyway, looking at Gencon's presentations of the new edition, there is still the scenario where your task it is to kill the dragon, so it should play well solo. The question is other scenarios, but that's ok.
  24. Borsook

    Solo play?

    I still have some hopes, the 2nd edition introduced expansions adding competitive card decks, but still not using them it worked great solo... Maybe 3rd will play solo in a similar way so with exclusion of some rules. If not, this edition should allow you to buy the 2nd on the cheap, a lot of people will be selling theirs.
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